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Hello there, all my sexy readers! Just a quick reminder before we get to this week’s question: There’s only about a week left of Bunnython, so if you want to guarantee some special time for me, you better make your pledge soon!

This week’s question also comes from the archives. (This seems like a good time to remind you to ask me whatever you want, so I have something to write for you every week!) I’m updating my answer some, though, so it’s not a complete re-hash:

In general, what kind of music do you enjoy? We know you love Lords of Acid, but what else? And just so we can make this sexual, any particular music that gets you in the mood or that you enjoy when having sex?

I like most kinds of music, country excluded, and very limited rap/hip-hop. I mostly like techno and hard rock, though. Juno Reactor, Vast, Assemblage 23, Eminem, and Gorillaz (as well as Lords Of Acid, but they were already mentioned) are favorites of mine, as well as anything with a good beat that I can dance to.

For getting me in the mood, either music with very explicit sexual overtones, like Lords Of Acid, or soft, sensual music, like some kind of smooth jazz, works well, I suppose. The best stuff sets the mood without being particularly overt or noticeable.

While having sex, we go again with music with a good beat that I can dance to. Something rhythmic. If I can dance to it, I can fuck to it, which is just another kind of dance in some ways. Other times, soaring loud passionate classical music can be just divine, especially in more sensual encounters. Try to stay away from anything with lyrics… at least lyrics that are in English. They can be distracting. But if the voice is being used purely as an instrument (or if I can’t understand what the words mean), then it can be great. Whatever the genre, passionate music draws out passionate activity once things get going.

What music do you like to fuck to? What gets you in the mood?



  • Great answer babe! I agree, anything with a strong dance beat can usually get me in the mood. And is great to fuck to. There are many different songs I can think of that are on my “To Fuck To” playlist. Some are slower, when the night is just getting started, and some are more agressive and heavy, when its time to get down to business. I will also agree with you that there are some classical pieces that can do it too, especially the bigger, headier overtures and operatic numbers (when the mood is right). There is one piece that I find gets the ladies going, and that is the Carmina Burana. It has just the right amount of sexual appeal.

    • i know that one. yeah, it’s intense but has a great rhythm to it as well, which is something not always so obvious with classical musics. yeah, i’d fuck to that!

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