Cock Size

A straightforward question for you this week, as mentioned in last week’s post:

Does size matter?

I’ve read that the average length of a man’s dick is around 6 inches. On the internet, it seems that the average length is 10 inches. That’s quite a difference! Guys are obsessed with the size of their dicks, far more than most girls. Far more.

But does it matter?

Not as much as most guys think, but I won’t deny there is something to it. I’m not too picky, though. There’s too big and there’s too small, but anything in between is quite acceptable.

Anywhere from 5 to 9 inches is fine with me. I’ve got a 10″ dildo which I can’t really take, always with some pain. About 7″ is pretty ideal for me, but as long as you’re not too short or too long, I’ll happily take your cock inside me.


Bar Stool Fuck

Kristen: hi honey

Randy: how are you doing beautiful?

Kristen: wonderful, ty!

Kristen: how’s you?

Randy: i’m good right now pretty chilly here in California lol

Kristen: really?

Randy: yeah haha it’s cloudy here

Kristen: rainy here

Randy: hahaha perfect cuddle weather

Jean Luc joined the chat

Kristen: is that so?

Randy: mhmm  haha

Jean Luc: Morning Kristen……

Kristen: hiya

Randy: *pulls out a joint* anyone care for a puff? Read more [+]

What I Look For In A Man

Here’s another common question I get, this time from Cletus Spuckler:

Long time reader, first time asker. What’s a trait a woman looks for in a guy? Not just you—though you can put your woman instinct in—but what you’ve experienced with your friends. What different traits do you try to find between a guy you just want fuck and a guy you want to commit to? Thanks.

I can try to include what others look for, but I can only really answer for myself. And I really can’t comment on what traits make me want to commit to a guy. That’s just not me.

I suppose that, in order to keep this from rambling and jumping around too much, I should break this down into physical traits and personality traits. I’ll talk about physical first, but I think most girls would agree that the personality is much more important. Looks can help grab our interest to begin with, but it’s your personality that will really determine if we fuck you.

I’ll kind of work from the top down. Eyes are important. You can tell a lot from someone’s eyes. Color doesn’t matter except for personal preference. I prefer blue. Eyes let you know if he’s actually present and engaged with you, or if he’s just going through the motions and saying the lines. Read more [+]

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Bunch

Alcohol seems to play a huge role in a lot of crazy things that go down when a group of friends organize a party. We’re so comfortable around each other that we really don’t give a crap what we do. I’ve watched women and men give blowjobs, I witnessed impromptu skinny dipping sessions. Hell, we were all one strong drink away from a full blown orgy, but that’s another story for another time. Bottom line, you give us booze, be prepared for the debauchery that follows once it’s in our systems. Sometimes, though, we don’t make the best decisions. In case of one party we once had.

Truth or Dare seems to be a favorite game of ours when we had a few. I was playing sober host and bartender that night. After a few rounds of mixed drinks like rum and Coke and Malibu and pineapple juice, the ladies decided it would be fun to play. Everyone seemed to stick with Truth questions. People were scared to try a Dare. With this group, I would be too. Finally, my friend Jacob got the guts to do a Dare. My friend Di dared him to wear her thong. Umm, WHAT??? I was completely sober but I still wanted her to repeat it to make sure I heard her right. Sure enough, she repeated it verbatim that she wanted Jacob to wear her thong. This….I got to fucking see! I know that they make male thongs but I was curious how he was going to manage to fit his junk in this thong. Read more [+]

Age Limits

Here’s another oldie that I’m answering again mostly to get it onto my FAQ.

what is the youngest age you are willing to fuck or suck off?


That is the youngest age I’ll consider for anything sexual. Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. Doesn’t matter if it’s online or in real life.

The reason is simple. That’s the minimum age that I can be sure doesn’t break some law somewhere about sexual content/encounters and minors. Don’t have to worry about statutory rape; don’t have to worry about exposing some 12 year old to “obscenity.”

If there were no legal consequences to worry about, I’d probably be okay with guys as young as 16 fucking me. And in the online world, I’d play and chat with anyone if I liked them, regardless of age.

While we’re on the subject of age, I’ll also briefly touch on the other end of the spectrum. I can’t say there’s a set age that is too old for me. I suppose it could range from the late 40’s maybe into his 60’s, depending on the guy. It really depends on whether or not I’m attracted to a guy, and age affects guys differently. Some age faster than others. Some age better than others.

Whether or not a guy is too old for me will vary from guy to guy, and will probably change as I get older as well.