A Wet Surprise At Home

by Randy
Coming home from a long day at the office, I walk into my house and I hear someone in the shower.  I decide to go in my bathroom to see who is in my shower and upon walking in the bathroom I see you standing in the shower, water running all over your majestic body.  You point your finger at me telling me to come in.  I strip out of my clothes as fast as possible revealing my hard cock and step into the shower.  As I let the water run over me, you start  to rub your hands over my body eventually towards my cock saying, “Had a long day at work?”
I let out a groan saying, “Mmm yes baby I definitely could use this,” as you start to  stroke my cock with your soft hands.
I start to kiss you deeply on the lips as you kiss me back, a small moan escaping from your lips as my hands reach for your ass giving them a nice firm squeeze.  I kiss along your neck, making you stroke my hard cock even faster as I hear, “Mmm yes baby,” coming from your lips.
You then drop to your knees, looking up at me with your beautiful eyes as you tease my cock licking the head before engulfing it in your mouth.  I let out a loud moan as you suck on my cock, your head bobbing up and down on my shaft, your hands squeezing your large tits in pleasure.  “Mmm Kristen baby you’re so good at this,” I say as you suck on my hard cock faster and harder, your hands on my ass pulling me closer to your face as you take my cock deep down your throat. I scream out, “Oh baby!” as you gag slightly on my cock and pull it out of your mouth.
You come up to me and whisper in my ear, “Follow me baby,” your hand gripping my cock as you lead me into the bedroom. You lay down on the bed, spreading your legs as your rub your clit with your hand, “Mmm Randy, I want you to fuck me deep and hard. I want you to make me moan and scream out your name as you fuck me with your big hard cock.”
I move towards the bed, slide my big hard cock along your aching cunt teasing you, “Is this what you want? My big dick pounding every inch of your tight wet cunt?”
You squirm in pleasure saying, “Mmm yes baby I want that big dick inside of my pussy.”  I slide my cock inside of your pussy and begin to fuck you deep and hard, my hips thrusting into your body.  I grab and hold your legs, allowing me to fuck you faster and harder as your tits bounce with every thrust.
“Mmm fuck me fuck me harder baby!” you scream out as I pound your pussy deep and hard, my cock stretching out your wet cunt.  I pick up the pace and ram my cock in you harder and faster, your pussy squeezing my cock real tight. “Unhhhhh!” escaping from your mouth as I keep pounding your naughty wet cunt, your juices starting to flow over my cock.
I pull out my cock getting you on your hands and knees as I shove my cock into your pussy deep and hard from behind as you let out a loud moan. I waste no time fucking harder and harder, holding onto your hips as my cock goes to the deepest parts of your pussy, my balls slapping your clit. I spank your ass hard as I keep thrusting my hips like a madman into you making scream out, “Harder baby! Slap my ass real hard baby!”  I give your ass a firm squeeze before slapping it again making you scream out in pleasure.  I grab and squeeze your tits firmly from behind letting out a loud “Ohhhh!” from you, my cock buried deep in your pussy.
I feel my cock tense up knowing I’m going to cum and you say to me, “Mmm baby cum all over my tits, let your warm juices cover these tits of mine.”  I pull out as you get on your knees stroking my cock over your tits as I start to cum, drenching your tits in my white warm juices as you moan happily.  You lick the remaining cum from my cock before getting up and telling me, “I’ll be here everytime when you come home from work,” as you start to take another shower.  I look at you enter the bathroom as I wake up realizing it was just a dream.

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  • this one wasn’t written for the site. randy just sent me an email with this story about his dream, and i loved it so much that i asked if i could post it here. he was nice enough to say yes. what do you think of the story? i’d love to know!

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