katie1I had some fun earlier with one of my favorite girls…. probably my favorite online girl, Katie. No, this isn’t Katie my roomate, but another Katie I met online a while ago and recently reconnected with via Facebook. She’s incredibly sexy, with an awesomely dirty mind, as you may have read in my last Cybersex post. We’ve fooled around a few times, and it’s always been lots of fun. I’m including a pic of her here (with her permission) so you readers have some idea of how hot she looks. You’ll get a sense of how hot her mind is if you keep reading!

This particular morning we were chatting, and we were talking about this blog, and how we’d love to have us both on webcam together, with a live feed going out to all of you. The two of us fooling around, and all of you watching and encouraging and so on, with us also able to see you. As things go on, we kinda forget that this is supposed to be over webcam, and some of you get to join in. Unfortunately, the beginnings of the chat got lost, but only the very very first bit. Read more [+]

My Measurements

This week, I’m answering a question just so I can get it up on the FAQ. This will probably be a fairly common thing over the next few weeks and months as this site builds. It won’t all be basic stuff like this or topics that might not be exciting for my long-time followers, but I do want to get the basics up.

This one is a very common question for me… at least online. It’s not something I hear nearly as often in person, though I imagine most guys are thinking about it. I won’t even attribute who asked this, because just about every guy I meet online asks me this in some manner.

What are your measurements?

Here it is: 34DD-27-38

My measurements, of course, change a little here and there, but this is a pretty solid baseline.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t aware of the DD until recently. I thought I was just a D-cup. Apparently, my breasts grew since the last time I got a real fitting. I knew I was a very full D, but didn’t realize I’d filled out quite to the point of DD. And yes, they’re 100% all-natural.


Horny Alert System

This actually started out as a joke between a friend and me as we were chatting on Twitter. I was mentioning to her that I was (and still am) really horny. It’s nothing major to speak about. Men are often thinking about sex a lot and it was just something that just happened to come up. To make her understand the level, I mentioned that I was at horny level orange, red would be considered the highest level and blue the lowest. After having time to actually think about it, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. So with lots of brainstorming, I came up with a horny alert level system that can be used to describe what level of horny a person can be at a given time. From lowest level to highest, the colors are blue, green, yellow, orange and red. I will discuss the demeanor of a person at each level. This should be fun! Read more [+]

The Lighter Side Of The Big “O”

Those of you who have followed me through all my various online homes have (hopefully) noticed the amount of work and effort that I’ve put into bunnysdreams.net. Some of you have noticed the Join Me link up top. I know some of you have, because I’ve had several offers of help. Well, it’s my pleasure to announce that this week, you’ll start to see some content from other writers!

Don’t worry, BunnysDreams is, and will always remain, mine. The vast majority of what shows up here will be mine, and this will continue to be first and foremost my little home on the web. What I’ve had scheduled will continue to appear just as advertised. What’s going to happen, though, is some of the gaps will start being filled by a few other contributors. Some will be regular columns, some will be occasional contributions. Some will be erotica, some will be articles about sex. Some, I’m sure, will be something entirely other.

So, what starts on Tuesday, April 23, will be a biweekly column called The Lighter Side Of The Big “O”. This will be a series of articles written by Jason (jaysim83) that will explore, well, the lighter side of sex, primarily through funny stories of him and his friends.

You’ll know these articles because they’ll have his name in the information at the top of each post (like where you see “Kristen” at the top of this one), they’ll be part of the “Big O” category, and they’ll have the following header image:


I really hope you all enjoy reading these posts. I know I get a kick out of them! And keep coming back for more!

Turned On By BunnysDreams

I’m thrilled once again to be giving all my readers another glimpse into the way my mind works. I’ve finally received a new question, and it’s getting bumped to the front of the line because, well, that’s what I want to do, and you can’t stop me! Anyway, the first question submitted on this new site is actually about this site and what I do here. This is what sal wanted to know:

what is the biggest turn on about you running this site for you?

There are two distinct aspects of this site that turn me on in some way or another: generating the content, and getting reactions. I’ll go into each of those a little more.

Generating the content is a turn on for me because, well, the content tends to be pretty hot! The questions submitted tend to be sexual in nature, and are often fun to answer. Any articles I write are on subjects that I tend to find interesting and sexy. The cybersex transcripts (while a bitch to edit) are a direct result of me having sexy fun and being quite horny and turned on. I usually have at least one orgasm while engaged in cybersex; I often have more! Writing my sexy stories always turns me on as well, whether I’m recounting experiences or making them up, I can’t help but let my mind wander some. Sometimes I have to stop writing because I need to take a break to get off, and I’ll almost always bring myself to orgasm upon finishing a story — just because I’ve worked myself up so much! Read more [+]