Bar Stool Fuck

Kristen: hi honey

Randy: how are you doing beautiful?

Kristen: wonderful, ty!

Kristen: how’s you?

Randy: i’m good right now pretty chilly here in California lol

Kristen: really?

Randy: yeah haha it’s cloudy here

Kristen: rainy here

Randy: hahaha perfect cuddle weather

Jean Luc joined the chat

Kristen: is that so?

Randy: mhmm  haha

Jean Luc: Morning Kristen……

Kristen: hiya

Randy: *pulls out a joint* anyone care for a puff?

Kristen: me me me

Randy: here you go honey

Kristen: *lights it and takes a deep toke*

Randy: *looks at you as you take a deep toke*

Kristen: mmm

Kristen: nice

Randy: i always have the best weed lol

Kristen: love it *holds the joint out for someone else to take*

Randy: I’ll take a hit *takes the joint and takes a deep toke*

Randy: mmm that is good

Kristen: *grins*

Randy: *takes another hit and holds it out* anyone wanna a hit?

Kristen: *leans in and tokes off the joint while you still hold it*

Randy: mmm you’re so hot when you take a hit lol

Kristen: *smiles while holding it in*

Randy: my turn *takes another deep toke*

Randy: *pulls out a bottle of hennessey* care for a drink honey?

Kristen: oh my

Kristen: can’t say no

Randy: *pours both of us a shot* here you go hon

Kristen: thank you sweetie

Kristen: *holds the shot in my hand*

Randy: cheers baby!

Kristen: cheers

Randy: *clinks our glasses together and downs the shot*

Randy: mmmm

Kristen: *downs it…. shudders*

Kristen: nice

Randy: thanks honey, care for another?

Kristen: *takes a deep breath* one more

Randy: *pours us both another shot and i accidently spill some on your chest* shit sorry!

Kristen: clumsy

Randy: sorry honey

Kristen: *tries to clean my top with a napkin*

Kristen: *gives up and removes my top, tossing it aside*

Randy: *stares at your chest for a bit*

Jean Luc: wow! nice view from here

Kristen: pour jean luc a shot too

Jean Luc: please

Randy: here ya go buddy *pours you a shot*

Jean Luc: thanks buddy

Kristen: *adjusts my pink bra*

Jean Luc: damn

Jean Luc: Love you in pink

Randy: i feel like i should take my shirt off lol

Kristen: up to you

Kristen: *smiles*

Randy: *takes my shirt off, revealing my athletic chest* now we’re even lol

Kristen: *raises my glass*

Randy: *pours you and I another shot*

Kristen: *quickly downs my previous shot before you hand me the next*

Jean Luc: Well I feel out of place, so I guess my top needs to come off too

Randy: *pours you another and i drip some on your pants* whoops sorry

Jean Luc: You are one clumsy waiter! LOL……nicely done

Kristen: *raises an eyebrow*

Randy: my bad kristen

Kristen: *sighs while unbuttoning my jeans*

Kristen: *turns my back to the two of you as i slide them down over my hips, bending over as i slide them all the way off*

Randy: *stares at kristen as she slides her jeans off* holy damn

Kristen: *lifts her shot, downs it, then turns back around*

Jean Luc: My jeans just got a little tighter, they need to come off too so I can be more comfortable

Randy: *starts to take off my pants*

Kristen: *sits on a stool, legs crossed, watching you two strip*

Kristen: *smirking*

Randy: oh screw it im going commando *takes off my boxers, revealing my boner*

Kristen: *giggles at your comment*

Randy: another shot kristen? i promise i wont spill anymore on you?

Jean Luc: Pour carefully *wink*

Kristen: i better wait a bit before another

Randy: okay hon

Kristen: not just for the sake of my bra and panties

Kristen: but where’d that joint get to?

