To Bra Or Not To Bra

This is another question that came from the old Formspring days. It was obviously asked in bulk to a number of women. I have no idea how any of them responded, but I’d imagine many of them would agree with me. (Forgive the questioner his typos.)

Ladies,if you are relaxing aroung your house or apartment on Saturday afternoon, are you more than likely wearing a bra or not wearing a bra? Please explain why?

After I shower, I don’t put on a bra until I’m getting ready to go out. So assuming I haven’t done anything all day, I’m probably bra-less. Bras are great and all, and sometimes even fairly comfortable, but bra-free is even better. There are days where the best feeling in the world is taking my bra off at the end of it. Of course, it’s even better if someone’s there to take it off for me!


Mind Control

This question came from Bklyn, and it’s quite the interesting one! It’s one that really made me think a little.

Have you ever been interested in hypnosis/mind control, and all the deliciously kinky and sexy possibilities it can provide?

I’ve never really thought about it much before reading this question. It is intriguing, though. There’s a bit of a thrill when thinking about having that kind of dominance over someone, as well as being dominated so thoroughly. Of course, that’s what it really comes down to, isn’t it? Establishing a sub/dom relationship.

What mind control brings to the standard sub/dom arena is the fact that the subject has no will whatsoever. In fact, it also implies at least the chance that the subject won’t even remember what happened afterwards. In the end, that’s what turns me away from this concept. It’s not unlike rape, especially rape enabled by drugging the victim. In that way, it’s very super-villain… maybe something to keep in mind for when I continue my super power story!

The hypnosis part makes me think more of using it as a tool to loosen inhibitions and lose some of those sexual hang-ups. In that way, I’m all for it. Everyone can stand to loosen up a little more, especially about sexuality. But really, with the right partner, I don’t have any of those hang-ups anyway!


Embracing My Inner Slut

It was late in my senior year of high school. I had been paired up with this guy, Sean, on an in-class history project in one of my morning classes. Sean was an okay looking guy…. short dark hair, easy smile, kinda dorky but far from excessively so. ¬†We’d been working for a couple of days and were getting along pretty well. One day he mentioned that he and his friend were going to blow off 4th period and take a long lunch at his place. He asked if I wanted to go along and smoke some weed and hang out with them. I asked who his friend was. He told me it was Mike, who happened to be in one of my other classes, so I was vaguely aware of him. Again, nothing too notable about him at that point. I hadn’t talked to him at all, I don’t think. he was just one of the guys in class, just like Sean was until we got paired up for this project. I was happy for the excuse to ditch math class, and getting high seemed like a fine idea, so I agreed.

The three of us got to Sean’s place after a bit of small talk in the car. The guys were cool, pretty funny and laid back. As soon as we were inside, Mike pulled out his bag of weed and began rolling some joints. Sean left the room and came back soon with an open bottle of brandy and three glasses. “My dad will never notice,” he explained as he poured our glasses full.

So we started drinking and smoking and talking and, inevitably, flirting. Mike and Sean were sitting on the couch, and I was on a chair across from them. I liked that both guys were focused on me. It made me feel special. Mike took a long hit, held it, and as he let it out, he said, “does anyone else get horny when you get high?”

I closed my eyes as I took a hit and said, “Yeah, I know I do.” Read more [+]


As another little gift to thank everyone for your support and celebrate this new site, I decided to re-post this.

Mischiefm8ker sent me a link to a great video, and I thought I’d pass it along! Along with it, he told me: “This is what I want to be doing with you right now babe!!” Well, after watching this video, I gotta say that I agree! Bring it on!

I love getting stuff like this, especially when it is inspired by or inspires thoughts of me. Feel free to send me any links to videos or pics or stories that you like — again, especially if they make you think of me. Stuff like this that you make while thinking of me are even better!