Christening The Chatroom

This is a post from when I first added my chatroom to my old blog. I was hoping, in addition to being a great way to get to know my readers better and have some good conversations (about sex or not), that the room would provide some good cybersex opportunities. And in one day, it totally lived up to that hope!

I love cybersex. There’s something about just cutting loose with your imagination and letting it take you where it will. The best thing about it is its collaborative nature. You can’t do it on your own. You do it with someone else, and their wants and desires shape the event as much as your own. Very much like physical sex. And while physical sex is much more enjoyable in my mind, there is a special spot for cybersex.

Six of us gathered in my new chatroom yesterday. Four boys (Jean Luc, Corxx, Mischiefm8ker, and Rdeyddrgn), one girl (Katie) and myself. We teased a bit before Katie and I both had to break for lunch. When I came back, things really got started. It was a cyber orgy unlike anything I’ve experienced before! Unfortunately, Katie’s internet crapped out at one point, but we carried on without her. All in all, it took an entire afternoon and really wore me out, but I loved every moment of it. What follows is the transcript of that session, with some minor edits.


Jean Luc: So Kristen, care to tell us what you’re wearing right now?

Kristen: currently wearing a baby blue baby doll t, and a pair of skinny jeans

Mischiefm8ker: You’ve got my attention baby! *slaps your ass*

Jean Luc: nice, but then again anything you’re wearing, or not wearing, is nice!

Corxx: Certainly a way to gravitate every eye towards you…

Mischiefm8ker: Sounds like the perfect outfit to show off your body baby

Kristen: ty, glad you all like

Mischiefm8ker: I walk up behind Kristen and kiss the back of your neck

Kristen: mmm hi baby

Mischiefm8ker: Wrapping my arm around your waist and giving your ass a good squeeze as I kiss your neck again

Kristen: leaning back into you, my head cocked to one side to give you good access to my neck

Mischiefm8ker: I squeeze you close to me and kiss from your shoulder up your neck to your ear, where I nibble a little before kissing back down your neck again

Kristen: my hand reaches over my shoulder, running through your hair

Corxx: *takes his regular seat while enjoying the view and his drink*

Jean Luc: I approach you from the front, take your face in my hands and gently kiss your lips….my way of saying Hello Kristen

Kristen: mmmm hello jean luc!

Mischiefm8ker: Love the feeling of your hand in my hair. I run my left hand under your shirt and across your belly. Leaning in farther to reach your lips with mine

Mischiefm8ker: But finding that they are already occupied by Jean luc I move back to your ear and whisper what I want to do to you

Kristen: mmmm and what is that, mischief?

Jean Luc: I move down to your neck and kiss and lick it….my hot breath making you squirm a little..

Mischiefm8ker: I am going to slowly strip you naked with my teeth, running my tongue all over you

Mischiefm8ker: As my hands massage and fondle your perfect tits

Kristen: reaching one hand behind and one in front, finding two very hard objects

Jean Luc: You have that right… never fail to make me hard

Mischiefm8ker: Then I am going to suck and fuck them so hard!

Kristen: mmm i like that idea, mischief

Mischiefm8ker: Mmmmmm! Love the feeling of your hand on my crotch as I begin to strip off your shirt

Kristen: arms over my head as my shirt comes off, revealing a sheer lavender bra holding my large tits

Mischiefm8ker: I take in the sight of your perfect tits for a moment before moving my hands up to them rubbing them over your bra

Kristen: grabbing jean luc’s shirt and pulling him close for another kiss

Mischiefm8ker: I lean in and kiss your neck again before moving my lips down a bit

Kristen: my nipples already standing out hard against the fabric of my bra

Jean Luc: mmmm…I can’t get enough of those luscious lips baby, as you kiss me, our lips part slightly and our tongues touch

Kristen: my tongue carresses jeanluc’s as mischief plays with my tits

Jean Luc: The feeling of your tits pushed up against me, arouses me even more, if that’s possible!

Mischiefm8ker: I reach down quickly and undo your bra with my left hand

Kristen: mmmmmy large breasts spring free

Corxx: *eyes the suddenly exposed breasts with a grin*

Mischiefm8ker: I take the fully in my hands and massage them

Mischiefm8ker: Feeling your hard nipples against my palms

Kristen: breathing heavier

Jean Luc: My hands slide down and run over your tight, sweet ass

Mischiefm8ker: Gently squeezing them as I move my hands on a circular motion

Kristen: my body writhing to press against both sets of hands

Jean Luc: My hands slide inside the top of your jeans and I start to slowly push them down over your sexy hips

Mischiefm8ker: I take your nipples between my thumb and forefinger And twist

Kristen: feeling jean luc’s hands slide down my legs, revealing my purple thong

Jean Luc: mmmm…I do like purple…..I think I may have to bend down and remove that thong with my teeth

Mischiefm8ker: I love the feel of rubbing your nipples between my fingers but I want them in my mouth! I need to trade places with Jean luc so that I am in front of Kristen

Kristen: loving this attention

Mischiefm8ker: As I move to face Kristen I can see the lust in her eyes as I take both her tits in my hands and lean my face down towards them

Katie: coming into the room, wearing a purple lace bra…matching thong…walking past everyone, giving Kristen a wink…slipping into a large chair to myself to watch

Kristen: pulling mischief down into my cleavage, watching katie enter and own the room

Rdeyddrgn offers Katie a spot to sit on his lap…

Mischiefm8ker: As my face is buried in your cleavage I run my tongue all over your huge tits, enjoying your soft skin but purposely avoiding your nipples

Kristen: fucking tease!

Mischiefm8ker: My hands and tongue giving them full attention I run my tongue around your nipples

Kristen: yesss…. jean luc, where’d you go?

Mischiefm8ker: Teasing them a little before sucking them down

Katie: just watching…

Katie: until needed 😉

Kristen: you know i need you, katie…. but not yet 😉

Katie: mmhmm i know 😉 i might make you wait 😉

Jean Luc: sorry, got mesmerized by Katie……I slide down and slowly lick down one thigh and up the other….knowing how much you like to be teased

Mischiefm8ker: I love the feel of your hard nipples in my mouth as I suck them down

Jean Luc: My tongue getting close to your thong, but not just yet….

