Bunnython Is Over!

Well, the first ever Bunnython is over. I know it’s ending a little earlier than planned, but some unexpected things have popped up. Thank you to everyone who pledged any amount of money! It means a lot to me to know that you’re out there.

I did this largely on a whim, just to see what kind of reaction this would get. I’m somehow both pleased and disappointed. Some of you have proven that you’re all talk, while others have surprised me with their generosity. Most of you remained silent, which I guess is to be expected to some degree.

Everyone who contributed will be getting a personal thank you from me in the next couple of days. For those of you who contributed enough, I’ll be including information to help us schedule our time together. I’m really looking forward to that. I hope all of you are as well!

Will there be another Bunnython? I honestly don’t know. I think I’ll probably do something like it again, but the details may change… or not. I’m very open to suggestions and ideas from all of you!

Thank you all for your support, and please keep coming back! Think you’ve got ideas to improve this site? Let me know! This is all for you, and you’ve just let me know that you appreciate it, so please help me give you the sexy site you want!


[A few people have let me know since this was posted that they were planning on donating today or tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I will offer this: If you donate within one week of me getting my donation issue sorted and back online (yes, I’ll let everyone know) will earn rewards as if you donated during the official Bunnython. So put that planned donation aside for right now, and be ready with it when I open donations back up!]

Sensual Senses

Only a few days left of Bunnython! Get those pledges in to get guaranteed time one on one with me! Otherwise, you’ll just have to try your luck to get me when you can.

I was digging in the archives (because I’m still waiting for new questions) and I found this one. I’d forgotten about it, but I really like both the question, and my original response. I’ve updated and edited a bit, but here it is:

Which of your five senses gives you the most stimulation?

First off, i’m assuming you mean ‘stimulation’ in a sexual way. Well, the only way to truly answer this is to go one by one: scent, sight, sound, taste and touch. Read more [+]

College Party Voyeur

Until I turned 18 and went to my senior prom, I was never much of a party guy. I still had that socially awkward aura about me that didn’t make me gain friends really easily. Once I realized to take the stick out of my ass and have a little fun, I came out of my shell and showed people what I was really like to hang around. Making friends from that point on has been a cinch. I think the whole party scene made the “cool” Jason come out. Though I couldn’t dance well at that time, it really didn’t stop me from getting out in the middle of that floor and busting a move like I had ants in my pants. I liked partying. And I wanted to do more of it.

Luckily, I got into college. And I had heard that there would be plenty of chances to party and to hook up with lots and lots of women, not girls, women! Oh I was excited, a little too excited that I ignored my studies, but at the time I paid a little less attention to that. The first few days I was excited! I really wasn’t told though that you’d be spending most of your time walking halfway across campus in an effort to get to your next class. And that those books were expensive as fuck! Honestly, the first year of school, I really didn’t have time for a social life. There was so much homework I had to turn in and labs I had to go to and books I had to read, I just plan forgot about partying. That changed after Spring Break though. Read more [+]

Sexy Tunes

Hello there, all my sexy readers! Just a quick reminder before we get to this week’s question: There’s only about a week left of Bunnython, so if you want to guarantee some special time for me, you better make your pledge soon!

This week’s question also comes from the archives. (This seems like a good time to remind you to ask me whatever you want, so I have something to write for you every week!) I’m updating my answer some, though, so it’s not a complete re-hash:

In general, what kind of music do you enjoy? We know you love Lords of Acid, but what else? And just so we can make this sexual, any particular music that gets you in the mood or that you enjoy when having sex?

I like most kinds of music, country excluded, and very limited rap/hip-hop. I mostly like techno and hard rock, though. Juno Reactor, Vast, Assemblage 23, Eminem, and Gorillaz (as well as Lords Of Acid, but they were already mentioned) are favorites of mine, as well as anything with a good beat that I can dance to. Read more [+]

Please Just Fuck Me

BklynBruzer: Oh yeah? What are you doing tonight?

Kristen: working

Kristen: got about 90 minutes before i have to leave

BklynBruzer: *nuzzles my chin against your neck, stubble lightly scraping it before I whisper in your ear* A lot can happen in 90 minutes

Kristen: *purrs* indeed

BklynBruzer: *bites your earlobe lightly* So what are we gonna make happen?

Kristen: i’m open to suggestion *places hands lightly on your waist*

BklynBruzer: *slides a hand down and grabs your ass, squeezing lightly*

Kristen: *raises a hand to your cheek, turning your face into mine for a long soft sensual kiss*

BklynBruzer: *kisses you back deeply, my hand on your ass as I enjoy the kiss*

Kristen: *tongue lightly tracing your lips*

BklynBruzer: *parts my lips, pulling you tight to me*

Kristen: *holding you at the base of your skull, keeping your lips pressed against mine as my tongue slips past your lips* Read more [+]