Chad: Billiards (part 2)

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While talking on the phone, setting up our second date, I told chad that I liked playing pool. He asked if I’d ever been to the Carum Club. I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me it was a pool hall, but kind of an upscale one. It was quickly determined that we’d head there the next time we went out.

When the night came, I wore black heels, a short black skirt, a deep red silk halter, with a red lace thong underneath. No bra (not with this top). I also had a simple black jacket.

First off, the Carum Club is a nice place! I really like it. It’s clean, it has lots of space, good food, a nice bar, and lots of tables. We had a quick meal, with beer this time instead of wine, then we went to the table. Pool is probably the best activity for non-sexual sexual foreplay. All that talk of sinking balls, how you handle your stick, not to mention the sexy poses I can do bending over the table! Hell, if I know a guy’s looking, I’ll even put out a sexual vibe just by standing… I’ll hold the thick end of my pool cue against my skin between my breasts, slowly sliding it up and down and twisting it.

Chad is no slouch when it comes to this either. Once, when I was trying to line up a difficult shot, he offered to help. He came up behind me, and leaned over me as I leaned over the table. His left hand caressed my arm from the shoulder to my wrist, and helped hold my hand there appropriately. His right hand glanced along my ass before resting on my hip. He then pulled my hip back firmly against him. His mouth right in that spot between my ear and neck, whispering pool tips to me, his breath hot against me. When I had everything lined up, he released me, but he stayed where he was, my ass pressed against his crotch.

A few games and several beers later, and we’re heading back to his place. No question this time about what’s going to happen. We get to his apartment and he offers a drink. As he gets it, I look around. He’s got a large 2-bedroom apartment, but he lives alone. The second bedroom is kind of an office. He’s got 2 computers, and tons of books on shelves in there. He’s also got a large music collection. The kitchen and dining area were pretty basic, but nice and clean. The only notable thing was that he seemed to have a good stock of various alcoholic drinks. The main room had a top of the line TV and sound system, and lots of movies, video games, etc. 2 bathrooms, one for each bedroom. His bedroom was pretty basic, too. It looked like he spends most of his time at home in the “office” bedroom and the living room.

He hands me my drink, we clink glasses, and drink. We’re standing very close and looking deep into each other’s eyes. He leans in and kisses me. Gentle and soft at first, but I think both of us really just felt ourselves ignite. The kisses quickly became more heated, more wet, more passionate. Our tongues quickly sought each other out. His free hand grabbed an ass cheek and pulled me against him. I tried to gently put my glass down on a nearby shelf, but my eyes were closed, so it wasn’t very graceful. It clinked and thudded and eventually I got it down where it wouldn’t spill. He had apparently done something similar, because both his hands were on my shoulders, sliding my jacket back. I held my arms behind me and let the jacket fall to the floor. His hands then trailed up my bare back and slid to my front. They pushed their way under my top and cupped my otherwise naked tits. After a quick squeeze, he simply pulled the material of my halter together between my tits, so I had a strip of material from my neck straight down to my midsection, where it spread again behind me. His hands went back to my tits. He’s obviously a breast man, as he spent a lot of time just fondling them as he kissed me. He also knows what he’s doing with them, though. Pinching, pulling, rubbing my nipples. caressing the fullness of each one, full handed and with just a single finger at times. Running circles around my tits, slowly shrinking them until it’s just my hard nipple being moved around by his finger.

I backed away and removed the top altogether. He pulled me right back to him roughly, and took a step back toward the couch. He sat on the arm of the couch, and with the new height difference, buried his face in my tits. I gasped as he bit a nipple then asked, “You love my tits, don’t you?” He looked up at me, his lips barely touching my perked up nipple, my other tit held firmly in hand. “I fucking love your tits, Kristen!” was his response.

However much he loves my tits, he didn’t forget that there’s more of me. After several more minutes of titplay, one hand slid to my hip and unzipped my skirt. A moment later and I was kicking it off my ankles. As he sucked my tits, his hands explored my belly, my ass and my thighs. Meanwhile, my hands moved from his hair (where I was holding him to my chest) down the sides of his neck, to the buttons of his polo shirt. I undid those, and started pulling the shirt up. He leaned back just long enough for me to pull the shirt over his head, then went right back to my tits, taking the opportunity to switch which he had in his mouth. A hand slid from my ass down the back of my leg to the knee. Then, reaching around a little further, he slid it back up the inside of my leg and the side of his hand pressed against my panties. He seemed a little surprised that i was already pretty wet. I wasn’t in the least. I mean, here’s a guy I really wanted, we teased ourselves last time, lots of teasing tonight, now I’m naked except for panties and shoes, and he’s been loving on my tits for 10 minutes. Of course I’m fucking drenched!