Katie: leaning back into my comfortable chair, waving a hello to Rdey….thanking him for the offer…my hands sliding across the front of bra, thumbs flicking over my nipples, hardening as my eyes scan over Kristen’s body

Katie: and her face, loving the look in her eyes

Mischiefm8ker: I flick your nipples with my tongue, back and forth as I suck and lick your tits

Kristen: yesss tease me

Corxx: *chuckles and enjoys his drink some more while watching*

Rdeyddrgn pops open a Corona.

Mischiefm8ker: I move my hands around your tits, massing one while I suck on the other. And then switch it over. Giving equal attention to each

Kristen: corxx, i hope you’re planning on joining in at some point

Corxx: Of course I am… 🙂

Kristen: watching katie watching me, very aware of her fingers gently teasing her breasts

Katie: my eyes close as i give my nipples a pinch, tugging them away from my body, through the fabric, pinching harder, squirming, pressing my thighs together

Mischiefm8ker: Burying my face in kristens perfect tits, enjoying Katie watch. Wondering if she would like the same?

Katie: feeling my wetness dripping, glistening against the front of my thong, clearly visible to all watching

Kristen: pulling mischief up from my breasts to kiss him full on the lips

Jean Luc: my tongue now running over your thong pushing it into your wetness

Katie grins, “there are plenty of things I might like but I’ll reserve that for a more appropriate time”, sliding one hand down between my legs, dragging my middle finger up the front

Kristen: a soft moan escapes my lips as jean luc presses his tongue against me

Jean Luc: sliding my tongue inside your thong…..careful not to go to far…I like teasing…your moan tells me I’m on the right track and makes the bulge in my jeans slightly larger

Kristen: adjusting my stance, legs spreading a little

Katie reaches over, grabbing one of my toys, taking a large bright blue double dildo out, taking some oil…and dripping it on one end…sliding it across my chest, into my cleavage, tracing the outline of my bra

Corxx: *looks at Kristen for a bit… then moves his gaze over to Katie as she pulls out the toy* Oh my…. that looks fun

Kristen: eyes suddenly glued to katie

Kristen: getting ideas for that oil….

Rdeyddrgn doesn’t know who to watch…

Corxx: *feels the urge to start stroking his cock through his pants again, drink quickly forgotten*

Mischiefm8ker: Enjoying kissing you running my hands over your body. Squeezing your ass

Katie reaches in behind me, undoing the clasp, sliding the straps off my shoulders, down my arms, letting the straps fall and then slowly peels away the cups, looking around the room, the guys, at Kristen, watching my 34d breasts spilling free

Katie takes the toy, rubbing it over my breasts, smearing in the oil, adding more, then closes my breasts around the toy, licking my lips…”love those ideas Kristen”

Mischiefm8ker: Without stopping my kiss I look over at Katie as she frees the twins loving the sight

Jean Luc: I can sense everyone on Katie but how do I get away from the amazing sight before me… focus is on getting this thong off….mt teeth tug at the top of it and I start to pull it down

Kristen: even while kissing mischief fiercely, and with jean luc teasing between my legs, eyes open and on katie, lustfully watching

Mischiefm8ker: My cock throbbing, wanting it between someones tits!

Kristen: feeling my thong start to slide down

Kristen: mmmm mischief sounds like you like that thought as much as i do

Jean Luc: down one side, then working the other side down

Kristen: can’t believe i’m still surprised at how fucking hot katie is

Jean Luc: pausing to run my tongue all over

Kristen: maneuvering to help my thong be removed, leaving me totally naked, standing before the 5 of you

Katie: i decide to let the toy have a break…setting it down, i walk over to where Corxx and Rdey are sitting and kneel, hand each a bottle of oil…as i place my hands on their thighs, ass pushed out for Kristen to view…

Corxx: Aww hell with it… *undoes his jeans again and starts to stroke his thick cock, the sight of both ladies naked mesmerizing*

Katie: can i…help entertain you?

Rdeyddrgn: That would be amazing Katie…

Kristen: taking mischief and jean luc by the hand, my two boys, and leading them over to where katie is making her offer

Mischiefm8ker: Enjoying the idea along with Kristen, wanting my cock between her tits! Asks Katie to borrow some of that oil

Kristen: putting a hand on each of her ass cheeks, gripping her panties and sliding them down

Corxx: I’m certain you can Katie…. assuming you don’t get distracted first. *nods at Kristen approaching*

Kristen: oh, i’m not interrupting…

Rdeyddrgn pulls his hard cock out of his pants, offering it to Katie to do what she will with it…

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the sight of kristen’s hands on katie’s ass

Mischiefm8ker: Giving kristen’s Ass a smack

Katie: mmm rocking back to the hands on my ass, feeling Kristen’s closeness, i turn and blow her a kiss, the taste of her lips on mine still fresh, and i reach out, running my hand along Corxx and Rdey

Jean Luc: you two are the hottest women on the planet….

Katie: wrapping my hands around both cocks, at the base, squeezing, slowly stroking them both

Kristen: oh we’re just getting started, jean luc!

Jean Luc: Oh I know…I’m far from finished with you two!! lol

Corxx: *taking the bottle of oil and putting some in my palm, warming it up then reaching out to rub it over one of Katie’s lovely breasts, thumb teasing across the hard nipple*

Kristen: spinning around and dropping to my knees, my naked ass pressed against’ katie’s, i reach again for the bulges in jean luc’s and mischief’s pants

Jean Luc: mmmmmmm….

Jean Luc: looking down at you and locking eyes knowing what’s coming next

Rdeyddrgn reaches out and fondles Katie’s other breast, softly pinching her nipple…

Katie: mmmm such a wicked idea, pressing my hips back, my warm, wet pussy lips KISSING Kristen’s…wiggling back, then rocking forward, lifting up slightly, purring as the two men rub the oil over my sensitive breasts

Katie: my hands starting to slowly jerk both men in perfect rhythm, fingers sliding over the heads…feeling their precum drip free

Corxx: *feeling my cock swell and throb in Katie’s grasp as I take a glance at her and Kristen rubbing against each other*

Kristen: undoing jean luc’s pants and roughly pulling them down, then doing the same to mischief

Rdeyddrgn pours a little oil onto his cock, over Katie’s hand.

Jean Luc: My hands running thru your hair

Jean Luc: going crazy with anticipation

Kristen: taking both cocks in a firm grasp, thumbs gently rubbing the heads as i gaze up at each of you

Mischiefm8ker: My throbbing cock popping out as kristen pulls down my pants

Jean Luc: yes baby…

Katie: mmm hopefully some of that oil is dripped over our asses and between the cracks and crevices….

