Please Just Fuck Me

BklynBruzer: Oh yeah? What are you doing tonight?

Kristen: working

Kristen: got about 90 minutes before i have to leave

BklynBruzer: *nuzzles my chin against your neck, stubble lightly scraping it before I whisper in your ear* A lot can happen in 90 minutes

Kristen: *purrs* indeed

BklynBruzer: *bites your earlobe lightly* So what are we gonna make happen?

Kristen: i’m open to suggestion *places hands lightly on your waist*

BklynBruzer: *slides a hand down and grabs your ass, squeezing lightly*

Kristen: *raises a hand to your cheek, turning your face into mine for a long soft sensual kiss*

BklynBruzer: *kisses you back deeply, my hand on your ass as I enjoy the kiss*

Kristen: *tongue lightly tracing your lips*

BklynBruzer: *parts my lips, pulling you tight to me*

Kristen: *holding you at the base of your skull, keeping your lips pressed against mine as my tongue slips past your lips*

BklynBruzer: *kisses you deeper, tracing my left hand up and down your spine as the right grips your ass*

Kristen: *my body tingling under your touch, pressing up against you more firmly…. my tits squished against your chest as i feel your cock begin to harden*

BklynBruzer: *moans into the kiss, loving the feeling of your breasts against me, starting to grind my crotch lightly against yours*

Kristen: *kissing more intently, harder, as my breath gets heavier and little moans and grunts escape my throat*

BklynBruzer: *breaks the kiss* I think we’re both wearing way too much right now

Kristen: i agree *grabs your shirt and lifts it over your head*

BklynBruzer: *reciprocates, my breath catching as your bra-encased breasts come into view*

Kristen: *breasts heaving with each breath, threatening to pop out of my bra as my fingers undo your fly*

BklynBruzer: *reaches around and undoes your bra, pulling it away and almost drooling when I see your breasts in all their glory*

Kristen: *reaching inside your open pants without bothering to take them off and gripping your hard cock*

BklynBruzer: *shudders and groans, my cock rock-hard* Oh fuck

Kristen: *stepping close again, my nipples brushing against your bare chest* mmm you like that, baby? *starting to jerk it softly, pulling it free of your clothes*

BklynBruzer: Ohhhh, I love it

Kristen: *smirks* i can tell *twisting as i jerk your hard cock*

BklynBruzer: *groans* Mmmmm, fuck, you’re amazing. *brings a hand up to to play with one of your big gorgeous tits*

Kristen: *nipple quickly hardening between your fingers* amazing, huh? and we’re just getting started

BklynBruzer: Mmmm, I know, but you really are *pinches your nipple lightly*

Kristen: *kisses you on the lips while i continue the hand job*

BklynBruzer: *kisses you hungrily, playing with your tits with both hands*

Kristen: *my free hand pushes your pants and underwear down past your thighs, the thumb on my other hand rubbing the head of your cock*

BklynBruzer: Ohhhhh fuckkkkk

Kristen: *cupping your balls while i continue to play with your dick*

BklynBruzer: *groans, my hands going to your pants, fumbling with the button*

Kristen: *kissing your neck and shoulders*

BklynBruzer: *groans, finally managing to undo your pants, then slides my hand down to rub your clit through your panties*

Kristen: *legs parting slightly for you, kissing one of your nipples*

BklynBruzer: *slides my hand inside your panties, rubbing your clit directly*

Kristen: *softly moaning as i move to your other nipple, still working your cock in my hand*

BklynBruzer: *slides a finger into your pussy, my thumb rubbing your clit*

Kristen: *licking and nibbling your nipple, gripping your cock harder as i jerk*

BklynBruzer: *groans* You’re gonna make me cum if you aren’t careful, baby

Kristen: mmmm that is the goal…. *pulls your cock between my legs, against my panty-covered pussy* but not yet

BklynBruzer: *moans as Kristen plays with my cock, distracted by all the pleasure*

Kristen: *squeezing my legs together around your cock, my hands on your chest as i kiss your lips again*

BklynBruzer: *groans at the sensation around my cock*

Kristen: *rubbing my thighs against each other, your dick caught in between, feeling the heat from my wet pussy*

BklynBruzer: Please just fuck me babe, you’re driving me nuts

Kristen: *grins and takes your lower lip between my teeth, letting it snap back as i take a step back, your cock freed from my legs* come and take me then

BklynBruzer: *groans and moves quickly over to you, picking you up and laying you down on the bed, pulling the rest of your clothes off roughly, moving between your legs before sliding my cock into you*

Kristen: *groaning and writhing on the bed as you forcefully enter me*

BklynBruzer: *grabs your hips for leverage as I slam in and out of you* Play with your tits while I fuck you, baby

Kristen: mmmyesss baby *sliding my hands from my thighs up my body to my big tits, grabbing them as they jiggle to the force of your thrusts*

BklynBruzer: *fucks you harder, loving the sight of you playing with your big gorgeous tits*

Kristen: *pinching my nipples, moaning loudly as your hard cock fills my wanting pussy again and again*

Kristen: mmm fuck me baby yessss

BklynBruzer: Such a dirty girl *fucks you harder*

Kristen: mmmmmmyeah fuck your dirty girl, baby…. fuck your dirty little slut

Kristen: *one hand gripping the bedsheets, the other pushes one of my large tits up so i can lick my own nipple*

BklynBruzer: *starts fucking you harder, the sight of you licking your own nipple turning me on even more*

Kristen: *smiling up at you as i kiss my nipple, moaning deeply, my other breast moving wildly*

BklynBruzer: *fucks you harder and harder, going wild and losing control*

Kristen: *my tit slips from my lips as i toss my head back, your out of control thrusts filling me with pleasure* ohhh yesssfuckyessbabyfuckme

BklynBruzer: *leans down and bites your neck hard, fucking you wildly*

Kristen: unnhhhhhh ohhh shit!! *reaching down to rub my clit as you fuck me, my hips bucking against you*

Kristen: yesyesyesyesyesssss

BklynBruzer: *bites your neck harder, slamming my cock in and out of you like a machine*

Kristen: *screaming out, about to orgasm, sheets clenched hard in both hands as my body arches in pleasure*

BklynBruzer: *brings a hand up to pinch Kristen’s right nipple hard as I bite her neck*

Kristen: *shuddering as i cum*

BklynBruzer: *groans, feeling your cunt squeeze my cock as I slam in and cum hard*

Kristen: *my pussy spasming and squeezing your hard cock as it fills me one last time, pulsing your cum deep inside me*

BklynBruzer: *shoots a huge load, loving the feeling*

Kristen: *trying to catch my breath as you surge inside my cunt, body still shuddering*

Kristen: ohhhhhh fuuuuck

BklynBruzer: *shudders as my orgasm dies, pulling out and lying next to you, a hand idly caressing one of your tits*

Kristen: wonderful as always, baby


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