Randy: here you go *walks over to you*

Kristen: *reaches out for it*

Randy: *hands it to you*

Kristen: *takes another deep toke*

Randy: *takes another deep toke while standing naked in front of you*

Kristen: *eyes gliding up and down your body* careful where you ash

Randy: dont worry i got it lol

Kristen: i’d hate for you to burn yourself

Randy: i dont want to do that haha

Kristen: *leaning back against the bar*

Randy: *takes another toke* you up for another shot?

Jean Luc: *loving the pose from kristen*

Kristen: mmm not yet

Jean Luc: Such a beautiful woman baby

Randy: *cock’s rock hard from looking at kristen’s beautiful body*

Kristen: *grins at jean luc* thank you, baby

Randy: you’re so hot in your pink bra and panties

Jean Luc: No, thank you……

Kristen: *runs a finger along the edge of my bra down my breast*

Randy: damn so seductive

Kristen: *smirks*

Jean Luc: That makes my cock even harder…..

Randy: *starts to stroke my cock slowly*

Jean Luc: *rubbing my cock through my boxer briefs so Kristen can see the outline of my big cock*

Kristen: *watching both of you work your hard cocks with your hands*

Randy: *looks at kristen as i keep stroking my big hard cock*

Kristen: *eyes flick up to meet jean luc’s eyes, then over to randy’s*

Jean Luc: *can’t hold back any more, I walk over to Kristen and take her head in my hands and lays a very deep, very passionate kiss on her*

Kristen: *my hand rests lightly on your side as i return the kiss*

Jean Luc: I love the feel of your lips on mine baby

Kristen: mmm i imagine you’d love the feel of my lips elsewhere on your body

Randy: *walks over to kristen and starts to kiss along her neck*

Jean Luc: You know I would beautiful

Kristen: *tilting my head to expose more of my neck for randy’s kisses as my fingers slide down to the waistband of jean luc’s boxer briefs*

Randy: *keeps kissing along kristen’s neck as i place my hand on kristen’s breast and give it a nice squeeze*

Kristen: *fingertips slip inside jean luc’s undies and slide back and forth along his waist*

Kristen: *sighing as randy squeezes my tit*

Randy: *squeezes your tit firmly*

Jean Luc: *love the feeling of Kristen’s hand near my cock, the anticipation is incredible*

Kristen: *gently tugging at the waistband, feeling jean luc’s tension…. my hard nipple pressing through my bra against randy’s palm*

Randy: *feels your hard nipple and plays with it with my thumb*

Kristen: *fingers slip out of jean luc’s undies as i slide my hand down the front of them, over the large hard bulge, pressing against it*

Jean Luc: *leans in and kisses the other side of Kristen’s neck, reaching down and grabbing your ass*

Jean Luc: oh god yes, love that baby

Randy: *starts to take kristen’s bra off*

Kristen: *shifting on the stool to let jean luc’s hand grab my ass, feeling both guy’s breath hot on my neck*

Kristen: *rubbing my hand over jean luc’s confined hardness, my other hand blindly finds and wraps around randy’s exposed cock*

Jean Luc: Maybe I should lose these undies…..

Randy: mmm *takes her bra off completely and starts to suck on her tit*

Jean Luc: *slides my undies down to the floor*

Kristen: *moaning softly as randy’s lips close around my full tit…. my hand quickly finds its way back to jean luc’s cock*

Kristen: *starting to pump both of you with my hands, slowly but strongly jerking you both off*

Randy: *keeps sucking on her tit, my tongue flicking up and down against her nipple*

Jean Luc: Oh fuck baby, that feels good. *leans in and starts licking and sucking your other tit*

Kristen: ohhhh god yesssss *gripping you both harder as i lean back, pressing my tits out for you, tingling with the sensation of both my tits being sucked at the same time*

Jean Luc: I know you love that baby!!

