Dinner Date: Release (part 2)

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Her hand is on my cock again as I fumble for the key to the door. I unlock the door and we get inside somewhat clumsily as we continue to kiss. I close the door behind us and then throw her up against it as I kiss her passionately and move my hands to her tits once again. Massaging them, rolling her nipples between my fingers, squeezing them. They feel so damn good in my hands. She lets out little moans through our kisses as her hand moves down to my waist. She undoes my belt and pushes my pants to the floor. My cock poking out of my boxers, she grabs those and slides them down as well. As I slide off my shoes and push my pants to the side I am now half naked in front of her and I decide that isn’t fair. So I stop kissing her for a moment and lift her top off over her head so that she is now half naked in front of me too. I smile at her and then lean my head down and start to run my tongue down her neck and over her chest, my hands still cupping her tits. As my tongue approaches her nipples I hear her let out a little moan in anticipation. But I don’t go directly for her nipple; instead I circle around it with my tongue, teasing it. Squeezing her tits as I do, I then slowly bring my tongue back to her nipples and flick the tip over her nipples before sucking them down. She lets out a loud moan when I do this and it just gets me more excited. I love the feel of her hard nipples in my mouth and I suck them down hard as I play with them with my tongue. She is holding my head to her chest as I do this and running her hands through my hair. “Fuck that feels so good baby!” she says as I continue to suck and massage her tits. She lifts up one leg and wraps it around my waist, forcing her skirt up and revealing her naked pussy again. My head still buried in her chest, I move my hands to grab her ass and lift her up, getting her other leg wrapped around me. Her skirt is now pushed up completely around her waist, her naked ass in my hands, her legs wrapped around me, my stiff cock cradling her as she “sits” atop it, her juices dripping onto me. Read more [+]

Spit Or Swallow?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’ve got a long question this time, so let’s get to it! Mike left this as a comment to a previous post of mine, and I thought it would do nicely for an Ask Kristen entry, so here it is:

I have curiosity from your story and my time with an ex wife from many years ago. Our first sexual encounter was after about a month of dating and was an hour of good old fashioned missionary position. The next weekend, after getting aroused she pulled my pants down and proceeded to give me a blowjob that must of have milked a pint out, every drop of which I could hear her swallowing as fast as I could pump it out. It took at least 30 minutes to get my vital signs near normal and was immediately addicted. That was too long ago to get into details and both of us are past our second marriages, but on occasion she still provides that delightful oral treat, which I still can barely last more than about 3 minutes on with her stunningly tight sucking technique. While there is no such thing as bad sex if you’re a man, there’s better sex and over time I’ve had no shortage of encounters with women who want no part of a mouthful of cum, in spite of performing admirably. Reading your story of enticing the high school boys with oral sex, I’m curious as to how you came to be a swallower and whether it came natural or was something you had to kind of build up a tolerance for. My wife advised that she got incredibly turned on from the entire sensation of a man exploding in her mouth, the sounds, the taste, and just letting it run on down so she could maintain the tight suction just seemed the right thing to do. Which is hard to argue with.

I told you it was a long one! Read more [+]

Hot For Teacher

Fantasies come in all shapes, sizes and desires. From the sensual to the downright filthy, fantasizing about your favorite person or activity can boost your sex drive in the right moments of passion. I don’t think of fantasies as just something sexual you want to do for the first time. I also think of it as an activity you really enjoy and you can’t wait to do it again, so you fantasize about it until you find the right person to do it with. Over some blog entries, I want to share some of those fantasies with the public. Most of them are pretty tame but exhilarating nonetheless and others are just up there, but a guy can dream. Who knows, maybe someone might be nice and help me fulfill one of these fantasies…..*hint hint*

During my high school years, I’ve had some hot teachers. I mean, ridiculously hot. Absolutely too hot to be teaching a bunch of teenagers. I was at that age when I wanted to fuck any female that walked but being the fat kid; women really didn’t take to me in a sexual manner. That didn’t stop me. My junior year English teacher was the hottest of them all. I mean she was model hot. She couldn’t have been older than 25. She had blonde, curly hair, deep blue eyes, full pouty lips, fair skin and a full, voluptuous body to die for. Perfect, perky breasts that filed shirts nicely. Hips that made me question how she got in her jeans. And her ass was splendid. It was not too big and not too small. It was just the right amount to grab on to. Black man approved! I’ve never been a teacher’s pet. I just did my work, never really trying to impress teachers. I found myself being that teacher’s pet around her. I’d raise my hand frantically, even if I didn’t know the answer just so I could hear her call my name. I was in lust. But it was illegal. Though I couldn’t physically be with her, it didn’t stop my young adolescent mind from fucking her in my dreams. Read more [+]

Big Boobed Cutie DPed

Continuing my series of monthly video treats, this one comes at the suggestion of swiftwolf, who wrote:

I don’t think I could ever share you with another guy…. at least at the same time…. but this vid makes me think of you, and gets me hard every time! You’d have no problem taking these guys on, would you?

Hope you all enjoy it! And please, if you come across any other videos that remind you of me, or just ones that you really like, send me the link and I’ll put it up! Read more [+]

Sexual Drought

Hello, hello, all you sexy readers out there! Thanks to all of you for continuing to support me here. September was a crazy popular month, and October is full of ups and downs. Very interesting to see just how this site does from day to day. And for those of you who know me through OMGPOP and are saddened by its demise, check out this link and be happy again!

Anyway, on to this week’s question. This one comes from our own jaysim83 who wants to know:

What’s the longest you’ve gone without any sexual contact? What was the story behind the drought?

This one requires some thought. This may sound conceited, but I’ve never really had a problem getting laid when I want to. There’s always someone I can find who wants to fuck me. I prefer not fucking total strangers, though, so I’ve got to think of a time when none of my boys were available.

I don’t think it ever could have been more than a week, and that includes both not finding an available partner that I’m interested in, as well as breaks due to things like my period, which just isn’t sexy.

Oh! I know what it was! A few years ago, I got really sick. Well not really sick, but sick enough to have little energy and be really unmotivated to do anything. It wasn’t horrible, but I couldn’t shake it. That lasted a little more than two weeks, I think. So that would probably be my longest span.

UPDATE 11/8/13: Less than a month later, and I have to update this. My longest span is now about three weeks, starting very shortly after this was first posted. It started with a sickness, and then things got extra busy at work, and then more and more piled up and things just got worse. I won’t bore you with the details (and I don’t particularly want to relive them), so I’ll leave it at that.