Work Distraction

A while ago, I had a bit of fun with one of my Twitter friends, @twervert. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable, yet another reminder of why I love cybersex.ย Below, you’ll find a straight transcript of what transpired between us. To make things simpler to read, I’ve made his tweets blue and mine pink-ish (pink didn’t show up well on the background where this was originally posted, and it’s too much trouble to shift this one back to my usual colors). ย 

And yes, this was entirely in my public Twitter timeline!

Damnit. I’m getting stiff already, but the little guy’s reaching down the wrong side…

the wrong side?

He’s supposed to hang on the right side, but he wants to go down the left pant leg…

is that a problem?

It’s uncomfortable

ah, i see…. can you move him?

Well yeah, but I have to do it subtly, stealthily

can i help? or would that just make things worse?

I would love it if you helped… What do you have in mind?

well, i could take it in my hand and see if i can’t get it to move

Hmm… that might work…. How would you get it to move with using just your hand, though?

well, i’d have to carefully take it between my fingers, kinda tickle it, encouraging it to move

That would help, I think, but it might not be enough…

oh that’s just to start, of course! my other hand would have to hold your balls to make sure they don’t get in the way

i may have to start tugging on it if it’s uncooperative

Okay, but don’t be too rough…

oh, i’ll be gentle…. at first…. may have to squeeze a bit

It responds best to a soft, smooth – but firm – touch…

then i’ll try that…. maybe try kissing it, see if it responds

Oh, now that’s a good idea…

and if that doesn’t get it moving the way i want, i may need to use my tongue

It can be stubborn…

then maybe i’ll have to speed things up a bit, get a little more intense

That’s a good idea…. Might work better, too, if you weren’t encumbered by clothes….

well, if you think it’ll help, i’ll start by taking off my top

Yes, that does help… quite a bit….

hmm if it responds so well to me removing my top, maybe there’s something about my breasts…. think i should squeeze him between?

Yes…. I think that sounds like a very good idea……

i place your cock against my chest, take one of tits in each hand and squeeze them together, enveloping your cock

with its head poking out of my cleavage, i’ll stick my tongue out and give it a little lick

That’s amazing, sweetie… But you know what would help even more? A little baby oil….

you have some handy? of course you do!

Oh my… I think it’s responding quite a bit now…

i’ll just drizzle some out over my cleavage… my! that’s kinda cold!

Let me rub that in for you…..

please do

My large hands gliding over your glistening, slippery breasts… pinching the nipples once in a while..

nipples already stiff because of the cold oil, hardening more under your touch

Throbbing against your oiled chest now…. What about your bottoms…?

hold my tits while i try to slip out of them

holds on tight, squeezing them and stroking them along his shaft….

wriggling around while i slide the rest of my clothes off

Now we have to get the rest of you oiled up…

should i lie back while you do the honors?

that would probably work best, wouldn’t it?

then do your thing, baby

First I think I’d want to taste your body, kissing and licking your skin….

laying back, may naked body displayed before you, tits glistening

Then the oil would come…. on your stomach and chest, my strong but gentle hands spreading it down your legs, between them..

sighing as you spread the wet oil around my wet pussy

Fingers slipping between your slick lips, finding your own heated moisture..

stretching out, hands above head, enjoying the feel of your fingers slipping inside

One finger explores your hot cleft and goes in search of your clit, while the other hand continues to spread the oil

sighing under your touch, feeling the cool oil warm against my skin

I ghost my finger across your clit, then pull my hand away. You’re going to have to turn over…

whatever you say, baby

Straddling your thighs, I rest my shaft between the cheeks of your ass and squeeze the oil onto the small of your back

shivering a bit as the cool oil pools at the small of my back

Leaning forward, I work it up into your shoulders, down your sides, and all over your back

playfully squeezing my ass cheeks and you spread the oil all over

Sitting up, I squeeze the oil onto my shaft as your cradle it.. my hands spread it over your ass, squeezing, lightly slapping

glancing over my shoulder at you, watching as you play

Mmmm…. now what to do with this gorgeous, oiled body before me…..?

eagerly waiting for you to decide!

Stay on your stomach, but spread your legs… I want to…. Mmmm…

spreading my legs, just a little…. smiling wide

My hands all over your oiled body, urging your legs wider, watching as your pussy is revealed….

spreading my legs just enough to give you a glimpse of my wet pussy

I wedge my fingers between your legs as I lay forward to whisper in your ear… “Open wide…”

trembling at your hot breath on my ear, my legs involuntarily spread for you

My middle finger pushes slowly into you, followed by my index, exploring your tightness. “Now, tell me what you want…”

mmmm baby…. i want you to take what you want, take me…. i want your hard fucking cock… i want you to fuck my tight pussy….

still looming over you, spreading your legs as wide as possible… settling between them I press the head to your hot cleft

spreadeagled as your body presses against my ass, my pussy craving the cock that is so fucking close…

I give you just enough for your lips to suckle the head as I kiss your oiled shoulders, then pull away from your hungry slit

oohhhh fuuck baby, you fucking tease! i love it!

reaching down, stroking the head along your folds, then up to tickle the tight hole above…

my hips beginning to move, unable to control myself

Still stroking both of your holes, pressing each gently, but not penetrating… “Why are you squirming…?”

fingers clenching the sheets, my pelvis trying to rub against your hardness….mmmm please fuck me

guide the head back to your pussy and slowly enter, feeling you stretch around me. I straighten, kneeling so I can watch

my hips angling upward to give you better access, letting out a soft moan as you slowly press into me

Easing back a little bit, just so I can watch myself enter you again. I love watching you squirm…

i love how you make me squirm! teasing my aching pussy like that!

