Happy Birthday, Slave

I want to share with you all another cybersex session that happened in my personal chatroom. It happened completely spontaneously, and pretty surprisingly. This is a rare occasion of no real seduction beforehand, which is especially unique because I wasn’t in a particularly horny mood upon entering the room. I was just stopping by to read up on anything that had happened since my last visit, and to say hi to anyone who happened to be in there. There was one guy in there at the time, who informed me of his recent birthday. He made an immediate move on me and something just clicked, so I went with it…

[the following has been edited, but only slightly… mostly just at the end when other people showed up in the room]

Mitch: Hey, gorgeous!

Mitch: I just turned 21 on Thursday 

Kristen: really? happy birthday honey!

Mitch: *kisses your cheek* Thanks, sexy

Kristen: *gives you a warm, wet birthday smooch*

Mitch: Mmmm *runs a hand through your hair, then pulls your head tighter to me, kissing you passionately*

Kristen: *squeaks as i’m taken a bit by surprise, then gives into the kiss*

Mitch: *keeps kissing you and runs a hand down to your ass, smacking it lightly*

Kristen: hey, you’re the birthday boy! i should be spanking you!

Mitch: hehe

Mitch: *leans forward* Feel free, Ma’am

Kristen: *gives your ass a hard spank*

Mitch: *lets out a low moan* Thank you, Ma’am

Kristen: you’re 21, huh? *spanks again*

Mitch: *moans again* Yes, Ma’am

Kristen: *grabs a cheek and squeezes it* that’s a lot of spanks coming your way *spank*

Mitch: *moans louder* I can’t wait… Mistress 

Kristen: oooh mistress? shall i get the whip?

Kristen: *spank*

Mitch: *moans* Whatever you want, Mistress – I’m yours

Kristen: *undoes your belt buckle and pants, pulling them down*

Kristen: whatever i want? on your birthday?

Kristen: what about what you want?

Kristen: *spank*

Mitch: *moans* Right now I just want to be your slave, Mistress

Kristen: oh? why’s that, slave? *spank*

Mitch: Because you’re incredibly sexy and I’m feeling very submissive, Mistress

Kristen: oh really? take your shirt off

Kristen: in fact, take off everything but your underwear

Mitch: *obeys, getting almost completely naked for you* Yes, Mistress

Kristen: now, rip my shirt off of me, slave

Mitch: *obeys, tearing yours off roughly*

Kristen: *i’m revealed wearing a black leather corset underneath, one that zips up the front*

Mitch: *moans at the sight of your amazing corsetted body, dropping to my knees before you*

Kristen: *the corset pushes my tits together and up in a very inviting way, and the zipper is pulled down just a bit, strained as if it was too tight to zip all the way up*

Kristen: *smiles down at you on your knees* now unzip my skirt *indicates a zipper along my right thigh*

Mitch: *obeys, reaching over and tugging the zipper down* Yes, Mistress

Kristen: *smiles as you run your hand down my leg, unzipping me*

Kristen: now stand, slave

Mitch: Yes, Mistress *stands*

Kristen: *quickly handcuffs you and raises your hands over your head, having to get very close to you to do so*

Mitch: *moans as your tits brush my chest, the leather of the corset feeling amazing against my skin*

Kristen: *hooks the cuffs to a hook hanging from the ceiling which will keep your arms held overhead, but your feet firmly on the ground*

Mitch: *tests the cuffs and the hook momentarily, still entranced by your beauty before me*

Kristen: *takes a step away, holding my skirt up with one hand, admiring you held before me*

Mitch: *feels my cock straining against my boxer briefs, my eyes drinking in the sight of your body*

Kristen: *turning my back to you, i let the skirt fall to the floor and step out of it… underneath are panties that match my corset and a garter belt holding up my sheer stockings*

Kristen: *i kick the skirt away with my heels*

Mitch: *stares at your ass, almost drooling*

Kristen: *i begin to walk around you, slowly, my finger tracing the waist of your undies*

Mitch: *moans at your touch*

Kristen: now…. how many did we get to? *spanks your ass hard*

Mitch: That’s 7, Mistress *moans*

Kristen: is it? *spank*

Mitch: *moans* 8, Mistress

Kristen: i’ve lost count *spank*

Kristen: *rubbing your ass between each spank*

Mitch: *moans as Kristen rubs my ass* Thank you, Mistress

Kristen: *from behind, i take a cheek in each hand and move in close, squeezing… you feel my breath on your shoulder, my breasts pressing against your back*

Mitch: *moans loudly*

Kristen: you’re making quite a bit of noise…. is this exciting you?

