Spit Or Swallow?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’ve got a long question this time, so let’s get to it! Mike left this as a comment to a previous post of mine, and I thought it would do nicely for an Ask Kristen entry, so here it is:

I have curiosity from your story and my time with an ex wife from many years ago. Our first sexual encounter was after about a month of dating and was an hour of good old fashioned missionary position. The next weekend, after getting aroused she pulled my pants down and proceeded to give me a blowjob that must of have milked a pint out, every drop of which I could hear her swallowing as fast as I could pump it out. It took at least 30 minutes to get my vital signs near normal and was immediately addicted. That was too long ago to get into details and both of us are past our second marriages, but on occasion she still provides that delightful oral treat, which I still can barely last more than about 3 minutes on with her stunningly tight sucking technique. While there is no such thing as bad sex if you’re a man, there’s better sex and over time I’ve had no shortage of encounters with women who want no part of a mouthful of cum, in spite of performing admirably. Reading your story of enticing the high school boys with oral sex, I’m curious as to how you came to be a swallower and whether it came natural or was something you had to kind of build up a tolerance for. My wife advised that she got incredibly turned on from the entire sensation of a man exploding in her mouth, the sounds, the taste, and just letting it run on down so she could maintain the tight suction just seemed the right thing to do. Which is hard to argue with.

I told you it was a long one!

First off, it sounds like your ex-wife is a pro at cocksucking! And it’s great that (if I’m reading correctly) you still get the occasional bj from her. I’d love to hear more details about what she does that’s so amazing. I’m always looking for ways to improve my technique and new tricks to try! As for me, personally… Well, this obviously goes back a ways.

The first time I made a guy cum with my mouth, it took me by surprise. I just didn’t know how to read the signs that he was close to orgasm, and his first spurt was in my mouth. I quickly backed off, and the rest of his cum ended up on our clothes and probably some had to be cleaned up off car seats or steering wheel and such. The taste didn’t appeal to me much, nor did the texture, but I didn’t know what else to do, so I swallowed it. Cum in my mouth and then swallowing wasn’t something that I really enjoyed, but there was a sense of triumph for me. I made a guy cum! It was only the third time I’d given a guy an orgasm, and the previous two times were handjobs. There’s something satisfying about causing orgasm. A sense of accomplishment.

The next several times I went down on a guy, I played it safe. Anytime I thought he was close to cumming, I’d work him with just my hand for a while. If he didn’t cum, I’d go back to oral for a bit. But the whole point was to not have him cum in my mouth at all.

Talking about this issue with my girlfriends, I learned that some of them would let their guy cum in their mouth, then spit it into a nearby cup or something. So I tried that. Almost right away, I noticed that the guy seemed to enjoy cumming into my mouth more than into nothing. I also started noticing that I wasn’t minding the taste or feel of it as much anymore. I was getting used to it.

By this point, actual penetration was on the menu, so the number of blowjobs resulting in orgasm was decreasing. I’d usually blow the guy for a while, but then he’d want to move on to sex before cumming. And on the occasions when we’d get the opportunity for a lengthy period after sex, I might blow him again, but, both of us being naked, he’d often cum over my tits — something I learned from a porn movie I watched with some girls, and something he really enjoyed.

Soon after I started really developing into a slut (see here for details on that), one of the guys I was fucking fairly regularly was this big jock. One night, we went to see a movie and found ourselves the only ones in the theater. I was feeling playful and began rubbing his crotch during the previews. Shortly after the movie started, he unzipped his pants and I pulled his cock out and began jerking him off. I was trying to play it cool and watch the movie as well, but I was really enjoying the effect I was having on him. I did a final look around the theater, then leaned down and began to suck him off. I started to sense that he was near orgasm (I’d learned a lot since my first experiences by then), and I realized that I didn’t have a place to spit. I had a drink cup, but it still had soda in it, and I wasn’t sure about using that. I thought about just spitting it onto the theater floor, maybe in the row in front of us, but that kind of disgusted me. I thought about not letting him cum in my mouth, just finishing by jerking him off, but that still didn’t solve the question about where his cum would go.