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the feel of kristen’s hand around my cock

Katie: my nipples hard, perking against the large palms of the two men, my fingers squeeze tighter, jerking them, leaning over, tracing my tongue over one, then the other, tasty

Corxx: *reaching his hand around to Katie’s back with more oil, covering all of her skin that I can reach and letting it run down her body*

Mischiefm8ker: Looking into her eyes as she strokes

Kristen: feeling the coolness of the oil as it flows down katie’s ass and onto mine, lust really starting to take over as i begin pumping with both hands

Rdeyddrgn kneeding Katie’s breast harder, rolling her nipple between my fingers as she strokes me faster.

Mischiefm8ker: Looking across kristen’s body and up katie’s as corxx spreads the oil

Corxx: *his cock oozing with excitment as the briefest hint of her lips tease over the cockhead, using some more oil on Katie’s shoulders then tweaking her nipple again with a grin*

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the sight of the two asses rubbing against each other while my cock is stroked. I Reach down and stroke your hair

Jean Luc: So turned on by the two bodies with oil running down their asses and tha amazing technique of Kristen’s hand

Rdeyddrgn breathes a little faster as Katie’s lips touch his cockhead briefly…

Kristen: leaning forward and taking jean luc into my mouth

Katie: mmmm jerking even more…then sliding my hands away, reaching in behind me, rubbing Kristen’s ass, the precum mixing with the oil, making her ass glisten, then i place my hands back on the two men

Katie: and lift up, mm…touch my breasts…my palms sliding over the heads of their cocks, getting precum all over them

Kristen: rubbing my ass back and forth against katies, our cheeks playing with each other

Kristen: i take the cock in slowly, deeper and deeper all the way in my mouth

Corxx: Hmmm where are those double headed toys when you need them?

Jean Luc: oh god…that feels good… hands on your head

Mischiefm8ker: Watching Kristen take Jean luc cock I reach for the oil and spread it over Kristen’s back and rub her tits

Kristen: then i slowly pull back, sucking until he pops out, then i turn to mischief

Kristen: corxx, they’re over there on the table

Rdeyddrgn leans forward a little, reaching his hand out and between the 2 women, feeling their wet pussies on my fingers…

Katie: mmm well the toy is Kristen’s…;) she would have to grab it….when the time is right 😉

Corxx: *his thoughts quickly jerked back to the present as his manhood is teased constantly, eyes flickering over to Kristen’s ass as the oil has started to coat it too, then over her body before looking back down at Katie*

Mischiefm8ker: Love seeing Kristen on her knees in front of me

Rdeyddrgn pulls my hand back, sucking their juices off my fingers…

Kristen: letting mischief spread the oil over my body before giving his cock the same treatment i just gave jean luc

Kristen: not even knowing who was just touching my wetness, but loving it

Katie: i lean forward, dragging my tongue up Corxxx’ cock, licking, lapping it, sliding my lips around the head, sucking on it, and lowering my lips…inch by inch until Kristen hear’s my gagging throat

Mischiefm8ker: Mmmmmmmmmm! Loving your lips on my cock!!

Mischiefm8ker: Looking down as Kristen sucks on my cock, watching Katie do the same to corxx

Kristen: mmmm loving all this cock around me, love knowing katie’s right behind me sharing in the fun

Mischiefm8ker: I reach down and fondle kristen’s tits some more, pinching her nipples

Jean Luc: I love watching Kristen sucking a hard cock…….

Corxx: *letting out a groan of pleasure when Katie goes down on my cock, watching as her lips make it nearly disappear…* mmm wow…

Kristen: swirling my tongue around the head of mischief’s cock, my thumb doing the same to jean luc

Rdeyddrgn reaches out again, sliding my hand down Katie’s back, then 2 fingers inside her wet pussy, as she continues to stroke my hard cock.

Mischiefm8ker: Mmmmmm! Moaning softly as kristen’s tongue circles my throbbing cock

Corxx: *using my other hand to reach up to her head, resting on it firmly for a minute while still teasing her hard nipple*

Kristen: fingers tickling mischief’s balls

Rdeyddrgn reaches further and slides his fingers out of Katie and across the small gap into Kristen’s pussy.

Kristen: mmmmm

Katie: mmmm deepthroating, then pulling up and off….letting out a gasp and choke…webs of precum in my mouth, leaving them there as i lean over to Rdey

Katie: sliding the head of his cock into the web of precum, deep into my mouth, sucking to the base as my hand jerks corxx now moist cock

Katie: bouncing my bottom back to Kristen

Mischiefm8ker: Loving it as Kristen fondles my balls. I grab her head with one hand and run it thru her hair while squeezing her tit with the other

Kristen: suddenly in motion, laying on my back, scooting up so that my head is underneath katie’s oil dripping body, legs spread, oily breasts exposed as my hands hold katie’s hips

Mischiefm8ker: Mmmmm! Moving down on top of Kristen

Corxx: *then leaning back to just enjoy Katie’s attention in vivid detail, her fingers wetly sliding over my hard cock, precum still flowing from the tip*

Mischiefm8ker: Straddling her chest my cock sliding up between her tits!

Katie: mmmmmmm……i don’teven flinch around Rdey’s cock, sucking, slurping on it, spending time on it as Kristen finally gets a good view of my warm, wet, dripping pussy

Rdeyddrgn runs my hand up Katie’s body, cupping her breast again, fingers playing across her hard nipple..

Kristen: mmm yesss

Kristen: licking katie’s thigh, tasting the oil mixed with her own juices

Katie: mmm that feels so good…

Mischiefm8ker: Warming a little more oil in my hands and then rubbing it all over kristen’s tits

Corxx: Such a turn on to see you both playing with all these cocks…

Mischiefm8ker: I slide my throbbing cock between her huge tits

Rdeyddrgn rests his other hand on top of Katie’s head, gripping her hair and holding her mouth on his cock.