Mitch: Yes, Mistress

Kristen: *reaches a hand around, slowly, until it reaches the obvious bulge in front*

Mitch: *shudders slightly at your touch*

Kristen: *my hand feeling it, holding, squeezing, fingers tracing the length of it, all as if testing*

Kristen: hmmm i don’t think you’re hard enough yet *stepping back away from you with another hard spank*

Mitch: *moans loudly* Thank you, Mistress

Kristen: *walks back around you in the same style i did before, then i walk toward a stool placed in front of you, my ass swaying with each step*

Mitch: *watches your ass*

Kristen: *standing next to the stool i turn and face you again*

Kristen: what do you want, slave?

Mitch: To serve you and fuck you, Mistress

Kristen: oh? now you want to fuck me? *my leg raises, and i rest my foot on the stool to my side*

Mitch: I always want to fuck you, Mistress

Kristen: *my hand slides up my exposed leg, along my thigh, to my panties, lingering right between my legs*

Kristen: always?

Mitch: *tries to move closer to you* Yes, Mistress

Kristen: uh-uh…. no leaving that spot *my hand slips inside my panties*

Kristen: *you can see it moving inside, and i start to breathe more heavily*

Kristen: your punishment for turning 21 is that…. unhhh…. you don’t get to move

Mitch: *strains against the cuffs, yearning to touch you* Yes, Mistress

Kristen: *my other hand slides up my body to my breasts, carressing them as i continue to play with myself*

Kristen: mmmm i bet you’d like to see these, wouldn’t you?

Mitch: Yesssssss, Mistress

Kristen: *takes the zipper between my fingers* i bet you’d like to watch as i slowly pull this down and let my big, soft, round tits free…. unhhhh…. wouldn’t you?

Mitch: *strains harder against the cuffs* Yesssssssssssss, Mistress

Kristen: well i’m not going to *dropping the zipper*

Mitch: *strains harder, feeling the hook in the ceiling start to loosen* Please, Mistress?

Kristen: no *i pick up the stool and carry it over to you, placing it right in front of you*

Kristen: *i climb up onto it, resting on my knees, making it so that my tits are right in front of your face*

Kristen: you’re going to set them free

Mitch: *stares at your tits, almost entranced*

Mitch: Yessss, Mistress

Kristen: but you can’t use your hands

Kristen: my big tits must be freed, but you can’t be

Mitch: *takes the zipper in my teeth, looking up at you*

Kristen: *looking down at you over the rise of my breasts, watching, waiting*

Mitch: *pulls the zipper down with my head, freeing your amazing tits before burying my face between them*

Kristen: uh-uh-uh! *jumping down from the stool, my tits bouncing* i never said you could do that

Kristen: *walks behind you and gives you another hard *spank*

Mitch: Sorry, Mistress *watches your gorgeous tits bounce before moaning when you spank me*

Kristen: now you have to make it up to me *finally sliding your undies down*

Kristen: *spank*

Mitch: Yes, Mistress, whatever you want

Mitch: *moans at the spank*

Kristen: *walking around to your front, again trailing my finger along your waist until it reaches just below your navel*

Kristen: *looking down lustfully at your hard cock standing at attention*

Mitch: mmmmmm

Kristen: *moving close, the tip of your cock against my belly, my tits on your chest, as i look up at you*

Kristen: i want to suck your cock, slave

Kristen: but you’re not allowed to cum

Kristen: got it?

Mitch: Yes Mistress

Kristen: you better *giving your lip a quick bite before slowly dropping down, your cock sliding up my body as my tits slide down yours until i’m on my knees in front of you*

Mitch: mmmm

Mitch: I love your tits, Mistress

Kristen: i know you do, slave

Kristen: *holding your cock before me, starting to pump it with my hand as i look up at you, each tug bringing it closer to my lips*

Kristen: *kissing the tip lightly*

Mitch: mmm, thank you Mistress

Kristen: this isn’t for you, slave! it’s for me! *reaching behind you to give a good spank*

Mitch: *moans* Yes, Mistress

Kristen: *tongue snaking out to flick rapidly over the head*

Kristen: *squeezing your ass with the hand that just spanked you while the other slowly pumps your hard dick*

Mitch: *moans loudly* Yesssssssss, Mistress

Kristen: *twisting as i pump*

Mitch: fuuuuuck

Kristen: *taking you into my warm mouth, lips sealing around your shaft*

Kristen: *beginning to bob up and down, matching the rhythm of my hand*

Mitch: *moans, feeling an orgasm building but trying to force it down*

Kristen: *my other hand leaves your ass and makes its way back into my panties*

Kristen: ohhh, so close to cumming already?

