New Content

I know things have been kinda quiet around here lately. I apologize for that. Keep your eyes peeled, though. New content will be coming with the new year! The holidays are always a busy time and I’m not going to fight it. Instead, I’ll just write when I can and keep it tucked away, then start fresh come January 1st.

This is also a good time to ask you, what do you think about my posting schedule? I can’t vouch for Mischiefm8ker or Jaysim83, but I’m still planning on the following:

  • Erotica on Monday. Two weeks later, a cybersex transcript. Back to erotica two weeks after that, and so on.
  • Ask Kristen every Wednesday. Anyone got a better title for this?
  • Trying for some other article the first Friday of every month, and maybe other miscellaneous goodies on other Fridays.

Saturday nights just aren’t working out as a reliable time for me to pop into the chatroom. There probably isn’t a reliable time. I’ll just be there when I can.

Let me know what you think! I really do love your feedback, and I’ll shape this site as much as I can to satisfy all my loyal readers. Speaking of which… thank you so much to everyone who’s been continuing to check out this site despite the lack of updates! I love you all so much!

See you in January!