Katie: pulling my lips off, pushing my upper body forward, grabbing both men and jerking them, slapping them across my tits…slowly writhing, hovering over Kristen’s talented tongue

Mischiefm8ker: As I watch her tongue on katie’s pussy I squeeze her tits around my cock sliding back and forth

Mischiefm8ker: Pinching her nipples a little between my thumb and forefinger14:08

Corxx: *stretching out to grab Katie’s ass, squeezing the oil covered flesh then sliding my hand up along her back*

Kristen: mmmm yessssss

Kristen: moaning as mischief fondles my tits and wraps them around his hard cock

Kristen: continuing to tease around katie’s pussy

Mischiefm8ker: Sliding my cock back and forth btwn kristen’s tits as I watch Katie’s tits bounce as she jerks off the other two

Jean Luc: I slide in between Kristens legs and start to run my tongue over her wet pussy

Mischiefm8ker: feeling so good as my cock slips btwn her oily tits!

Kristen: unhhh yessss my hips rise to meet jean luc’s tongue

Kristen: fuck yessss

Corxx: *glances at Jean Luc… knowing from past experience that he is tasting pure heavenly nectar… then looking back to Katie and caressing her tits again, loving how firm they are*

Katie: mmmmm hearing, FEELING Kristen’s words below, on my aching hole…dripping down over her…

Mischiefm8ker: With my cock securely btwn kristen’s tits, I give some attention to katie’s ass whiich is right in my face. First I kiss both cheeks and then give it a smack

Katie: slapping both cocks across my breasts, jerking them, rubbing the heads on my nipples, then i take Corxx back in my mouth and start slurping, sucking him eagerly

Kristen: nibbling on her lips

Katie: my hand around Rdey, jerking him in rhythm with my lips

Corxx: Mmm fuck… your mouth feels great…

Rdeyddrgn playing with Katie’s nipples, watching as she plays with my hard cock.

Kristen: my tongue finally finds katie’s clit, eating hear out as i get the same treatment

Mischiefm8ker: I squeeze katie’s ass each time I thrust my cock btwn kristen’s tits

Katie: mm looking at Corxx with my eyes, begging him to fuck my mouth…without even saying a word, my fist bouncing against Rdey’s heavy balls, my moans muffled, louder…louder

Kristen: my hands move from her hips to my own tits, holding them tight around mischief’s cock

Corxx: *feeling when Katie moves her body against Kristen’s tongue, a sudden jolt making it pretty obvious that her clit was being teased*

Katie: shuddering at the sensation of Kristen’s tongue on my sensitive clit

Kristen: hearing katie’s cries become more and more intense, i stop teasing and get down to business between her legs, holding her clit between my teeth as my tongue lashes across it

Corxx: *hand rising up to hold the back of Katie’s head as my hips start to thrust against her face, eyes locked onto hers while my cock slides in and out of her lips faster*

Jean Luc: I slowly work one finger in and out of your pussy, my other fingers find your clit and start rubbing it gently, as my tongues licking around your sweetness

Mischiefm8ker: Watching Kristen torment katie’s clitoris as I fuck her tits, squeezing katie’s ass I lean down and lick up her back

Kristen: hips writhing under jean luc’s touch

Rdeyddrgn listens to the sounds of the 2 women moan as their clits are licked.

Kristen: “mmmmm fuck me” i moan right into katie’s pussy

Katie: mmmm grinding down to Kristen’s face, thighs squeezing around her, moaning around Corxx cock at the words whispered up my pussy

Jean Luc: I replace my fingers on your clit with my tongue, flicking it gently in and out and up and down, and from side to side. All the while continuing to finger fuck you

Katie: choking, gagging, but not wanting him to stop, head held in place, feeling him fuck my throat, my tits bouncing, bouncing to Rdey’s hand as i jerk himquickly

Katie: keeping him hard and ready for when i can wrap something warm and wet around it

Kristen: my tongue exploring deep into your pussy

Jean Luc: I hungrily lap at your pussy! God damn woman, you taste so good, I could do this all day!

Mischiefm8ker: I thrust harder btwn your tits as I hear you and Katie moan, wanting to answer kristen’s request

Jean Luc: I slide one hand under your ass and bury my face in your sweet, warm, wet pussy!! I lick and stroke at your clit, thrusting inside you with my tongue and lapping furiously…

Rdeyddrgn bucks my hips a little as Katies hand jerks up and down my cock.

Jean Luc: Wanting to make you orgasm and taste you as you explode with pleasure

Kristen: pinching my own nipples, taking a quick break from katie to lick at the cock poking out from my tits, then back to her sweetness

Corxx: *fucking Katie’s sweet mouth, cockhead sliding over her tongue and into her throat with each stroke, heavy balls hitting her chin and feeling her moan from the tongue in her pussy*

Kristen: my moans geting louder and higher, my pussy spreading my juices all over jean luc’s face

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the feeling of your tongue on my cock and wanting more

Mischiefm8ker: I decide that I should help Kristen pleasure Katie and I move so that my tongue can share with hers on Katie

Corxx: *watching Katie’s tits bounce some, tipped with rock hard nipples…. the facefucking driving me crazy and making it hard to stop as the sensations become more and more pressing*

Katie: mmmm moaning all over Corxx cock, my tits bouncing, mmm fucking Kristen’s face, feeling her moans as she’s taken by the two men below…

Katie: cock so slippery and wet in my mouth, down my throat, my hand a mind of its own, jerking Rdey’s fat cock in my hand

Kristen: tongue playing with mischief’s, fighting for katie’s cunt

Katie: mmmm eyes looking up to both men, eager for them to fuck me like the slutty friend of kristen’s i am

Corxx: Fuck Katie… keep moaning like that and I’m going to explode

Katie: oooohhh god a second tongue…fuck….explode​ all over me Corxx…

Rdeyddrgn enjoying Katies hand on my cock, just biding my time…

Kristen: make me cum boys, make me cummmm

Corxx: *fingers dig into Katie’s head, his hips grinding against her face quickly as the moans send vibrations all along his cock, the combination making him unable to hold back any longer as he starts to jerk in climax*

Mischiefm8ker: Sharing katie’s cunt with Kristen

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the taste of her juices

Mischiefm8ker: Feeling her moans all the way to her cunt

Katie: ohhh fuckkk choking, gagging as i feel the tensing of Corxx cock, unleashing to the back of my throat

Mischiefm8ker: As I play with kristen’s tongue and katie’s cunt I pinch kristen’s nipples and squeeze her tits

Kristen: my hands sliding up over katie’s belly to find her tits filling my hands

Corxx: *sticky cum spurting out of his cockhead into her warm mouth, hands holding her in place for a minute.. then relaxing as the rush passes*

Katie: mmmm sliding down as much as im allowed, pushing to Kristen’s hands, my nipples on fire, my lips trying to take all the cum in my mouth

Katie: drooling in little cummy beads on the cock, onto the corners of my mouth

Jean Luc: licking your pussy and playing with your clit with my fingers….wanting you to cum…..

