Dinner Date: Release (part 2)

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Her hand is on my cock again as I fumble for the key to the door. I unlock the door and we get inside somewhat clumsily as we continue to kiss. I close the door behind us and then throw her up against it as I kiss her passionately and move my hands to her tits once again. Massaging them, rolling her nipples between my fingers, squeezing them. They feel so damn good in my hands. She lets out little moans through our kisses as her hand moves down to my waist. She undoes my belt and pushes my pants to the floor. My cock poking out of my boxers, she grabs those and slides them down as well. As I slide off my shoes and push my pants to the side I am now half naked in front of her and I decide that isn’t fair. So I stop kissing her for a moment and lift her top off over her head so that she is now half naked in front of me too. I smile at her and then lean my head down and start to run my tongue down her neck and over her chest, my hands still cupping her tits. As my tongue approaches her nipples I hear her let out a little moan in anticipation. But I don’t go directly for her nipple; instead I circle around it with my tongue, teasing it. Squeezing her tits as I do, I then slowly bring my tongue back to her nipples and flick the tip over her nipples before sucking them down. She lets out a loud moan when I do this and it just gets me more excited. I love the feel of her hard nipples in my mouth and I suck them down hard as I play with them with my tongue. She is holding my head to her chest as I do this and running her hands through my hair. “Fuck that feels so good baby!” she says as I continue to suck and massage her tits. She lifts up one leg and wraps it around my waist, forcing her skirt up and revealing her naked pussy again. My head still buried in her chest, I move my hands to grab her ass and lift her up, getting her other leg wrapped around me. Her skirt is now pushed up completely around her waist, her naked ass in my hands, her legs wrapped around me, my stiff cock cradling her as she “sits” atop it, her juices dripping onto me.

I stop sucking on her tits and look into her eyes as I turn us around and start to head for the bedroom. She starts kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt as we go. I feel like I am running to get up the stairs to the bedroom, I want her so bad. She has my shirt undone as we reach the room. I give her a long hard kiss and then throw her down gently on the bed as I take my shirt off. I am now completely naked over her, all she has on is her skirt, pushed up around her waist and her heels. I bend down and give her slit a lick and her clit a kiss as I taste her juices again, dripping out of her. I stand up again and stroke my cock over her, watching her eyes fixed on it, she licks her lips. I climb on top of her on the bed and position my cock at her wet pussy, my tip just poking at her lips. She looks hungrily at me as she plays with her tits and says “Fuck baby! What are you waiting for?! I need your cock!!” I look down at her and smile slyly as I run my cock up and down the length of her slit, letting her juices flow over me, teasing her clit a little with the tip of my cock. “I just like hearing how much you need me baby…,” I replied. My cock now poking at her aching pussy, I grab her hips and thrust inside, pulling her closer to me as I do. She lets out a loud scream as my cock splits her open. I smile as I see her bite her lip while she takes me in. I pull out a little and then thrust in again, deeper this time, giving her more of my shaft then before. She screams again, but controls it this time. As I thrust in a third time, my whole length this time, she screams out again and wraps her legs around me tight, holding me inside her. I start thrusting my cock back and forth into her as much as I can with her legs wrapped around me, going nice and deep each time. She is moaning louder and louder with each thrust. I reach down and grab her tits and start to massage them and pinch her nipples. She arches her back and continues to moan loudly. I pound her hard as she screams in ecstasy. My cock going so deep inside her juicy hot pussy. As I continue to pound her, I lean down and suck on her tits, loving the feeling of her hard nipples in my mouth. As I do this, she arches her back sharply and screams out “OH FUCK!” and I feel her have another orgasm, as her pussy spasms and clenches around my cock! I hold her close to me and fuck her hard as the wave of pleasure continues to ripple through her, hoping to spur a second one immediately after the first… and I do! Her second one hits just as I pinch her nipple and thrust in deep. She screams again and digs her nails into my back as I dig my cock deep into her. I love the feeling of her pussy clenching around my cock and I thrust harder and faster into her causing another orgasm to ripple over her. I am loving that I am causing so much pleasure in her and it just gets me more excited. I continue to pound her as I suck on her nipples and listen to her moan.

Her legs’ grip around me weakens as her orgasms splash over her and I take this opportunity to make a change. I pull out, much to her disappointment, and roll her over, taking a good long look at her beautiful ass. I give it a good loud smack and then lift her hind end up and place my cock right back at her wet slit and push inside. She lets out another moan as I slide back inside her “Oh, yes baby! Yes!” she said as my cock goes deep inside her again. I grab her hips again and start to pound her pussy, my body slapping against her ass as I do. She pushes herself back onto me, forcing my cock deeper inside her. I reach around and grab her tits and squeeze them and pinch her nipples as I pound her sweet little pussy. “OH FUCK YES BABY!” she screams as I do this and I sense that another orgasm is cuming…She pushes back hard on my cock as she arches her back and I squeeze her tits hard for leverage. My cock so deep inside her, pounding faster and faster, she lets out an “Oh fuckkkk!!” as I feel her pussy clench around my cock again and her juices squirt out around my cock as another orgasm washes over her. I can feel that I am close too and I tell her “Fuck baby, I am going to cum…” She looks over her shoulder at me, reaches around and grabs my ass and says with lust in her eyes “Fuck yes baby! Do it! I want it deep inside me baby!” Hearing this sends me over the edge and I grab her hips and thrust so hard, pounding her sweet little pussy so fast and so deep. A moment later I am cumming hard, spilling my cum deep inside her tight little pussy. “Oh fuck yeah baby! Give it to me!” she says as my orgasm continues, spilling more and more hot cum inside her. As my orgasm subsides, I bend down on top of her, our sweaty bodies touching each other, and fondle her tits as I whisper to her “fuck baby, that was amazing”.

