Music is a Mood Killer?

Music… I don’t care who you are, but everyone does something in their daily lives that involves listening to music as you do it. It could be cleaning, taking a shower or driving. There is at least one occasion that music is in the background of any particular activity. Listening to the right kind of music can be a mood setter for the remainder of a person’s day or it can make the activity more fun to do. One of the biggest occasions a person will use music is, of course, while having sex. The genre of music is very important in setting the mood for you and your lover (or lovers if you’re so lucky) in the bedroom. R&B, I found, is the most popular type of music to use while fucking with soft rock and power ballads coming in close second. If you can fuck to Dubstep or death metal, let me know so I can shake your hand! The melodious tunes, the sensual lyrics and the sultry atmosphere you create can make humdrum sex into your own private dance session if you play your cards right. Sometimes, music is used to drown out the grunts, moans and orgasms so that anyone you might live with can spare the sounds. Though music is great to enhance the love making experience, sometimes, it just goes wrong altogether. Such an occasion happened to one of my buddies, Vince.

Vince has no problems admitting that he’s a man-whore. Being in his early 20’s, he’s all about playing the field and sowing his wild oats. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with the same woman for more than a couple months. His latest catch was a rather shapely brunette woman he met at one of the local coffee houses here. I can’t remember her name but she was about 5’ 6’’, dark brown eyes, a pretty decent tan and voluptuous, definitely had it in the right places. Vince brought her to a hookah party we were having, which he almost never brings women for us to meet. It seems as if he really likes this one. We all got around the table, passing around the hookah hose, getting to know each other a little more. She was an interesting woman to say the least. I wish I would have got to her first!

Anyway, I could overhear Vince telling her about wanting to go back to his place later so I knew pretty soon he was going to excuse himself from the party. Before he left, I asked if he wanted to meet up for lunch somewhere since I was off the next day. He said sure and we exchanged goodbyes and he left. The next day we meet at a diner and I ask him how it went with her lady friend. Vince responded, “Didn’t go well at all.” I wanted to know what happened so I pressed him to get out the details.

He explained to meet that he wanted to make the occasion more romantic for her. Before the party, he had set up his bedroom to be a real “lovers’ lounge” complete with candles, silk drapes, rose petals, wine and music. Impressive! He texts his roommate to light all the candles in the room before he got there and to leave for the night, which he had no trouble doing. His roommate had a steady girlfriend and he just crashed at her place. When they got there, they had a little wine to get them loosened up a bit. Vince felt they were making a serious connection so he proceeded to escort her to the bedroom. She was impressed with the decor and it seems his efforts were working and she was ready to fuck. Before anything got started, he turned on his iPod to shuffle. R. Kelly started playing in the background. A couple more glasses they had while sitting on his bed was enough for her to feel ready. Apparently in her inebriated state, she’s quite the aggressor. I LOVE THAT!!!Everything was going great, foreplay was excellent. She gave great head, apparently.

Not even a couple of minutes after he entered her, a song you really don’t want to hear came on his iPod. Not really thinking, he forgot to set the playlist he created on shuffle, he put the entire archive of songs on shuffle! So, while he was fucking her, “Barbie Girl” by Aqua started to play. It instantly killed the mood for the both of them. He quickly turned off the iPod but it was too late to salvage the romantic moment for him. He tried to get her to stay the night but his efforts were for naught. She asked to be taken home after that.

I wanted to feel bad for him, but I laughed instead. The only thing I could ask him is how Aqua ended up on his iPod. Blame his teenage sister for that one! As a gag she put that song on there and he never really thought of deleting it. I think he wishes he had now! Moral of the story: If you going to play music while fucking, please……for the love of GOD……make sure there’s no embarrassing songs on there. You’ll thank me later.

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  • I’ve had my share of silly mood-killing music come on, but it’s never completely ruined it like it did for your friend. Then again, the music was on mostly as background noise, not specifically to set the mood in the first place. That might be the difference. Usually it just results in giggles and rushed attempts to skip the track before being pounced on again.

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