Kristen: her nipples between my fingers, my hips pressing against his face, my tits his the hands of another

Kristen: sooo fucking close

Mischiefm8ker: Licking furiously at katie’s clit as Kristen plays with her tits and I play with hers

Katie: ohh god im so fucking close too

Katie: pulling my lips up

Katie: and kissing the head of Rdey’s cock…

Corxx: *grinning down at Katie… squeezing her shoulder in thanks before pulling back from her mouth… kneeling down to give her lips a full kiss then glacing at the other man and motioning her over*

Corxx: I think he’s waited a good while…hehe

Katie: mmmm take what you need from me….letting Corxx precum drool out of my mouth and down to Rdey as i wiggle and squirm on Kristen

Katie: feeling her moans, hearing her body

Mischiefm8ker: Kissing Katie’s cunt while playing with kristen’s tongue and tits

Kristen: hands squeezing katie’s huge breasts hard, jerking and crying out as orgasm hits

Kristen: pussy pressed firmly against jean luc

Katie: ohh godd yess…squeeze them

Jean Luc: Sorry baby, I can’t take it anymore…..I pull away from your pussy and slide my cock up against it before thrusting it in

Mischiefm8ker: Giving kristen’s tits a good squeeze as she hits orgasm


Jean Luc: Fucking you so hard and fast…my balls slapping your ass as I bury myself in deep!

Mischiefm8ker: My tongue lapping at katie’s pussy even harder now

Kristen: yesyesyeyseysyesyesyes

Kristen: hands clenching and unclenching katie’s tits, unable to control myself as i get filled over and over by jean luc’s wonderful cock

Rdeyddrgn grips Katie by the hair as her hot mouth envelopes my cock.

Mischiefm8ker: I take a break for a moment from Katie to kiss and lick kristen’s tits

Katie: starts bobbing on Rdey, feeling his cock throbbing in my mouth, pumping down my throat

Mischiefm8ker: Sucking down on her hard nipples as she gets pounded by Jean luc

Katie: rocking back and forth on kristen’s face, fuckk im going to cum

Corxx: *leaning back as his heart rate calms down, watching Kristen get impaled while Katie gives Rdey the same treatment I just got*

Kristen: my tits shaking as mischief tries to suck them, sensation is fucking amazing

Mischiefm8ker: Hearing that Katie is close I move my tongue back to katie’s cunt. Wanting to taste her lovely juices

Mischiefm8ker: Sharing with Kristen as our tongues play with her clit

Katie: my lips bouncing, brushing across Rdey’s balls as hhis cockhead drips down my throat

Jean Luc: my cock pounding in and out fo that tight pussy

Rdeyddrgn reaches down and plays with Katie’s nipples as Kristen grips Katie’s tits.

Jean Luc: fuckkkk Kristen… are amazing

Kristen: my pussy squeezing your cock as you slide in and out

Jean Luc: mmmmm…feels so damn tight….

Katie: mmmmmmm fuckkkk shaking spasming against Kristen’s tongue and lips, cummming cumming at the sensation of my tits squeezes, cock throbbing in my mouth

Mischiefm8ker: Love seeing Kristen grabbing katie’s tits as we share her cunt

Kristen: ohhhhh god yesssss

Rdeyddrgn feels Katie’s throat vibrate around his cock with her moans as she cums all over Kristen’s face.

Corxx: *reaching over to join Kristen in squeezing and holding Katie’s tits, twisting one of the nipples between his fingers some then letting it pop free as her body writhes*

Jean Luc: My hands reach up to feel your bouncing tits from the intense fucking

Mischiefm8ker: Watching as Katie cums all over Kristen

Mischiefm8ker: Wanting to lick it up!

Jean Luc: OH god Kristen…….so close myself…..I want you to finish me off in your mouth

Mischiefm8ker: Leaning in and kissing Kristen, tasting Katie all over her lips and tongue

Katie: mmmm finishing on Kristen’s face…mmm letting them all lick me clean….i slide my lips off Rdey’s cock….and lean over, kissing kristen

Katie: tasting myself

Kristen: kissing mischief hungrily, licking his lips, then pushing him aside “bring it here then, jean luc”

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the taste of Katie and Kristen together

Kristen: pulling jean luc down so he’s straddling my chest, i take his cock in my hand and begin pumping it, my hand twisting as it moves up and down his shaft

Jean Luc: oh fuck yes baby

Jean Luc: let me fuck those big titties of yours

Kristen: licking jean luc’s cock as i take my tits and wrap them around his hardness

Kristen: fuck my tits baby

Jean Luc: fuck baby…..your tits are incredible….I slide up and enter your waiting mouth, knowing I’m about to cum

Kristen: taking jean luc’s cock into my mouth, sucking him as he presses between my lips

Jean Luc: mmmmm…suck me Kristen……I want you so much to taste me

Kristen: tasting your precum

Jean Luc: yesss

Katie: wiggles my ass on the way out…will see you all soon…especially Kristen..

Mischiefm8ker: Waves bye to Katie and gives her ass a smack on the way out

Mischiefm8ker: Patience is a virtue. Besides, the lovely amazing Kristen is stil here and I want to taste that pussy

Mischiefm8ker: I move down between her legs and start to lick up her thighs

Mischiefm8ker: Circling my tongue up one side and back down the other, teasing at her sweet slit

Kristen: ohh yesss

Kristen: still cumming down from my last orgasm, but loving all the attention

Kristen: tongue playing with jean luc’s hard cock

Jean Luc: watching as you take my cock in your mouth …..loving the tongue action

Mischiefm8ker: I bring my tongue back up to your sweet pussy and gently run my tongue over it

Kristen: flicking my tongue over the head while one hand pumps your cock and the other tickles your balls

Kristen: mischief tasting my cum, making me moan

Jean Luc: oh baby… close….

Mischiefm8ker: I am intoxicated by your taste and dive in! Burying my face in your pussy

Jean Luc: Her pussy is sweet tasting…

Jean Luc: I could 69 her for hours….

Rdeyddrgn strokes his cock while waiting for Katie to get back.

