Chad: On The Edge (part 3)

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Picking up where we left off, me and Chad have just fucked for the first time, and had an amazing time doing it! He’d basically invited me to stay at his place by promising a titfuck in the morning. I accepted and said I needed a shower. He asked me to wait until he was hard again so he could join me. I did some teasing and some dirty talking and got him hard quicker than he expected. I then started walking, completely naked, toward the shower, making sure my ass had a good sway to it. This was a bit difficult as I’d just been fucked hard, so my legs were a bit shaky.

I lifted myself onto the countertop and sat with legs crossed as Chad started the shower. When he got it going, he held the curtain open and, like a gentleman, indicated for me to enter. So I did, my fingers grazing his shoulders as I passed him. I stepped into the hot water and let it flow over me. I was still highly aroused, and the water sent tingling sensations through me as it flowed over my breasts. Chad came up behind me and pulled me against him. His cock slipped up between my ass cheeks. One arm snaked around my belly, the other was in a similar position but higher, and grasped a tit.

He began kissing my neck. I pressed my ass harder against him. “Soap me up?” I asked. He wordlessly reached for the soap and began doing my back. He stepped back so he could lather up my ass, but stayed close enough for me to constantly feel the tip of his cock poking against me. He rubbed all over my back, legs to neck, with a lot of attention paid to my ass. His fingers slipped between the cheeks to tease my asshole, and even slipped lower to tease my pussy. I moaned softly. “Now my front?”

I turned, and as the water began washing off my back, Chad began soaping up my front. No surprise, he spent most of his time on my tits. Again, though, he didn’t ignore the rest of me. It wasn’t long before I was pressed against the wall, one leg up with the foot resting against the corner, and his hand down between my legs, rubbing furiously away, taking breaks to slip 2 or 3 fingers inside me.

After he made me cum like that, he pressed close, not letting me move. He guided his cock smoothly into me and began to fuck me. I was a little concerned, balancing basically on one leg, since the other was against the wall, barely keeping me from slipping. But he slipped one arm around me and held my shoulder firmly, and the other grabbed my ass which surprisingly helped balance me. His body was flat against me, my tits firmly against his chest, ballooning out. He slid up and and down, in and out, and his whole body was sliding against mine. The recent soaping made this even smoother, and my body was on fire. mM moans were echoing off the bathroom walls.

I was getting close to another orgasm when he pulled out and dropped to his knees. Barely missing a beat, his tongue quickly continued the work that his cock was doing. It was a surprising change, but it obviously worked well as I came shortly after. This was orgasm number four of the night, by the way. He stood again, and was soon in the same position he was before, flat against me, with his cock deep in me. As he started to fuck me again, he played my own trick on me. He leaned his lips to my ear, and between nibbles, licks, and kisses, he whispered “You want to make me cum? Do you really want my dick in you? You want me to make you sweat?”

I was moaning “uh huh” to all of this.

“You want me to make you cum again, baby? You want me to lick your succulent tits? Spank your lovely ass?” I was almost wimpering. “Then join me in my bed,” he said, suddenly pulling out, leaving my wanting pussy empty, and left the shower. He grabbed a couple towels and left the bathroom.

“Fucker!” I yelled after him. I stayed in the shower a moment, deciding whether I should punish him for this by not joining him. I ran my hands over my body. I was too fucking horny! Denying him would be denying myself, and I wasn’t about to do that. I turned the water off and went to his bedroom.

Chad had spread the towels out on the bed, and was laying on top of them, watching me, cock erect and inviting in the middle of the bed. I approached the foot of the bed. “I’m a fucker, am I?” he asked, with an evil smile on his face.

“Yes, you are. Fucker.” I stood on the bed and walked toward him, legs on either side of his body. When my feet were on either side of his pelvic region, I stopped. I looked down at him. Again, I ran my hands slowly over my body. “I may have to punish you.”

He smiled as his eyes followed my hands. “And how would you punish me?”

I knelt down on my knees, lowering my pussy to his cock. The head rubbed against my outer lips and I lifted back up. “By showing you how wonderful my body is, my sex is, and not letting you have any.” I crawled over him, letting his cock barely graze my belly. I moved so my tits were hanging down about 6 inches from his face.

“What’s to stop me from taking it?” he asked. “I’m not tied or restrained at all.”

“You touch me without permission,” I said, as I pinched a nipple right in front of him, “and I walk. It’s that simple.” He shifted under me. “I’ll take that as agreement.” I slid up further and sat on his chest. He was looking straight up at my face between my tits. I continued to rub and carress them. My hips rubbed against his body, leaving some of the juices dripping from my pussy.

I rose to my knees again, and now, right in front of his face, I began to rub myself. I leaned back, bracing myself on one hand. The other was between my legs, rubbing my clit. My hips truly began to grind, and I’d slip a finger or two inside, then back out to tease my clit. I moaned and grunted, and I slid my fingers across his lips. I brought myself to the very edge of orgasm. His hands were on my hips, but I didn’t even really notice at first.

When I did notice, I pushed them back down to the bed. I then crawled backward, sliding my body along his. My pussy again leaving a trail down his chest, my tits moving down either side of his head. His cock meeting my pussy before being pushed back as I got into position. I sat up again, holding his cock up just under my pussy. I rubbed the head in the very entrance to my wetness. I slowly descended until just the tip was in me, then I slid back up, his cock slipping from me. I did this several times, delighting in the faces he was making, knowing that I was making similar expressions. I slid down again to just past the head and stopped. Then I slid lower. We both groaned as I slowly sank as far as I could.

I lost myself in that feeling until suddenly there was a loud crack and a stinging sensation on my ass cheek. I couldn’t believe he’d spanked me so hard! But the vibrations moved through me and caused even more pleasure in my pussy. “Punish me, will you?” he breathed.

“Fuck that,” I said. “Just fuck me!” And with that I began sliding up and down, grinding against him. His hands gripped my ass and slammed me down on him. I saw him watching my tits bounce before I had to close my eyes and toss my head back. Looking back, I’m glad he didn’t have a roommate because we were being fucking loud! Mostly, I was being fucking loud! All the teasing back and forth, all the horniness, the previous orgasms, being on the cusp of orgasm since the shower… everything was building toward a glorious climax!

His hands moved back to my tits, feeling them jiggle in his hands as I rode him hard. I screamed as I finally did hit that next orgasm. I’ve only screamed like that once or twice before in my life. I didn’t know my pussy could squeeze like that, and that set Chad off, so we came in unison. He cried out and bucked his hips up against me, making me cum harder.

We relaxed, or tried to as aftershocks kept hitting me. We kissed thoroughly and I rolled off him. There was more praise from each of us for the other, and he quickly drifted off to sleep after confirming that I was staying.

…continued in “Reward“…

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