Hammer: Hey beautiful

Kristen: hey you

Kristen: *smiles*

Hammer: How are you baby?

Kristen: great, thanks

Kristen: how’s you?

Hammer: Pretty good thank you

Kristen: awesome

Hammer: So what are you up to?

Kristen: getting ready for dinner with the fam

Hammer: Sounds like fun

Kristen: can be

Hammer: I’m sure anything involving you is fun

Kristen: aw ty hon

Hammer: I find you fun anyway…

Kristen: i’m glad you do

Hammer: So is it a big fam?

Kristen: just parents and brother tonight, but have 2 sisters also

Hammer: Are they as sexy as you?

Kristen: i assume you mean my sisters and not my parents

Kristen: *giggles*

Hammer: Lmao, are your parents sexy? Lol

Kristen: i’d say in their day, they probably were

Hammer: Well they made you, so they must be

Kristen: pretty attractive family, if i do say so myself

Hammer: From what I’ve seen, I agree!

Kristen: *smiles*

Hammer: So obviously you don’t have time today to play…

Kristen: got about 20 minutes, maybe a bit more

Hammer: Care for an appetizer?

Kristen: what do you have in mind?

Hammer: Well let me snuggle in close to you and see what you might be interested in

Kristen: alright

Hammer: What is your outfit today?

Hammer: *Snuggles in next to you and puts my arm around you *

Kristen: jeans and a pink tank under a light blue button up shirt (unbuttoned)

Hammer: *leans in to kiss you*

Kristen: *smiles and kisses your lips*

Hammer: * the touch of your lips gets my heart racing*

Hammer: * knowing we are short on time, I boldly reach in and massage your breasts thru the tank top*

Kristen: *surprised by your move, kissing you more strongly in response*

Hammer: *loving the feel of the fabric as I squeeze your hard npples*

Hammer: Damn you have great tits!!

Kristen: *nibbling your lip as you massage my tits, my hands on your waist*

Hammer: *low moans escape my lips as your hands reach my waist. My hands pulling down your tank top revealing two globes from heaven


Hammer: *taking your nipples between my fingers*

Kristen: *my fingers undo your fly*

Hammer: Oh yes baby

Kristen: mmmm i hate to get you all worked up and then have to jet

Kristen: you sure you want to go on?

Hammer: Yessssss

Kristen: *reaches into your pants and massages your bulge over your underwear*

Kristen: ok then

Hammer: *kisses you more intense in response to your hand*

Kristen: mmm what do we have here? *pressing my palm against your bulge*

Hammer: That’s your appetizer baby

Kristen: oh really? *licks my lips*

Hammer: I think you’re really gonna like the special sauce 😉

Kristen: *pushing down your clothes, setting your cock free*

Hammer: *loving your aggressiveness, it turns me on*

Hammer: Go ahead, take a taste

Kristen: *sliding down to my knees, taking your hard cock between my fingers and holding it to my lips*

Hammer: *the anticipation killing me, the sight before me is crazy sexy*

Kristen: *snaking my tongue out and around the head of your cock, eyes locked on yours*

Hammer: All I manage to say is wow

Kristen: *with the head pressed against my lips, my tongue reaches down the shaft as far as it can go*

Hammer: Oh yes baby, that feels so good

Kristen: *my lips part slightly, letting you into my mouth, my tongue still extended down your shaft, reaching further as more of you slips into my mouth*

Hammer: Mmmmmmm

Hammer: *my hands reach down and play with your tits as my cock disappears into your mouth*

Kristen: *eyes closing as i take you deeper and begin to suck, my hand pumping your cock as my lips slide back and forth around it*

Kristen: *moaning softly into your cock as you play with my big tits*

Hammer: Ohhhh god

Hammer: *one hand on your tits as my other is in your hair as you suck my big hard cock*

Kristen: *twisting with my hand as it pumps you, my tongue pressing agaisnt your cock inside my warm mouth*

Kristen: *my pace increases while my other hand gently holds your balls*

Hammer: It feels so good baby

Kristen: *rising up on my knees, forcing your cock to slide out of my mouth, i inch myself closer and rest your cock against my chest*

Kristen: i’m glad you’re enjoying it, baby

Hammer: Oh trust me I am

Kristen: *taking my tits in my hands and pressing them together around your cock*

Kristen: *leaning down to give the head a lick before i start rising and falling, your hard cock sliding between my soft tits*

Hammer: Mmmmmmmm

Kristen: *enjoying the sight of your cock peeking out of my cleavage over and over again*

Kristen: *my breath hot against your belly as i titfuck you, licking you as i move up and down*

Hammer: *me too, fucking these perfect tits feels incredible*

Kristen: *stopping to take you back into my mouth*

Kristen: *hungrily taking your cock deep into my mouth, easing it into my throat*

Hammer: Oh my god, I’m so close baby

Kristen: *smiling around your hard cock as i suck a little harder, bob a little faster*

Hammer: Mmmmm, yes , baby, don’t stop

Kristen: *hand gripping your hips, the speed and intensity of my motions causing my tits to jiggle and sway as i suck you*

Hammer: *the intensity of your sucking and the view of your tits jiggling makes me start to cum in your mouth*

Hammer: Fuck me Kristen, you are the best cocksucker I know!!

Kristen: *swallowing the first shot of your cum, i let you shoot the rest of your load over my full tits*

Kristen: *grinning mischievously* fuck you? don’t think we have time for that

Hammer: *love the sight of my cum on your tits*

Kristen: *milking your cock over my tits, getting every last drop out*

Hammer: No sadly, not today

Kristen: but soon

Kristen: *licking you from base to tip before standing up again*

Hammer: I hope you enjoyed your appetizer, next time I promise the full meal deal!!

Hammer: Yes, very soon

Kristen: mmm was just what i needed to get me hungry for more *gently tugging at your cock*

Hammer: Glad you liked baby…..*leans in and kisses you passionately*

Kristen: *kissing you back*

Kristen: fuck, i’m late though

Hammer: I know I worked up an appetite for a lot more!!!

Hammer: Sorry baby, thanks for staying….

Kristen: *kissing you quickly* until next time, babe

Kristen: was so worth it!

Hammer: Enjoy dinner

Kristen: and they can deal

Kristen: bye babe

Hammer: Agreed, later sexy

Hammer: Love how you think, bye baby

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