Mitch: *unconsciously starts thrusting my hips in time with your head* You’re fucking amazing, Mistress

Kristen: *moans into your cock as you fuck my mouth*

Mitch: *keeps thrusting* Your mouth feels amazing around my cock, Mistress

Kristen: *speeding up, fingering myself, and trying to be very aware of how close you are to orgasm*

Mitch: *Grunts* I’m close, Mistress, very close

Kristen: *leans back, letting you pop from my mouth, and letting go of you*

Kristen: not yet, slave

Mitch: Yes, Mistress

Kristen: *lying back in front of you, the hand that was on your cock struggling to get my panties off while the other continues to play*

Mitch: *groans, pre-cum dripping from the head of my cock as you finger yourself in front of me*

Kristen: *tossing my panties aside, now just in garter, stockings and heels*

Kristen: *lying on the floor, close to orgasm, watching you watch me*

Mitch: *strains to move, the hook in the ceiling getting a bit looser*

Kristen: *arching my back, forcing my tits up and out, as my legs squeeze my hand and i let out a cry of orgasm*

Kristen: ooohhhh

Mitch: *keeps leaking more precum, trying to move*

Kristen: *slowly rising to my feet again, flushed*

Kristen: you’re a bad slave

Kristen: *moving right up to you*

Kristen: first you almost cum before me *spank*

Kristen: then you try to get free *spank*

Mitch: *moans*

Kristen: why do you want to be free so badly, slave?

Mitch: *moans louder* I can’t help it, Mistress, you’re so fucking sexy

Kristen: did you think i wouldn’t let you fuck me?

Mitch: No, Mistress

Kristen: *turning my back to you but leaning back against you, your cock hard against my ass*

Kristen: good

Kristen: *i begin sliding up and down your body*

Kristen: because there’s no way that i’d let you get away without fucking me

Mitch: mmmmmmm *feels your ass cheeks surround my cock* Yessssssssss, Mistress

Kristen: *reaching behind me and roughly grabbing your cock as i bend over, my other hand supporting me on the stool*

Kristen: then get to it, slave! *taking your cock and backing my wet pussy onto it, taking you all the way until you slam against my ass*

Mitch: *starts using my hips to slam roughly in and out of your amazingly tight pussy, trying to free my hands so I can fuck you harder*

Kristen: *bucking back against you hard, moaning loudly*

Mitch: *slams my cock into you harder and faster, loving the feeling*

Kristen: yesss slave yessss

Kristen: fuck me

Kristen: *pushing myself against you hard and fast*

Mitch: *fucks you harder and harder* Take that cock, Mistress

Kristen: unhhh yesss unhunhunhhhh

Kristen: give it to me, slave, give me everything!

Mitch: *keeps it up, filling your tight little cunt* Take that cock!

Kristen: yes!!! unhhh and by the way…. unhhhfuuuuck…. now your mistressssss wants your cum

Mitch: *slams in and out harder and harder* You’ll get it, Mistress

Kristen: yessss

Kristen: *my tits swaying and my ass rippling with every thrust*

Kristen: *the stool rocking as i use it to shove myself onto you*

Mitch: *looks down at your ass rippling, yearning to smack it* I love fucking you, Mistress

Kristen: then keep fucking me, slave

Kristen: fuck your mistress good

Mitch: *fucks Kristen harder and harder* Take that cock, Mistress

Kristen: *my pussy squeezing your cock as it slides in and out*

Kristen: *no words left, just animalistic noises rising in pitch and frequency*

Mitch: fuuuuuuuuck *manages to pull the hook out of the ceiling, my cuffed hands coming down to grab your hips and use them to slam in and out of her faster and harder*

Kristen: unhhh!!!!!

Kristen: *bucking back with renewed intensity once i feel your hands on my hips*

Mitch: *feels you thrust back harder, moving my hands to pull your hair*

Kristen: *grunting with pleasure when you pull my hair*

Kristen: *body starting to glow with sweat*

Mitch: *tugs harder and harder on your hair* Undo my cuffs

Kristen: the key…unhhyesss…. unh…. is tucked in my….fuuuuckmeee…. right stocking

Mitch: *pulls it out and frees my hands, one on your hair, the other smacking your ass hard* Who’s in charge now, slut? *fucks you harder, balls-deep thrusts punctuating each word*

Kristen: unhhh!!!yesss!!!

Kristen: you are!! fuck….just fuck meeee

Mitch: *rubs your clit and tugs harder on your hair, fucking you wildly* Cum like a little slut then

Kristen: ohhhhshhhiiiiit

Mitch: *rubs your clit more roughly* You dirty little whore, take my cock

Kristen: *tosses head back and howls as i cum, squeezing your wonderful cock tight in my cunt*

Kristen: ohhhhh fuck me master

Mitch: *fucks you harder and harder, leaning in to bite your neck as you cum, loving how your cunt spasms around my cock* Good little slave bitch

Kristen: unhhhhh

Kristen: treat me like a slut, master

Kristen: fuck me like your whore

Kristen: your sextoy

Kristen: your plaything

Kristen: your birthday present

Kristen: mmmm

Kristen: use me, master

Mitch: *fucks you harder and faster* Good little fucktoy *Smacks your ass hard*

Kristen: unh!

