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Well, I got a hell of a surprise when I saw this next question. It’s from someone you might have read about:

Good to see you remember me! So I read your story about me — the one on the plane — and i wanted to know why your story isn’t quite the way I remember things? (BTW — love the site, love your stories, love you!)

For those who didn’t catch it, this is from Andy, the boy featured in my “Plane Ride” story that I posted a few weeks ago! The 17 year old kid that I teased on the short flight between Albuquerque and Las Vegas! Well, he’s not 17 anymore, obviously.

To answer your question in a general sense, I have to admit something: while most (almost all) of my stories are true, there are some that are purely made up, and some that fall somewhere in between. And no, I’m not going to clarify that any more, and no, I’m not going to say which are which. *sticks my tongue out*

Anyway, even though most of my stories really happened, I’ll often embellish a bit when I write them out. Mostly, it’s little things, like skipping the (un)sexy way he removed his socks, or the pause to put on a condom. Just things to make the story flow better. Sometimes I’ll adjust a section a little to make it better, or take it out. That position we tried that just wasn’t enjoyable? Write it as if it was great, or just skip it entirely. And sometimes I’ll add a little something. It’s all in the interest of making the story more enjoyable and arousing to read. Read more [+]

Sexuality 101

There some things in this world you just can’t learn in a textbook. Some aspects of life are best learned through “on the job” training and experience. Sex is one of those aspects. Granted, you can learn about the science behind sex and there are plenty of books out there about pleasure and different positions, but honestly, it’s just words and pictures. It really takes a wealth of personal experience to truly understand it. I’ll never consider myself a “sexpert” because there is so much about the subject to learn, and I’m always willing. Unfortunately, I don’t have willing “trainers.” I used to have one, believe it or not. She wasn’t a girlfriend, or a fuck buddy for that matter. She was just a really good friend that opened me up to the world of sexuality.

I was around 20 years old when I met Angel. I was still in my so-called “goody two-shoes” phase of my life. I never smoked, never drank and was still a virgin at the time. Let’s just say, I was completely awful around women. I was a nervous wreck when I was attracted to one. I stuttered, broke out into a sweat and just was plain clumsy around a beautiful woman. I couldn’t land a date back then even if I tried. Angel was just that type of attractive lady I would normally trip over a stool in front of if I tried to hit on her anywhere else, but she was a lot different than most women I’ve encountered. She was a raven haired beauty that had Playboy magazine looks, yet a girl next door attitude. I met her while I was working for a telemarketing company. I had worked there about 6 months already when she came along. One of the ways they trained new employees was to have them sit with someone while they were on the phones and listen to them do the job. They paired Angel up with me. Read more [+]

Design Question

So, as you may have read, in August I’m doing a bit of a pledge drive for this site, a Bunnython, if you will. I’d like to have a banner for it, for the slideshow at the top of the home page here. I’m stuck for ideas, though. Anyone have any suggestions? What do you want to see up there?

Comment below or let me know on the Feedback page! Thanks!

A BunnysDreams Pledge Drive?

Yes, you read that right. While I do love this site, and I love interacting with all of you, this thing isn’t free for me. And while I’m highly opposed to making you all pay to read, I really do appreciate donations. They help offset the cost, and keep this in a manageable level for me. You were all very generous in helping me get this site up and running, and I hope that generosity continues so we can keep it that way!

A while ago, Mike commented:

I’ll donate but i kind of like the idea of a 3 day weekend Bunnython where we can call in our pledges and get a Bunny totebag…..

Well, I know I can’t dedicate myself to a 3 day weekend devoted to accepting pledges, and I have no totebag to offer, but the “Bunnython” idea did kinda catch my eye. I wasn’t sure how to do it, though, or what incentives I could offer. I don’t want to offer any exclusive content, because that defeats the purpose of this site being free to anyone to view. So I’ve thought about this for a while…

I’m going to offer myself as incentive!

Well, my cyber-self, at any rate.

That’s right, for the entire month of August 2013, anyone who donates over a certain dollar amount to this site will get the opportunity to cyberfuck my brains out!

And there might be some add-ons for those who donate more!

See, I figure that I’m not really offering special content, but a special experience to those who donate.

I’m still working things out, but details will be posted on August 1, so be sure to come back then! This offer is only good for donations made from August 1 thru August 31, 2013.

This is a way for me to give back to my loyal readers, and show just how much I appreciate you all! Thank you all!

Please comment and let me know if this is something you’d be interested in, as well as ask any questions you may have.

Mile High: Cruising (part 2)

[read all the entries for this series here]

“Would you care for another drink sir?”

“That would be lovely. What do you have?” I reply.

“Well why don’t you join me in the galley and you can look over the selection,” she says back to me.

I could feel a tingle run down my spine and a stir again in my pants as she said this. “That sounds like an excellent idea” I say. As I unbuckle and rise from my seat I look around again to make sure that everyone is asleep – they are.

As we walk up into the galley area, she points over to the tray in the corner where she has laid out some of the drink choices. What I didn’t realize immediately was that she was closing the curtain behind us, making it now impossible for anyone in the cabin to see us. Once the curtain is closed she moved so quickly over to me I almost didn’t see it happen. She is standing right up next to me now; I can smell her perfume again, filling my nose with its sweet scent, her bosom practically touching me. “So, what would you like sir?” she says in a very suggestive tone, smiling.

I look over at her, taking her whole body in once more… and then lean in and kiss her. At this point I didn’t think the flirting was really going to take me much further. If I was going to act, it might as well be now. As our lips touched I felt a tingle down my spine. I was filled with excitement and a little fear at the same time. This is the moment where I would find out if I have been reading the signals correctly or am about to get slapped and perhaps find out if there is an Air Marshal on this plane. Read more [+]