My Ass

So, James is a new fan of mine (I think — correct me if I’m wrong, James!), and he wrote in to say this:

Yummy 🙂 So you have nice large tits, but what if a guy is into asses? How do you rate and or feel about your ass? Are you into anal sex? giving or receiving?

Glad you like my tits, James! While they are one of my favorite parts of my body, I guess I’ve got a good ass, too. At least, people seem to like it. Some have said that they prefer it to my tits. I wouldn’t rate it that high, but I guess everyone has their own opinion of it.

my assWhat do you think of it?

As for anal sex, it’s not something I’m overly fond of. Yes, I’ve tried it. Quite a few times, actually. The pain to pleasure ratio is just a little beyond what I like, and the feel of a cock in my pussy is so much more appealing to me! But I do know that many guys like it, or even prefer it to vaginal sex. When I’m with someone that I know prefers anal sex, I’ll sometimes let him fuck my ass. The hotter and hornier he’s gotten me, the more likely I am to do it. Once I really get going, I’m more than happy to let him use my body as his playground, and do whatever he wants to me. (There’s the benefit to foreplay, for anyone who still thinks it’s better to jump to the main act!)

I’ve never given anal sex. I mean, I just don’t have the equipment! I do have toys, but when they come out when I’ve got a partner, they tend to be used on me. Even with girls, there’s not much anal penetration in our play. The most I’ve done, is with this guy who asked me to finger his asshole while i blew him. He got off on it. I tried it on a few other guys after that. One really liked it, a couple didn’t react to strongly to it one way or another. Most seemed to reject the thought of anything going in their ass. I imagine that’s mostly a homophobic reaction. “It’s too gay to like anything in my ass, cuz that must mean I like cock.” Stupid fucking men.



  • Black Man Approved…….just sayin’

  • Damn Kristen…that is one fine ass! Keep posting pictures of that, and I’m going to have to write another story about you, not that I haven’t written several already.

  • I think there doesn’t exist a more perfectly formed baby moon in our universe. I just get so distracted starting with that beautiful face, sparkling eyes, perfect smile and, on my, the twin globes, as I move my way down and have trouble uncrossing my eyes by the time we’re at the perfect roundness.

  • Mischiefm8ker

    June 24, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    They are all right babe. You have a perfect ass too! There is nothing else that can be said except that it is amazing!! And the way you wiggle, jiggle, and use it to your sexual advantage is just awesome. Keep it up babe!

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