Kristen: mmmm

Mischiefm8ker: Flicking my tongue at your clit

Kristen: i wouldn’t let you 69 me for hours…. i’d need your cock in me at some point!

Kristen: cum for me baby, cum over my tits

Mischiefm8ker: Then going around it in small circles

Kristen: taking jean luc back into my mouth taking him allllmost all the way in, then back

Kristen: then alllllmost all the way in, then back

Kristen: moaning around his cock

Mischiefm8ker: And then sucking it down

Jean Luc: oh god……I’m gonna shoot my load baby

Kristen: then taking you alllll the way in

Mischiefm8ker: And then circling it again with my tongue in ever smaller circles

Kristen: my lips to jean luc’s pelvis, then back out

Jean Luc: oh yesssss….I’m cumming…..

Kristen: mmmm

Mischiefm8ker: And then sucking it down again before Burying my tongue into your pussy

Kristen: letting you cum into my waiting mouth, then pumping the rest onto my heaving breasts

Kristen: loving what you’re doing down there, mischief 😉

Jean Luc: wow baby….

Mischiefm8ker: Pushing in and out with my tongue as I bury it deeper each time

Kristen: rubbing your cum in with the oil on my body

Jean Luc: that is so hot

Mischiefm8ker: Making sure to hit your clit each time I go back in

Kristen: unhhh yessss

Kristen: body shaking with mini-orgasms

Corxx: *enjoying the sexy show as Kristen uses the cum like lotion on her skin. Hoping that Katie can come back to finish off Rdey*

Kristen: if she doesn’t make it back, then i’ll finish you off, rdey 😉

Rdeyddrgn: That would work for me Kristen. 😉

Mischiefm8ker: My cock throbbing again as I watch you suck down Jean luc

Mischiefm8ker: My tongue lashes harder at your clit and I slide one finger into your pussy

Mischiefm8ker: I reach up with the other hand and help to rub Jean luc’s cum into your tits

Mischiefm8ker: Massaging your tits and pinching your nipples as I do!

Kristen: unhhh gonna cum again

Mischiefm8ker: I arch my finger up and hit your g spot as I hear you moan but then bring my face down to get all your juices as you cum

Kristen: oooohhhhhhyesssssss!

Kristen: holding your head tight to my crotch with both hands as i cum

Mischiefm8ker: Cum for me baby! I want to taste it!

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the feel of your hands on my head as my face is buried in your hot crotch

Mischiefm8ker: Your juices spilling all over my face as your spasms clench my tongue

Kristen: lustilly looking from mischief to jean luc to corxx and finally resting on rdey

Rdeyddrgn winks at Kristen.

Kristen: while my eyes slide up and down his body, i point to a simple, armless chair “have a seat, baby”

Rdeyddrgn: Come get me baby.

Rdeyddrgn moves over to the indicated chair, sitting and watching Kristen walk toward me.

Mischiefm8ker: *sitting back, waiting to see what Kristen does*

Kristen: standing in the middle of 4 men, naked, covered in oil and sweat and cum, body fully on display

Jean Luc: You look incredible…

Kristen: slowly walking toward rdey, breathing deep, hair a mess, body still tingling, nipples hardened from arousal and the cool air

Mischiefm8ker: *cant stop staring at her amazing body*

Rdeyddrgn can’t wait to feel Kristen’s body…

Mischiefm8ker: *starting to stroke my throbbing thick cock as I see her move towards Rdey*

Kristen: straddling your legs and the chair, but still standing, moving closer…. your face inches from my tits, your cock hard and erect sensing the nearness of my pussy

Mischiefm8ker: *settling into a chair next to the two to watch…for now*

Kristen: my hips sway slowly

Rdeyddrgn feels Kristen’s pussy dripping wetness down onto my cock and legs…

Mischiefm8ker: *enjoying the show as I lick kristen’s juices off my face*

Mischiefm8ker: *being sure to rub some over my hardness*

Mischiefm8ker: *watching hungrily as Kristen sways her juicy pussy back and forth over Rdey’s cock.*

Kristen: standing over rdey, looking down past my tits into his eyes

Kristen: taking his cock between the tips of my fingers of both hands

Kristen: gently rubbing the head, pushing it back and forth

Kristen: locking eyes and asking breathlessly “so what do you want to do with me?”

Rdeyddrgn: I want you to slide that pretty pussy down my cock…

Kristen: holding your cock upright, lowering myself so the head just touches my wet pussy

Kristen: “like this?” i ask as i slide you inside, just enough for your head to be inside me, then i rise again, your cock falling from me

Rdeyddrgn grips Kristen by the hips, moving them back and forth so my cock slides up and down her slit, teasing her clit…

Kristen: mmmm a little assertive there, huh? smiling

Kristen: i like that

Rdeyddrgn rubs his cockhead over her clit, moving it a little closer each time…

Kristen: mmm

Kristen: now who’s teasing who?

Rdeyddrgn: I like to tease…

Kristen: good

Kristen: so do i

Kristen: i hold your cock down as i sit on your lap, letting your hard dick rest between my legs, the head barely sticking out behind my ass

Kristen: my hips grind slightly, rubbing my wet pussy along the shaft

Kristen: i take the back of your head in my hand and lower it to my waiting breast

Rdeyddrgn sucks Kristen’s nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it, sicking it, rolling it between my teeth…

Kristen: mmmmm gasping

Kristen: continuing to grind against you, along your dick

Kristen: my eyes meet corxx’s as you suck on my big soft tit

Rdeyddrgn grasps Kristen’s hips, moving her pussy up and down my cock.

Kristen: licking my lips and moaning softly

Rdeyddrgn moves my head to the other breast, licking around the areola then latching onto the nipple.

Kristen: reaching behind me and down past my ass to tease rdey’s cock, conveniently pushing my breast more in his face

Kristen: tell me when you’ve had enough

Kristen: you don’t get to fuck this sweet pussy until you beg for it

Rdeyddrgn tugs on Kristen’s nipple with his teeth.

Rdeyddrgn: I want my cock inside you.

Kristen: what was that?

Kristen: pressing my finger into the precum gathering right at the tip

Rdeyddrgn: Slide your wet pussy down over my cock please Kristen.

Kristen: licking the finger clean of your cum, then sucking it

Kristen: pressing a little harder as my pussy grinds your shaft

Kristen: sorry honey, still not sure i got that

Rdeyddrgn moves my hands down, gripping your ass cheeks, as I suck on your nipple.