Before I could even figure out what was happening, she moves off my cock and turns around underneath me so that she is facing me again, lying on the bed. She grabs my cock and starts stroking it and says “I am not letting you lose this hard on baby, I still want more.” She strokes it some more, spreading my cum and her juices into my skin, paying special attention to my tip. It feels so amazing, and it is working, she is keeping my cock nice and hard! I get an idea…I lean over and open up the drawer of the nightstand and grab some oil out of the drawer. I am already straddling over her chest, my cock lined up nicely over her tits, my tip just out of reach of her mouth. I pour out a little oil onto my hands and then begin to massage it into her tits and between them. She lets out a little moan as I massage her tits with the oil. I then pour a little over my cock, to mix with the juices she has already stroked in. She licks her lips and I lay my cock down between her tits. She grabs her tits and wraps them around my cock as I begin to slide up and down between them. The feeling of my cock between her tits is divine. She leans her head down and licks at my tip each time it pokes through her cleavage. Her tongue feels amazing and I put my hands on her tits as I fuck them. My hard cock getting a nice little tease with each upward thrust. She smiles as she licks my cock, and I smile back, loving the feeling of fucking her tits. “Do you like that baby?” she says to me. “Of course babe, I love the feeling of your tits surrounding my cock and your mouth licking at my tip.” I respond.

“Good,” she says. We go at this for several minutes before I can only assume we reached a point where she decided she wanted more. Because she immediately moves her hands off her tits and pushes me onto my back on the bed. She unzips and throws her skirt to the floor along with her shoes so that she is completely naked now too. She strokes my cock a couple of times before getting herself up over me and straddling right over my cock. She takes it into her hand and guides her still dripping wet pussy onto it, sliding down slowly for what I can only assume is giving her extreme pleasure because she is doing is so controlled and the look on her face is exquisite. Once she has fully engulfed my cock again into her pussy, she puts her hands on my chest and says “My turn!” She begins to ride my cock, slowly at first, going up and down, back and forth gently, getting the full length of my cock inside her. But I can see in her face that she is getting more excited and she bites her lip as she starts to pick up the pace on my cock. I reach around and squeeze her ass before giving it a good loud slap! She lets out a little yelp as I do, but I quickly see the smile on her face. I grab her ass and help her to bounce up and down on my cock, feeling so fucking good as she does. She leans over and dangles her tits in my face, and I most willingly take them. I move my hands up and cup them as I direct them to my lips, sucking down hard on her nipples and massaging them with my hands, rubbing her nipples between my fingers when they aren’t in my mouth. She moans louder and I know I she is enjoying it. She also speeds up on my cock, fucking it harder and faster as I suck ferociously on her tits. I give her ass another loud smack and she lets out a little scream as she bounces harder on my cock. I can tell she is getting close again because she is fucking me hard now, and her moans are interspersed with little “fuck yes, fuck yes” outbursts as I suck on and play with her tits. I thrust up into her, trying to go with her rhythm and go deeper. She then screams out “Oh fuck yes baby! Don’t stop! I am going to cum! Fuck yeah, right there!” So I keep thrusting up into her and sucking and playing with her tits as she rides my cock. This is all getting me excited again too, especially hearing her moan and scream and the feel of her bouncing up and down on my cock, her tits in my mouth. Fuck! She is so good! I can feel my own orgasm cumming again too and I tell her that I am close. “Oh fuck yes baby! Cum with me!” she pants out as she rides my cock like a crazed woman! I bite down gently on her nipple and just then she starts to cum and screams out “FUCK FUCK FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” and with that, my own orgasm hits too and I groan with pleasure as I push myself up into her, my cock deep inside as I shoot another hot load of cum inside her. Her pussy spasming around me, her juices spilling out around my cock. I squeeze her tits and suck on her nipples as I try to keep our orgasms going, her pussy spasming, my cock shooting off more hot cum. As her orgasm subsides, she collapses onto me and I wrap my arms around her and hold her sweaty, oily, body close to mine.

My cock still deep inside her, I intentionally cause it to spasm a few times inside her. And I can tell she notices because she lets out another long moan, her pussy clenches a little, and she says “oh fuck baby, how are you doing that?! It feels so good!” I do it a couple more times to feel her shudder and then stop to allow her body to calm down. As we lay there together, breathing heavily, bodies wet with many things, her tits squished up against me, my cock still deep inside her, she whispers to me “Thank you baby, I needed that.” I look down at her and give her a deep passionate kiss, which she returns. She rolls off of me and as my cock pops out of her she grabs it and strokes it one last time before snuggling up next to me.

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