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Well, we’re about a week into Bunnython, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed so far! You’ll be getting emails from me at the end of the month, so please be patient!

One of my readers, calling himself ShylyAnonymous (who shouldn’t be so shy, in my opinion), asked me an interesting one:

Suppose we are going on a date, but there could be absolutely no physical contact between us for the entire evening. Would that change what we do? Would it change how you feel about the evening?

I’m having a hard time figuring out why we couldn’t have any physical contact, but I’ll brush that aside so that I can actually answer the question.

I’m not sure if it would change what we do or not. That largely depends on what we would do on our date without that restriction, and that largely depends on you. Given a standard “dinner & a movie” date, it probably would go pretty unchanged, at least in the overall sense. If you wanted to take me dancing, things may not go quite as smoothly.

Would it change how I feel about the evening? Absolutely! Physical contact is very important to me when I’m with people that I like. It’s a way I express myself, and it can range from light touches of your hand or arm to hugs and kisses to sucking your cock or letting you fuck me. Not being able to do any of that would be very difficult for me, and would probably make me very uncomfortable, which, in turn, would keep me from enjoying myself at all on our date.

What about you? How would not being able to touch affect you on a date with me or anyone else? Comment below and let me know!



  • Thanks so much for answering my question! You’re a sweetheart.

    So I should probably try to fill in the blanks. In general, I think it’s always interesting in life to challenge assumptions. How does something work if you take away a potentially essential part? I had a hunch (that you confirmed) that physical contact is important to you, so I wondered how you would feel playing by different “rules.”

    To be honest, I was very surprised by your answer! While I will grant that going dancing wouldn’t go very well (I hadn’t thought of that; good point), I didn’t expect you to be uncomfortable. To be honest, I would have imagined that you’re never uncomfortable based on your personality. I thought you’d either be intrigued or flat out annoyed. Do you think conversations would be more personal since they’d have a different context, or would you just feel less engaged?

    And in case you’re wondering, I had just as tough a time coming up with a good reason that we couldn’t touch. (Other than one where the logical answer would also be “then why would anyone go on a date with someone that has a highly contagious flesh-eating bacteria?”) Since I had started with the goal of testing assumptions, I didn’t worry about the details to get there.

    Thanks again for answering! And I think it’s pretty darn safe to say that if we did meet, I’d certainly welcome some physical contact… as long as you asked nicely! 😛

    • intrigued or annoyed would also be definite possibilities. the flirting would have to step up considerably. and i guess (something i didn’t think of before) another factor would be whether or not the touching restriction was temporary or permanent, and if we knew which it was. if we know it’s only temporary, then things would slide much more heavily toward the intrigued option, teasing and flirting and raising the sexual tension to the point of bursting so that when we are able to touch… wow! permanence leads more toward the annoyed/uncomfortable end of things, for reasons i’ve already talked about.

      conversations could go either way that you mentioned, and i think that would largely depend on the guy. some of the things i’m most attracted to (confidence, humor, etc) come out through conversation, so if the guy has those qualities, i’d probably stay engaged.

  • Wow, I hadn’t thought of that, either! That’s an excellent point. I guess it only makes sense if it’s temporary… if it’s permanent, what’s the point of a date, exactly? The entire interaction would be totally different.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful answer! It sure sounds like you thought through this even more than I did!

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