Kristen: hips now moving whether i want them to or not, my juices lubing up your cock

Jean Luc: Kristen, you are so hot….getting me hard again

Kristen: breathing heavily, my breasts heaving

Kristen: jean luc, not promising anything, but i may want more…. so i’m glad to know you’re perking up again

Rdeyddrgn grabs Kristen’s waist, lifting her body up…

Kristen: squeaking in surprise

Rdeyddrgn: I want to fuck your pussy Kristen.

Kristen: then fuck me, baby, fuck me

Rdeyddrgn lifts Kristen up, holding her wet pussy over my hard cock, teasing her with the head before sliding her down the shaft.

Kristen: ohhhhhyessss

Kristen: my pussy grips you tight as you fill me up

Rdeyddrgn sucks on her nipple as I lift her, moving her pussy up and down my cock slowly.

Rdeyddrgn: you feel so good on my cock Kristen.

Kristen: you feel so good in my pussy

Mischiefm8ker: My cock staying nice and hard as I watch Kristen tease the he’ll out of Rdey

Kristen: sliding up and down your hard cock, moaning as you fuck me

Rdeyddrgn nibbles on Kristen’s other nipple as she slides her wet pussy up and down my hardness.

Mischiefm8ker: *stroking my hard cock as I watch Kristen fuck Rdey. *

Rdeyddrgn grips Kristen’s ass, bouncing her faster on his cock.

Kristen: hands on rdey’s shoulders as i start to piston myself on his cock

Kristen: fucking him with slow powerful movements, my tits hanging down over him, swaying

Kristen: my ass thrust out as my hips grind away

Rdeyddrgn sucks on Kristen’s nipples, one after the other, my hands gripping her waist, helping her slide her pussy up and down my hard cock.

Mischiefm8ker: *sit back down in the chair nearby and enjoy the view of Kristen’s ass bouncing up and down over Rdey*

Kristen: mmmm fuck me baby fuck meee

Rdeyddrgn moves Kristen’s hips, grinding her pussy down onto my cock, as deep as I can get inside her..

Mischiefm8ker: Waiting patiently as I watch her ride him hard. Stroking my cock as they do

Kristen: unhhh yesss fill me with your cock

Mischiefm8ker: Watching her perfect tits bounce up and down as she fucks him

Rdeyddrgn humps my hips up, bumping her clit with every stroke.

Kristen: my body shiny with sweat and oil

Kristen: between gasps and moans, i manage to say “mischief…. cum here”

Mischiefm8ker: I get up from my chair, my cock pointed straight out in front of me and obey kristen’s command

Kristen: and bring the oil

Rdeyddrgn slows down slightly, wondering what Kristen has planned…

Corxx: *leans back, reaching down to stroke his cock as he watches Kristen being fucked hard and deep*

Mischiefm8ker: I hand Kristen the oil

Mischiefm8ker: As I stroke my cock in front of her watching her fuck Rdey

Kristen: still slowly fucking rdey, i pour some oil over mischief’s cock, then i pour some over my shoulder, letting it run down my back to my ass, between my cheeks

Kristen: i take mischief’s head in my hands and pull him in for a hungry kiss, biting his lips as i tell him to fuck my ass

Rdeyddrgn keeps stroking my cock into Kristen’s hot pussy, reaches up and pulls her head around, kissing her hungrily.

Kristen: returning the kiss passionately

Mischiefm8ker: I help Kristen rub in the oil

Rdeyddrgn moving my head down, nibbling on her neck as my cock slides in and out of her pussy.

Kristen: keeping the movements slow

Mischiefm8ker: And then move behind her and position my cock at her ass

Kristen: looking over my shoulder as my movements on rdey stop

Mischiefm8ker: I rub some oil around her ass

Mischiefm8ker: Making sure it’s nice and lubed

Kristen: biting my lower lip in anticipation

Rdeyddrgn holds Kristen still so Mischief can slide into her ass.

Mischiefm8ker: I put my tip at her ass and whisper into her ear “here it cums baby”

Kristen: yesssss

Mischiefm8ker: I grab her ass as I push in slowly

Mischiefm8ker: Letting you feel the full effect of my tip as I slide in

Kristen: moaning a long and low moan, almost a growl, as mischief’s cock squeezes between my cheeks

Rdeyddrgn grips Kristen

Kristen: letting myself be completely filled with 2 rock hard cocks

Kristen: biting rdey’s shoulder as mischief pushes deeper into my ass

Jean Luc: I’ve been sitting back stroking my cock but now I think you need the last hole filled!

Corxx: Yeah make her airtight

Corxx: *grins*

Rdeyddrgn grips Kristen’s waist, helping her rock her hips back and forth to be fucked from both sides…

Kristen: unhhhhh yessss 3 cocks for me

Mischiefm8ker: Sliding deeper into her ass with each thrust

Kristen: would love to take corxx too, but don’t know where…..

Jean Luc: my cock parts your lips as you hungrily take it inside your mouth

Kristen: ohhhfuuuuuck, feeling the cocks inside me pulse and thrust slowly, grateful to my boys for treating me gentle right now

Mischiefm8ker: I reach around and grab kristen’s tits as I slide so deep into her ass

Kristen: almost gagging as jean luc slips inside my throat

Rdeyddrgn takes Kristen’s nipple back into my mouth, sucking and biting it.

Kristen: eyes rolling back in my head as i’m filled and filled and filled again, 3 cocks for my 3 holes

Mischiefm8ker: Thrusting deep into your ass now, it’s so tight

Jean Luc: my hands on your head, fucking your mouth hard with my cock…

Kristen: animalistic grunts are all i can manage around jean luc’s cock

Kristen: allowing myself to move a little faster, fucking those wonderful dicks

Jean Luc: your spit falling onto your tits each time I pull out before pushing in harder again…..glistening on your tits

Mischiefm8ker: Squeezing your tits with each thrust, pinching your nipples

Kristen: no control over my body as i move and grind and press against my 3 boys

Mischiefm8ker: Your ass is so tight as my long thick shaft stretches it out

Rdeyddrgn feels Kristen’s pussy throb as she gets closer to cumming from having all 3 holes filled.

