katie1I had some fun earlier with one of my favorite girls…. probably my favorite online girl, Katie. No, this isn’t Katie my roomate, but another Katie I met online a while ago and recently reconnected with via Facebook. She’s incredibly sexy, with an awesomely dirty mind, as you may have read in my last Cybersex post. We’ve fooled around a few times, and it’s always been lots of fun. I’m including a pic of her here (with her permission) so you readers have some idea of how hot she looks. You’ll get a sense of how hot her mind is if you keep reading!

This particular morning we were chatting, and we were talking about this blog, and how we’d love to have us both on webcam together, with a live feed going out to all of you. The two of us fooling around, and all of you watching and encouraging and so on, with us also able to see you. As things go on, we kinda forget that this is supposed to be over webcam, and some of you get to join in. Unfortunately, the beginnings of the chat got lost, but only the very very first bit.

We talked about both of us naked, her on her back, me lying back on top of her, between her legs, with my head between her breasts, and both of her hands on my tits. Comments were made about whether you readers would like to watch that. So that’s where we pick up, with her in green and me in red.

im sure they would, and hearing you moan, and hearing you say “yes Miss” to everything I tell you to do, to tell them how good things feel, especially when i let one of my hands drop down and my fingers join yours in working over your clit, lips, turning your head up, kissing you full on on camera

in complete bliss as you explore my body

love the thought of exploring your body, showing them how you enjoy the touch of a woman, making sure between kisses that you look out at the screen and stare at the dozens of cocks being stroked watching you

love you showing them how a woman should be touched, eyes torn between watching what they’re doing with their cocks and their eyes and where they’re looking

looking over your shoulder, seeing it in your eyes, in the way you lick your lips, letting them hear a soft moan as i slip two fingers slowly over your clit, almost pinching it in between, then rubbing up and down in a V….pressing my fingers together each time i press down and make your clit prominent for me
soaking wet, Kristen…

me too, Katherine…. you are so good at making me instantly aroused and wet and wanting

mmm good, because i was wanting from the first moment i saw your message, I was hoping that it would end up to this…or at least that i could leave you with some inspiration

you always inspire me, baby…. i see your name and i want you

i want you too, tilting my head down, running my lips across your neck, your shoulder, sinking my teeth into the point directly between, one hand caressing, cupping, squeezing your breast, the other sliding my fingers down, my middle finger spreading your lips, the camera getting a view at how wet and soaked you are already

moaning and arching my back, forcing my breast into your hand…. one hand on your thigh, the otherholding your hand to my tit, everyone seeing your fingers slip into me

slipping it in and out slowly, each time pulling out more wetness, glistening on my finger, my other hand squeezing your tit until my fingers press up to your nipple, squeezing it, pinching it, tugging it from your body, my teeth sinking deeper into your neck, my hips grinding my heat up to your ass

writhing my body against yours, my hips moving, aching for more inside me, moaning as your teeth hurt me so pleasurably
watching as our first viewer reaches orgasm, warm sticky cum spilling onto his belly

mmm…loving the sight of his cock resting against his tummy, large streams of cum splashed across his chest, across his bellybutton, the head of his cock all creamy with cum
knowing if you were there you would go and lick it up, my teeth clenched tight at your shoulder, slipping a second finger inside you, two fingers moving in and out of you

my pussy clenching your fingers as you bring me closer to my own orgasm… the webcam forgotten as i lose myself to all the different sensations you’re giving me

holding and caressing your tits, tongue lashing out at your pinched flesh, fingers buried knuckles deep inside you, stroking your inner walls, stroking the roof of your aching pussy, the heel of my hand, my wrist rubbing against your clit
whispering against your skin, “mm cum all over my hand”

shaking and crying out as i do what you ask and cum, hearing mutters of approval from our viewers

hearing mutters of approval, moans of EXTREME approval, a few more of the cocks shoot for you, groans all around, my fingers working you over and over as we imagine those cocks blasting across your tits…wanting you a creamy mess, knowing that i would spend the rest of the day cleaning it all up

now THAT sounds awesome! getting several guys to cum all over me (all kinds of fun in itself) and then you cleaning me up!

mmhmm…but the ones that are lasting as long as possible…i would direct the biggest one of those to come up, to replace my fingers, to let you lay back on my tits as i hold your legs open and he plunges that big cock inside you knowing it will only take him seconds to cum inside you

unhhhh i love it

feel my wetness rubbing against your ass, moaning in your ear, the sights and sounds turning me on, wetting your ass, i can feel every thrust as he lets go inside you, quickly replaced by one of the other guys, pumping inside you, our bodies so close that i swear i can feel him pumping inside me too

oh god, gonna cum again…. greedily pressing your breast toward my face, trying to kiss and suck wherever i can on it

mmm rolling you over, offering up your ass to the last one, his hands holding it as he thrusts up your pussy, fucking you from behind, your thigh dropping in between my legs, humping you as you nurse on my breasts…mmm thats it cum all over his cock, im going to cum all over you

feasting on your wonderful large tits, bucking back against the cock that’s fucking me hard, one hand slipping down to help you out, rubbing your clit while my leg also bumps against you

ohh god yes thats it keep going fuck you’re going to make me cum Kristen, bucking to your hand

nibbling on your nipple, sliding a finger into your wetness, then two… my hand forced to fuck you to the rhythm set by the guy filling my pussy

ohh god im going to cum right now buccking up hurriedly
tits bouncing

sucking hard to keep your nipple firmly in my mouth as your tits shake and jiggle as you cum, your walls squeezing my fingers
then as the guy cums inside me, i hit orgasm again, biting down on your breast, before collapsing on top of you as my legs give out

mmmmm wrapping my arms around you, holding you, tucking my legs around your waist, clinging to you as we lay in a heap of mutual orgasms mmm

mmmm love it, sweet Katherine….
our breasts and the rest of us pressed together, sharing sweet post-orgasm kisses, while all the guys still watch on

i love it too naughty Kristen, my nails dragging up and down the curves of your back and bottom

oh that feels nice

how well do you think a blog entry of today would go over?

I’d say it’ll go over well. What do you all think? Unfortunately, Katie and I have kinda lost touch. But you never know, someday she may surprise us all in the chatroom!


  • mischiefm8ker

    May 20, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    There aren’t enough good things that can be said about Katie! Especially when she is having fun with Kristen! I have only had a couple of opportunities to interact with her in the Chatroom, but they have been amazing and Katie is awesome. And when the two of them are together they are able to bring out the naughtiest in each other, which makes for so much more fun for all of us!

    Thanks for sharing this one again with us all Kristen. And hopefully Katie will return again soon to share with us again.

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