Randy: *keeps flicking my tongue, swirling around her nipple*

Kristen: *pumping your cocks harder and faster, my thumbs pressing and rubbing against the heads of your big hard cocks*

Kristen: ohhhhhhyessssss

Kristen: don’t stop

Jean Luc: *taking Kristens hard nipple in my mouth, loving the feeling of her hand pumping my cock*

Randy: *keeps sucking her tit, my hand reaches down and rubs her wet pussy*

Jean Luc: Fuck you have great tits Kristen….now about you using your lips elsewhere……..

Kristen: *my thighs clench around randy’s hand, holding it to my soaked panties as i squirm*

Randy: mmm baby *rubs her pussy harder*

Jean Luc: *as I suck on Kristen’s tit, I slide one hand up towards her mouth and just gently graze her lips*

Kristen: unhhhh *kissing and sucking jean luc’s fingers as they glide past my lips, my tongue barely reaching out to touch them as they go by*

Jean Luc: *the feel of Kristen’s lips on my fingers making my cock even harder*

Kristen: *eyes closed as i continue to kiss, suck and nibble your fingers, my pussy still grinding against randy’s hand*

Randy: *whispers in kristen’s ear* mmm baby i want my big rock hard cock fucking your tight wet pussy now

Kristen: ohhhhmmmmmm

Jean Luc: I wouldn’t mind sliding mine in your mouth….

Randy: *keeps whispering* i want you to feel my big cock penetrating every inch of your cunt

Kristen: ohhhyesssss

Jean Luc: I want you to gag on my big hard cock

Kristen: *i gently push you both away, feeling the distance grow between us, as i slip my panties down past my thighs*

Kristen: *leaning over the stool with my ass and dripping pussy toward randy, my tits hanging on the other side of the seat, i reach out for jean luc’s cock*

Jean Luc: oh fuck yesssss

Jean Luc: *I bring my cock closer to your mouth*

Randy: *slides my cock into kristen’s pussy and starts to fuck her deep and hard* mmmfuck yeah

Kristen: *moaning as randy’s cock pushes into me until the moan gets cut off as my lips close around jean luc’s cock*

Randy: *holds her hips as i slam my big cock in and out of her tight wet pussy*

Kristen: unhhhhmmmmph

Jean Luc: *my hands on your head as I fuck your tight little mouth, making you take it all deep down your throat*

Randy: mmm yeah baby! *keeps hammering her pussy, my cock going in and out as i squeeze her tits from behind*

Kristen: *gagging slightly as you push into my throat as my pussy gets pounded from behind*

Jean Luc: *love looking into your eyes as you suck my cock* God, you feel good Kristen, I’ve missed our times together

Randy: *fucks her cunt deeper and harder as i spank her ass*

Kristen: *my hands on jean luc’s ass, gently squeezing and pulling him into my mouth*

Kristen: *squealing when randy spanks my ass, and moaning as his cock fucks my wanting pussy*

Jean Luc: *my hands reaching down and squeezing your tits, pinching your nipples as you devour my cock hungrily*

Randy: *spanks her ass again as i pound her pussy so hard*

Kristen: oh god yesss! *crying out before taking your cock back between my moist lips, my pussy devouring the other cock as orgasm builds deep inside me*

Randy: *feeling kristen’s pussy tightening up around my cock as i fuck her faster and harder*

Jean Luc: *sliding my cock in and out faster and faster as I feel myself getting close to exploding*

Jean Luc: Oh god Kristen!!!!

Kristen: *moaning fast and loud and higher, nails digging into jean luc’s ass, the stool rocking as i get filled again and again*

Jean Luc: Suck that cock baby, make me cum

Randy: mmm Kristen cum on my big dick!