He starts to rub me through my panties, and I’m grabbing his hair a little more firmly now, my head back, eyes closed, breathing heavily with little grunts escaping my lips. I decided I had to have his cock, so I dropped to my knees. as I did, my tit popped from his mouth as he was sucking hard. An interesting sensation! I quickly undid his belt and pants, as he, thinking ahead a bit, kicked off his shoes. I pulled his pants and boxers off at once, and saw his lovely cock again, standing at attention. I immediately went down on him. After a few minutes, he said “no.” I stopped and looked up at him, his cock still between my lips. “I can’t risk cumming before I get inside you.”

I let his dick fall from my mouth as I slid up him a bit, smirking. As my tits slid up his thighs, I stopped. “Are you sure baby?” I leaned back a bit, letting him see his hard cock pressing against my flesh between my tits. He couldn’t do anything but stare. I pressed my tits together and moved up, just a bit, then back down. His eyes closed. His hands met mine on my tits and held them a bit firmer. I slid up and down again. His cock somehow got harder, and some precum leaked onto my chest.

“Oh, you’re a bad girl,” he said. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock before rising again.

“So what are you gonna do about it?” I asked innocently.

This got quite a reaction. He took my shoulders and stood me up in front of him, as he stood too. He smacked my ass then spun us both around. He roughly pulled my panties down and spanked me again. Excited and having fun now, I grunted when he spanked me and said, “Ohh what else?”

He pushed me back on the couch and climbed over me. I wrapped my legs around him as he aimed his cock and pushed into my waiting pussy. I moaned as he entered me. He kissed me hard as he began to pump in and out, steadily gaining speed and force. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t kiss him anymore because I couldn’t stop moaning and grunting. My back and neck were arching, thrusting my tits out to him, my eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open, fingers digging into his back. He was making noise too. My hand grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into me with each thrust. My god, he was fucking good!

I came hard! He stopped thrusting as my orgasm hit, my pussy squeezing his dick. He tensed, and I thought he was going to cum too, but he didn’t. As my orgasm faded, he seemed to regain control and started pumping again. Both of us were dripping with sweat as both of our bodies moved with each other. As he fucked me, he surprised me by suddenly biting down on my nipple and resuming his titplay. I gasped and moaned and dug my nails into his back. Faster and faster he got, until he tensed up again, and this time he did cum. He bit down on the side of my breast and I could feel his dick pulsing and pumping his cum inside me. When he finished, he started slowly going again. This triggered my 2nd orgasm, and with him continuing to move, it really lasted, with lots of aftershocks through my body.

“My god,” he said, collapsing on top of me. “I knew you’d be good, but god damn!”

We both laughed. “You’re pretty fucking fun, too,” I told him. He slid out and basically fell into a nearby chair. I watched as his cock slowly went flaccid. It really looked like it didn’t want to.

His eyes stayed on my naked body as I stretched. “Mmm baby, I really have to fuck those glorious tits sometime.”

I pressed them together and teased my nipples, staring him in the eye as I said, “Anytime you want to, baby.”

He licked his lips and smiled. “How about tomorrow morning?”

I looked up at him. “You asking me to stay the night?”

He nodded. “I’d be crazy to kick out a woman as sexy, gorgeous, and let’s not forget naked, as you are!” We both laughed.

“Good,” i said. “I need a shower anyway.”  He looked down at his cock. “Can you wait 15 minutes? Then i’ll join you.”

“Aww, is Chad’s little guy tired?” I asked as I stood. “Well, not so little,” I added with a smirk. I walked over to him and sat on his lap, facing away from him, my legs spread so his were between mine. I leaned back, resting my head on his shoulder. His hands slid right back to my tits. “You really do like them,” I commented.

“I told you, I fucking love them!” he said, giving them a squeeze.

I reached down between my legs and ran a finger along his cock. “He better be ready soon,” I said. My finger ran circles around the head. “Your hands are making me awfully horny!” As I said that I squirmed in his lap. His cock twitched. I nibbled his earlobe and whispered, “I need you nice and hard again, baby. Fill me up again with your cock and fuck me good.” He pinched my nipples. “Mmm. I like that baby,” I moaned. “Play with my tits. It makes me want your cock even more. I want to feel your hands all over me. Your lips, too. I want you to watch me as we fuck. Watch my face as you make me moooooaaan. Watch my tits sway and bounce as we writhe together. I want to taste your cum. I want to rub it into my body. I want it deep inside me.” I nibbled on his neck now, and wrapped my fingers around his now-rock hard cock sticking out between my legs. “Ooh, someone’s awake again!” I stood and slid off my shoes, the last bit of clothing I had on. “Now where’s the shower?”

…continued in “On The Edge“…


  • Mischiefm8ker

    June 24, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Another great installment baby! God I love those tits! (And apparently so does Chad!) 😉

    • he was such a tit-lover! if he only fucked my tits and never got his cock anywhere near any other part of me, he would’ve been happy.

      ….maybe i should give him a call…..

      • Well its understandable. If I were held to the same conditions, I can’t say that I wouldn’t probably want more at some point, but I am certain that I would be a happy camper for quite a while!

        As for giving him a call, I leave that to you. But if you can’t get a hold of him, then I am happy to help. 😉

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