Kristen: yes

Mitch: Where should I give you my cum, whore?

Kristen: wherever you want, master

Mitch: I think I’ll cover your tits, slut

Kristen: just give it to me

Mitch: *keeps fucking you nice and hard, getting close to cumming for you*

Kristen: give me your cum

Kristen: ohhhh fuck yessss i neeeed it

Mitch: *forces you off my cock then onto your knees* Finger your cunt while I cover you in my cum like the horny little whore you are, slave

Kristen: *eagerly turning to face you, leaning back and fingering my dripping pussy, fingers quickly sliding in and out as i wait for your cum to cover my heaving tits*

Mitch: *strokes my cock and starts blasting cum all over your huge, gorgeous tits, cumming more than I have in a while* Yesssss, take it, cunt

Kristen: mmmmyessss

Kristen: *continuing to finger myself while my other hand rubs your warm cum into the soft flesh of my tits*

Mitch: *keeps spraying my cum all over your gorgeous tits, having built up a huge load for you*

Kristen: *shuddering with a mini-orgasm as you coat my tits, lifting one breast so i can lick some off*

Mitch: *changes my aim so my last few jets of cum land in and around your mouth, finally almost collapsing as I finish cumming*

Kristen: *eagerly swallowing every bit that gets into my mouth, licking the rest from my lips and chin*

Mitch: lick your tits clean too, baby

Kristen: *dutifully lifts my breasts to my mouth one at a time, licking up what i can as i strain my neck*

Mitch: Good girl *feels my cock stir as you lick your tits clean*

Kristen: mmmm

Kristen: *running my hands all over my breasts when i’m done*

Mitch: *idly plays with one of your tits, squeezing the nipple gently*

Kristen: mmm

Mitch: *leans back on the couch, relaxing and recovering* Fucking hell

Kristen: *snuggles in with you on the couch*

Mitch: *kissing you and idly playing with your tits*

Kristen: happy birthday baby

Mitch: *kisses again* Thanks, sexy

Kristen: i think i still owe you some spanks

Mitch: *chuckles* I think you do – you got to, what, 11?

Kristen: *spanks again* well, one less now

Mitch: *grins* You can make up for the rest whenever you want, Kristen *squeezes your nipple lightly*

Kristen: *stands up and stretches her nearly naked body* time for me to go

Mitch: *admires your body and spanks your ass nice and hard, watching it ripple*

Mitch: Yes Ma’am

Mitch: *passionately kisses good-bye* Best birthday present I got this year

Kristen: *kisses back just as passionately* happy birthday again, baby *spank*

Mitch: *grins and collapses back on the couch, watching you go while I recover*

There are a couple of things about this session that made it incredibly hot. One comes from the complete spontanaeity of it. The lack of seduction and play helped, even though that’s something that I normally really need. I got to be the dominant one, which is something that I rarely get to or want to do. I’m a much better sub. But this was a lot of fun, and the teasing I did not only turned him on, but got me incredibly horny as well. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but it’s a lot of fun when I do. And as if things weren’t hot enough already, he turned the tables on me when he got his hands free. He very suddenly took the master role and made me the slave, which I was perfectly willing to go along with. In fact, that one thing by itself would make this one of the hottest cyber sessions I’ve ever had!

And for the record, I count 16 spanks, which means I still owe him 5 more…



  • I admire your cybersex skills. … Is that a strange thing to say? LOL. I’ve done it a few times with a few people. Many many awkward stages before I could start reacting more naturally and actually getting into it. My first time trying it killed me and thrilled me.

    The communities I hang out in, cyber sex is incredibly spontaneous because it’s generally against the rules or just plain looked down upon (but what they don’t know won’t hurt ’em, right? Maybe not.) Those are always the funnest, and sexiest. I sensed that in this one too. Nice work, cutie.

    • thank you so much! i guess it comes from practice. the first time i did it was much more awkward, as i’m sure you can imagine.

      spontaneous cyber is the best! planned sessions are good, but when it just comes about naturally, that’s what i really enjoy. but it has to develop. i can’t get worked up just because some guy says “so can we do it?” seduction and flirting are part of the fun, and i just can’t get into it without them. many guys just don’t get the sexual appeal of words. they want to skip straight to the action.

      anyway, enough of my little rant. i’m glad you enjoyed, and i hope you keep coming back! maybe we’ll get the chance to play sometime! 😉

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