Kristen: *pussy clenching and spasming as i cummmmmmm over randy’s hard dick, moaning around jean luc’s cock*

Randy: damn baby *slows down for you*

Jean Luc: *As I feel you cumming, I cum deep inside your mouth, then pull out and cum one last stream down the side of your face*

Jean Luc: *my cock still hard at the sight of my cum on you, I slide back inside your mouth, so you can lick me clean*

Kristen: *swallowing as you cum in my mouth, enjoying the salty taste as i lick it all off of you*

Jean Luc: mmmmmmmmmmm

Kristen: *my hips slowly and gently rocking, gently continuing to fuck randy as my orgasm fades*

Kristen: *looking back over my shoulder at randy, smiling at him with cum on my cheek as my pelvis rocks and rolls and pumps his cock*

Jean Luc: *leans down and kisses Kristen deeply as Randy still fucks her*

Randy: oh fuck yeah keep pumping my dick with your wet cunt

Jean Luc: *I then get on my knees in front of Kristen and start sucking on her tits, playing with her incredibly hard nipples*

Kristen: unhhhhhfuck yesssss fuck me baby

Kristen: fuck my cunt

Kristen: *smiling down at jean luc between my jiggling tits*

Randy: as you wish *starts to fuck you hard and deep slamming my cock all the way into her pussy*

Jean Luc: love that smile baby! Of course the cum makes it look sexier!

Jean Luc: I just might need to fuck that pussy too baby!

Kristen: unhhhh not until… unh…fuck yess…. not until randy cums

Randy: mmm yeah *keeps fucking kristen harder and deeper* almost there baby

Kristen: *grabbing the stool and pushing back to fuck randy harder, making my heavy tits sway over jean luc’s face*

Randy: oohh baby so close fuck

Jean Luc: of course not, but when he does, I’m gonna keep it going for you! *loving the feel of your tits on my face*

Randy: *keeps pounding her pussy very close to cumming*

Kristen: mmmm yessss i want your cock in me too

Kristen: *breathing heavily as i feel randy starting to tense*ohhhhfyesss fuck me

Kristen: give me your cum

Randy: mmfuck im cumming! *starts to shoot my cum inside of kristen*

Randy: *filling her up with my white warm cum*

Kristen: *my pussy clenching your dick as you spasm inside me* yessssss

Randy: oh yes baby *keeps squirting my cum inside of you*

Randy: *squirts my last drop inside of you* oh fuckk

Kristen: ohhhh yess

Randy: care to clean it up with your mouth honey?

Kristen: *slides off the stool and onto my knees, pulling randy’s spent cock to my mouth*

Randy: *feeling the warmth of kristen’s mouth as she takes my semi hard cock in*

Kristen: *licking and sucking randy’s cock clean, enjoying the taste of his juices mixed with my own*

Randy: mmm yeah *feeling my cock getting hard again*

Kristen: *once randy’s all clean, i climb up onto the bar and lay down* mmmmm that was nice

Randy: it was  you up for round 2 honey? right here on the bar?

Kristen: mmmm give me a minute

Randy: okay baby *caresses your soft skin with my hand*

Randy: *looks at your amazing body laid out on the bar table*

Kristen: *smiling blissfully, eyes closed*

Randy: *climbs on top of the bar table* you’re so hot baby

Kristen: mmmmm

Randy: *my hands spread your legs apart*

Kristen: mmmwhat are you doing?

Randy: oh sorry hon

Kristen: *stretching*

Randy: *strokes my hard cock as you stretch* such a beautiful body

Kristen: *smiles* glad you like

Randy: i do :0

Kristen: think i need to get some food before anything else 

Kristen: hungry for more than cock right now

Randy: haha cant fuck on a empty stomach

Kristen: truly

Randy: my cock will be your dessert

Kristen: tempted to have dessert first

Randy: *strokes my cock* come on kristen you know you want dessert right now

Randy: it’s nice hard big and creamy

Kristen: oh i know

Kristen: gonna get some real food first

Randy: haha okay

Kristen: *takes your face in my hands and kisses you hard and wetly*

Randy: *kisses you back* i’ll be here waiting for you

Kristen: alright *slides off the bar and stands shakily*

Kristen: *blows you a kiss then wanders off in search of food*



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