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Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another installment of “Ask Kristen,” where you ask me to reveal all my deepest, darkest, steamiest secrets! Please keep those questions coming! You wouldn’t want me to run out of material here, would you?

Another quick note that kind of ties in to today’s question: I’m sorry that I haven’t been in my chatroom much lately, especially on Saturday evenings (which is supposed to be my standard time to jump in). Things have just been crazy with work and personal life, and it’s kinda taken a back seat. Don’t worry, though! Just be patient!

Anyway, we’ve got a lengthy one here today from George H, so let’s get to it:

I found your blog by accident while looking for tittyfuck jerk off encouragement vids. (I have a tit and riding fetish.) I wanted to engage in some cybersex but there’s a problem. I live in the UK to be more precise Nottingham in the east midlands. So I’ll never be able to have cybersex with you due to the 7 hour time difference and the boss at work. Could you record some jerk off vids/ pics for Europeans/ British/ Iraqis like me to enjoy while you sleep/ work? Also if we were to ever find ourselves in the same/ similar time zone would you accept an offer of skype ‘bonding’. Basically dating or socializing over the internet to become friends and maybe more! One final point do you find people with stiff upper lip/ British accent or any accent for that matter more attractive or less. Thanks George xxx

Well, George, first off I’d like to thank you for visiting my site! I hope you continue to do so for a long long time!

In regards to cybersex with me, you mention issues with the time difference and your boss. Well, I can’t do anything about your boss, but if you stay persistent, you’ll probably find me in the chatroom at some point or other. You’re not my only Brit fan, and I have managed a meetup with others. I have no real schedule (trying to keep one for this blog is hard enough), and I can be in my chatroom at really any point throughout the day. Don’t give up!

I’m not likely to record any vids for this site. I’m not saying it won’t happen, just not likely to. This is for a few reasons, some of them easily dealt with, others not so much.

I don’t use Skype. I’d never get anything done if I did! All those requests from guys wanting to chat!  I’ve used Yahoo messenger before, and it got to the point where I couldn’t even sign in without getting flooded with chats. I’m all in favor of interacting with you and all my readers (in fact, it’s one of my favorite things), but it’s going to be primarily through my chatroom or this site or Twitter.

For your final point… YES! I love a good accent! The right accent with the right voice and the right words can make me just melt.



  • mischiefm8ker

    May 20, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Accents aren’t just for the women either! I find a couple of accents in women to be extremely attractive as well. (Of course, as Kristen says, with the right voice and the right words.)

    I can say that British and Australian accents in women have gotten me hot and bothered on more than one occassion during my travels. Its just a matter of what she says and how she says it. The accent just throws it over the top!

    • never thought it was just a girl thing. i know many guys who love a good accent as well. the words are what’s important, but an accent can really help spice things up!

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