Kristen: my grunts and groans and moans getting more intense, louder, higher pitched, faster

Jean Luc: the sight of all three of us fucking you is so damn hot

Kristen: fuck my pussy fuck my ass fuck my throat

Kristen: i want you all to shower me with your cum

Mischiefm8ker: Loving the feeling as your moans fill my ears!

Jean Luc: care for a facial?

Kristen: right now, cum wherever you want

Rdeyddrgn grunts animalistically as I feel Kristen’s pussy spasming on my cock as she cums.

Jean Luc: oh god….I’m gonna cum all over your face…

Mischiefm8ker: Squeezing your tits hard as I fuck deep into your ass

Kristen: body suddenly tensing, going rigid as i start to cum

Mischiefm8ker: I feel your ass tensing up around me too! It feels so fucking good

Jean Luc: yes baby……cum for us….

Mischiefm8ker: Cum hard baby!

Kristen: pussy and ass both squeezing cock

Mischiefm8ker: Let it all out!

Kristen: body shaking as i cum again and again with smaller orgasms

Kristen: screaming around the cock in my mouth

Mischiefm8ker: I feel your ass squeezing so hard around my throbbing cock! I am getting close

Mischiefm8ker: I thrust deep into you, feeling your spasms

Kristen: unhhhhhyesssss

Kristen: i grab jean luc’s cock and begin furiously pumping it while sucking the head

Kristen: my pussy clenches rdey’s cock as i begin to move again

Rdeyddrgn thrusts deeper inside Kristen, bucking my hips as I get close to cumming.

Kristen: crying out every time mischief’s cock thrusts into my tight ass

Corxx: so fucking sexy Kristen… taking all those cocks.

Mischiefm8ker: Love hearing Kristen cry out in ecstasy as I thrust. I move one hand off her tit for a moment and give her ass a loud smack

Rdeyddrgn feels Kristen’s pussy clench tighter, feeling my cock throb as I cum deep inside her.

Kristen: letting out a loud UNH! when mischief spanks my firm cheek

Jean Luc: I pull out of your mouth and start cumming, shooting my load all over your face and in your hair…

Rdeyddrgn keeps kristen moving on my still-hard cock as I am cumming.

Kristen: ohhh yesssss slamming down hard as rdey pulses inside me

Kristen: mouth open and waiting for jean luc’s cum, most of it missing and dripping down my chin

Kristen: and onto my heaving tits

Corxx: *watching her tits bouncing all over as she is fucked, cum running down them*

Mischiefm8ker: Watching Rdey and Jean luc cum gets me so hot

Mischiefm8ker: Feeling her bouncing tits in my hands mixed with oil, sweat, and cum

Kristen: your turn, baby….. cum for me…. cover my ass

Mischiefm8ker: Her nipples so hard

Rdeyddrgn grips Kristen’s ass, helping her move back and forth on my cock, while Mischief is still fucking her ass.

Kristen: my pussy milking all it can from rdey, my fingers doing the same to jean luc’s dick

Mischiefm8ker: God damn baby you are so tight! I am so close! My cock is throbbing! I am going to fill you up!

Jean Luc: mmmm baby…lick me clean…..I can never get enough of your talented tongue!

Kristen: holding jean luc’s large hard cock still while i hungrily lick it clean of his jizz

Kristen: moaning my encouragement

Mischiefm8ker: Uuunnhhhhhfuuuuckkk!! Yes! I am cumming baby!

Kristen: yessss

Mischiefm8ker: I give you one deep thrust and then pull out cumin all over your ass!

Mischiefm8ker: Shooting load after load of hot cum on your sexy sexy ass

Kristen: my hips still moving, fucking rdey’s spent dick while mischief drains his load over my ass

Kristen: ohhhh my fucking god!

Kristen: slowly, unsteadily, standing up…. letting rdey’s cock slip from my pussy

Kristen: looking at corxx

Corxx: *grins at the cum covered Kristen* Looks like someone has had fun…

Jean Luc: I think we all had fun!!

Kristen: i want to fuck you next, corxx, but i think i’m totally spent

Jean Luc: Even the great ones need a break every once in awhile!! lol

Mischiefm8ker: I know that I had fun!

Kristen: can barely stand as it is

Corxx: Mmm you get some energy hon…

Mischiefm8ker: *goes to the table and pours Kristen a shot of tequila and hands it to her*

Kristen: lol ty mischief

Kristen: body shots anyone? lol

Kristen: downs her tequila

Corxx: Now we just need Katie to lick ya clean from all the cum

Jean Luc: nice idea

Corxx: somehow I think you’d wind up exhausted at the end. 😛

Kristen: shudders

Kristen: omg, i’d pass out if she did that….. but i’d love every second of it!

Corxx: We could do another round later on tonight lol

Mischiefm8ker: Body shots sound good to me! *buries my face in your tits*

Kristen: giggles and pushes mischief away… no more, please…..well, not just yet

Mischiefm8ker: Lol! No worries baby! Just playing with you! 😉

Kristen: oh my fucking god

Kristen: you are all absolutely amazing

Kristen: now i need a long shower

Mischiefm8ker: Oh no I think it’s you who are the amazing one Kristen!

Corxx: when combined with you that is…

Mischiefm8ker: Taking on 4 guys by yourself!

Corxx: *waves towards the sound of rushing water* It is already going and steaming hot for you hon…

Kristen: wow oh wow this was fucking awesome

Jean Luc: Caio Baby

Jean Luc: Thanks again…..

Kristen: hope you all cum again thinking about this

Jean Luc: I know I will

Rdeyddrgn: That’s guaranteed Kristen

Kristen: i’m off for that hot shower, clean some of your cum off of me

Jean Luc: nice image to leave us with…thank you

Kristen: *kisses mischief passionately*

Mischiefm8ker: Kisses you back passionately

Kristen: *kisses jean luc hungrily*

Kristen: *kisses rdey wetly*

Corxx: *ponders sneaking off to the shower with her*

Kristen: *kisses corxx lustily*

Corxx: *grins and meets her kiss*

Kristen: feel free, corxx 😉

Rdeyddrgn smacks Kristen on the ass as she walks toward the shower.

Mischiefm8ker: Likes how Corxx is thinking! 😉

Mischiefm8ker: Gives your tits a good squeeze and kiss as you walk to the shower

Corxx: *winks as he follows her towards the running shower* Oh I’ll squeeze em… but just going to get her clean and keep her from falling over after all those orgasms you guys gave her. 🙂

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