Maybe I should just do that instead… Rub your quivering lips with the head, maybe press it to your clit…

mmmmm baby….

Or maybe I should flip your over and taste all the wetness…. I can’t decide…

mmmm just do something to me!

Get on your back. Pull your knees to your chest. Let me see how you want me….

doing as you say, my tits pressed against my thighs, my wet pussy glistening in waiting

Not wasting time now, I plunge into your waiting cleft, driving my shaft deeper and deeper. “Is this what you want?” I growl

crying out in pleasure, losing grip on my legs, the fall to rest on your shoulders…. ohhh yessss baby yes YESSS

I lean into you, stifling your moans with my mouth and tongue as I begin to pump my hips, stroking your deepest desires

hungrily kissing you, grunting with every deep thrust of your wonderful cock into my greedy pussy

Thrusting harder, finding a rhythm as my hands find your slippery, bouncing breasts. Break the kiss so I can admire your body

my cries and moans get louder, one hand clenching sheets, the other holds one of your hands firmly to my tit

The hand you’re not holding goes down between our clapping bodies to find your clit, pressing it, rubbing it while I thrust

ooohfuuuuck yesss mbaby yessss unhhhh make me cummm!!

That’s it, rubbing your clit, squeezing your tit, filing your pussy over and over… Cum for me, my little slut…

biting my lip, my hands suddenly digging into your back, my cries more desperate, higher pitched, body losing control

Pounding harder, faster, my hand finds your throat and grips firmly, but loose enough… gaining leverage

my body tenses and i cry out, arching my back, my pussy clenching hard around your dick

That’s a good girl…. still pumping my hips, stroking your clenching pussy… I’m very close so I slow down a bit…

my moans turn to faint whispers as i cum down off my orgasm, still loving your cock filling me again and again

give me your cum baby

I give you one more long, passionate, hungry kiss before climbing up your body and placing my wet shaft between your breasts

quickly taking your cue and, after a quick soft kiss to the head of your cock, i press my still slick tits together around you

pumping between those glorious globes, I put more oil on them… it’s almost overwhelming…

mesmerized by your cock poking out of my cleavage before disappearing again

Faster and faster…. Squeeze it…. I’m close…..

my tongue flicks your cock whenever it’s close enough while my eyes meet yours

As I get closer, i lean forward and stuff my cock in your mouth and quickly start thrusting…..

my hands grab your ass and squeeze, tongue pressing against your cock as you thrust into my mouth

Your tongue sends me over the edge… with a loud groan i pump your mouth full of cum..

eagerly swallowing as much as i can, sucking you dry, but some dribbles from my lips down my chin

I collapse on the bed next to you and pull you on top of me… Ready for more?

wiggling around….. are you sure you are?

Settling your hot pussy to trap my softened cock between it and my stomach… Just let me catch my breath…

can’t be long though…. i do have things to do today…. other than you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Your hot, glistening body bouncing on my cock… No, it wouldn’t take long ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just stroke it a little bit with that wet pussy, and I’ll be ready to go

you sure about that? grinding slightly, leaning over you, letting my tits hang over your face

Yes… hands on your hips, letting your tits hang… already throbbing and growing hard against your pussy…

feels like it won’t be long at all ๐Ÿ˜‰ …my hips grinding harder against your cock, my tits softly brushing the sides of your face

I could cum just from you stroking me like that with your pussy…. That feels so good…..

my pussy leaving its juices along your hardening shaft

Yes, so soft and smooth… flexing against you, causing me to moan and push my hips up…. my hands now on your ass…

reaching down to tease the head with my fingers

Holy fuck…. I shudder, your fingers on the hypersensitive head… My hand comes down with a sharp crack on your ass…

unh! your spank makes my body jerk, sliding along your cock before sliding back to position

I take you tight by the hips and push you back, tilt my hips feeling my shaft slide along you, then thrust hard into you

unhhh! yess! nails dig down yuor chest

LIfting your hips, then pushing them down… Come on, ride it like you mean it!

leaning back, my tits thrust out, rising and falling on your dick

Watches your bouncing tits, guides your hips up and down his shaft, occasionally reaching over to tweek your clit…

unh unhhh grunting and moaning louder again now, holding one of my own bouncing tits and tweaking the nipple

I put two fingers in your mouth for you to suck while i go back to stroking your clit. Come on, faster! Harder!

grinding my hips against you, my whole body filled with pleasure….biting and sucking your fingers

With a sudden, violent upthrust, I shout, shooting even more cum into your tight, clenching, stroking pussy….

oohhh fuck yesss!! my pussy squeezes your cock as you shoot deep inside me, triggering my own orgasm, i fall forward onto you

Gasping, holding you tight, our lips meet and my hands find your firm ass….

my hips still slowly grinding, your cock sliding in and out as we kiss

Oh fuck, that feels so good… your body still oily… I don’t want to let you up….

you like that, huh? my whole body pressed firmly against yours? mmmm it is nice, isn’t it?

with my spent cock soaking in my own hot cum inside your pussy? Yeah, that’s really nice…

kisses your lips warmly….

I really needed that, sweetie. Thank you, and I hope you have a great day *kiss*


  • just got this comment from my blog feedback email (, and thought i’d share it. i’m assuming the guy sent it via email because he wants to remain anonymous, so i’ll just share the comment itself:

    “just want you to know I jerked off so hard to that timeline
    Thank you”

  • That was so hot. You’re amazing.

  • Holy fuck Kristen,

    I was horny today and hoping to chat with you, but reading this was so fucking hot and had me stroking furiously until I came and then I re-read it imagining me with you and came again! Thank you for sharing that, wow!

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