He was close, and I thought I’d work him with just my hand for a bit, maybe giving me time to figure this out. But when I tried to lift off, his hand, which was in my hair as I sucked him, held my head down. I tried again to rise, and realized that he was very purposely holding me in place. He thrust into my mouth, fucking it, and started repeating “suck it” over and over. So I did. He moaned as he came and shot his first spurt into my mouth. He continued fucking my lips and began telling me to swallow it. “Yes, baby. Swallow. Swallow my cum.” He continued to spurt into my mouth. It seemed like an awful lot. I couldn’t move away, so I did what he wanted. I swallowed his cum as he continued to shoot more into my mouth. I swallowed it all. Well, what didn’t escape between his cock and my lips and spill down my chin. He seemed incredibly thrilled with the result. Very turned on. That was the first time I was fucked in a movie theater.

Swallowing still wasn’t my thing, but I did it whenever I went down on this guy. So again, I was getting used to it. I was even getting to enjoy it. Guys seemed to get off on it, whether their cock was in my mouth as I swallowed, or if i just looked at them as I did so. It became something else I could do to pleasure a guy. It also meant that I didn’t have to have a place to spit in mind before I went down on a guy. I could just do it whenever and wherever. That was a big turn on for both of us, and it meant that I could focus more on what I was doing, which resulted in better blowjobs overall.

The first time I realized that I was actually craving cum was a bit of a shock. In retrospect, it probably happened a few times before, but it never reached a conscious level. I can definitely think of a few times that I went down on a guy just to do it — sometimes with no invitation from him or warning from me, I just went for his cock. But I did begin to crave it. I wanted to suck a cock and drink cum not because I wanted to get a guy off, but because I wanted the experience of it. I wanted it. I wanted it in the same way I’d already come to really want a cock in my pussy. And just like feeling a guy cum inside me, there’s something wonderful about a guy cumming in my mouth. Like you said, Mike, “the sounds, the taste, and just letting it run on down,” not to mention the feel of a cock pulsing in my mouth…

There are times to turn your brain off, and just let yourself feel and experience the immediacy of what’s going on. A good time to do that is during any sexual activity. Just go with it. You may find yourself doing things you’d never think of (or have them done to you), or involved with things you’d think you wouldn’t enjoy, but maybe, if you don’t think and just feel instead, you may find it’s something you enjoy.

I thoroughly enjoy sucking cock. I love when a guy cums in my hand. I love when he cums over my body. I love when he cums in my mouth. I love swallowing it and letting it run down my throat. I just love making a guy cum, and I’m happy to do that any way I can.



  • Fuck, that was a hot answer! I was hard the whole time reading that! Great question and even greater answer!!

  • Needless to say, I enjoyed your lengthy analysis. What my wife did was somewhat a function of the person she was dealing with. My cock is probably average in length, but very thick with, I’m advised, an unusually large head. Some lovers can’t comfortably fit it in their mouth, which obviously was not my wife’s issue. She didn’t suck it to get it hard. I have extremely sensitive nipples and between those and her manual efforts, she would get me raging hard before the real treat, which was wrapping her lips around the pee hole end, and then slowly and very tightly sucking it into her mouth while it was already in the “blue steel hardon” category. From there, she slowly worked into a rhythm and never let up till she got her reward. For her, and given our younger age, it was a good form of foreplay, since the result when she released it was that it was still raging hard and she had taken the edge off, so she’d lay back and guide me inside for a good long ride. Usually our actual fuck sessions would last an hour while I built up another load while she enjoyed various positions and dirty talk. Unfortunately, she was also insanely jealous, which drove me nuts and eventually overwhelmed the other part of the good life. If she had ever figured out that she didn’t leave any to share with other women, this might have worked out better.

  • Another great answer Kristen. So interesting to hear how your skills developed and you gained your love of cocksucking…and cum. As I read it I could just imagine your soft red lips around my hard cock. So nice! 😉

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