Gavin: Wasting A Good Thing (part 2)

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I woke up in the bed with Katie near. Gavin had apparently already gotten up. I took a nice hot shower, threw on a robe, and went downstairs for a quick breakfast. I ran into Gavin downstairs, just outside the kitchen. He’d found himself something to eat and was on his way back upstairs, I guess. He was only wearing his underwear, a pair of black boxer-briefs.

He smiled as we walked toward each other. “Well good morning, gorgeous,” he said, embracing me and kissing me warmly.

“And good morning to you,” I said, kissing him back.

“Last night was so fucking hot,” he said. “I had no idea Katie was into that kind of stuff.” His hand slid down to my ass, and he gave it a good squeeze. “I can’t wait to do it again. You up for it?” the hand on my ass started hiking up my robe.

“I’m up for it,” I told him, “but Katie’s still sleeping.” Read more [+]

Not A Porn Star

Hello to all you sex-crazed boys and girls out there! Glad to have you back! Even happier about those of you who are new around here!

My question this week is one that I’ve been asked a few times over the last few days on OMGPOP, and one I’ve been asked many times in my past. In fact, I was surprised to see that I hadn’t added it to my FAQ yet. So this week, I’m answering it and adding it. The question is:

Are you a porn star?

And when I let people know that I am not, they often follow up with:

Why not? You’d be great!

Or something like that. Read more [+]


I swear some of the ideas in my head for blogs often come from conversations I hear from random people and friends. Sometimes I wish I can turn off the listen switch but I’m too much of an observant person to ignore it often times so it’s whatever. Over the last few weeks, in random places, I often heard conversations between women on what they like for a man to do in bed. These various discussions I’ve heard range from the simplistic of foreplay to the downright raunchy or BDSM.

One of the main topics that come up is the type of man a woman wants to fuck. Like men, women have a myriad of different characteristics they look for. Everything from length and girth to pace is covered in these convos. The one constant that I heard besides size in these discussions was endurance. There is no universal type of man a woman looks to want to fuck on a regular basis. Some women have mentioned on different social media site and some of the women I personally talk to that are open about sex can’t come to one accord on how long or how often they want a man to fuck them. Some want a man who can go all night, some prefer a quickie. The only common theme here is that they want that prime fuck.

Here, I’m going to discuss the top 3 different types of men that women desire as a sexual partner. I’m going to compare them to different types of Olympic athletes to give a sort of comparison in my blog. To the men that read this, what kind of sexlete are you? To the women, what sexlete do you desire? Read more [+]

Intense Sex Scene

This one’s from a while ago. Someone sent me a link to this video and told me that this is how they imagined me. The girl in this video seems to really get into it! And that is very much how I get. She has something that most porn stars lack, based on what I’ve seen. She’s got passion. She wants to get fucked. She’s enjoying it in ways that most porn stars don’t. They kind of go through the motions. She’s really into it.

Or she’s a great actress. I don’t think that’s it, though (no offence to her!)… I think she really just likes a good fuck, and isn’t scared to let herself really feel it and give in to it, despite the cameras and crew around her. My kind of girl, in other words!

Hope you enjoy! Read more [+]

Frequent Masturbation

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a fun week! Today’s question from Mike makes it sound like maybe too much fun is going on!

Hey, I’m 23, i have one question… I really feels horny every day so i masturbate everyday 2 or 3 times a day this i’m doing from approx 2 years. I can’t control myself atleast doing once a day. So do i get any future problem having sex with my partner or is it natural. if yes how can i control myself.?

Well, I’m not much of an expert on male masturbation, but for a guy your age, that sounds at least within a range of what can be considered normal. i don’t think there are any problems it can cause other than maybe being too spent to fuck your girlfriend because you jerked off too much earlier that day.

I did a quick search on Reddit, and came up with these comments that seem to support my thoughts: Read more [+]