Chad: Reward (part 4)

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So after my first (amazing) night with Chad, I woke up next to him in bed. He was still sleeping, so I got up and headed out of the bedroom. I looked around his kitchen and started making some coffee. Then I took another quick shower. I dried off, hanging the towel, and went out to get my coffee.

As I’m poured it, Chad comes out. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissed my neck and said, “Good morning, beautiful.”

I returned the embrace as best I could. His hands slid up and cupped my tits. I giggled. “You can’t get enough of them, can you?”

He chuckled and squeezed them together. “Just imagining what’s to come,” he said. “You want breakfast?”

I agreed. He threw together a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and oj to go along with the coffee I’d made. We sat down to eat, both of us still completely naked. His eyes roamed my body all through breakfast, and I loved the way it made me feel. The look in his eyes was dead sexy. We talked about random things, and we talked about the night before, complimenting each other. I was aroused by the time we finished. As he cleared the dishes, he said, “So… last night, you promised something.”

“Oh?” I said, raising an eyebrow. “What was that?”

I expected him to get nervous and stammer as he tried to get it out, but he didn’t. He simply and bluntly said, “You promised you’d let me fuck your tits.”

“Damn!” I said. “I can’t believe you just said it like that!”

He laughed and said, “After last night, I know you’re down. You’re a bit of a dirty girl. I know I don’t need to beat around the bush with you.”

I took a deep breath. “Then what are you waiting for?” I asked.

He thought for a second, then shrugged. “I guess nothing,” he said as he stood, his cock at half-mast.

“You got any baby oil or anything?” He nodded and left the room. I scooted my chair back from the table and turned sideways in it. He quickly returned with a bottle in his hand. I told him to bring it to me. He handed me the bottle and I placed it on the table next to me. He stood before me and looked down at me in the chair. His dick was pulsing as it hardened from the semi-hard state it was in. My hands glided across his chest and pinched his nipples. I pulled on them and leaned in to kiss his belly. His cock pressed against my chest. My fingers danced their way down his body, playing with his chest hair. Lower and lower they went until they found his cock. I started jerking him off with one hand, and the other played with his balls. I kissed his chest again, then made my way down his body, my lips following the path of my hands, scooting my chair back a bit, and went down on him. He groaned as his breathing quickened. I sucked him for a few minutes until he was good and hard.

I stood up and pushed him back onto the chair. His eyes were even with my tits. I picked up the bottle and handed it to him. “You wanna do the honors?” I asked. He took the bottle and opened it. He poured some directly onto me, leaving a line from just about one armpit to the other. It began to drip down my breasts. It was cold as it trailed down me. He suckled on each nipple as the oil slowly made its way toward them. He then began massaging it into my flesh. It was my turn to start breathing heavy. He poured more into his hands and really began applying it to me. It was much warmer this way. soon, my entire upper body was shiny and slick. He set the bottle down and lovingly fondled my tits. I knelt down before him. With one hand I held his dick straight up. Then I grabbed the bottle and dripped some onto the head of his cock. He tensed up. “Fuck that’s cold!”

I smiled at him. “Payback.”

I took his hand and guided it to his dick. He took hold and held it up like I had done. The oil was slowly running down the length of his cock. I spread his legs and scooted in. I pressed my tits together, trapping the very tip of his dick between them. I lowered, and watched as his cock peeked through my cleavage, pushing the oil up and out of them like a volcano. I started moving up and down, loving the feel of his slick cock between my full and shiny tits. “Oh my god,” he moaned.

It wasn’t long before he stood up, pulling me with him. He grabbed the bottle in one hand, my hand in the other and led me to the bedroom. He spun me around and embraced me. My tits slid along his chest as we kissed wetly. Then he pushed me back onto the bed. I lay down and he straddled me. He poured a bunch of the oil onto my tits and tossed the bottle aside. Chad really massaged my tits good. So good I was squirming just from that. I reached down and continued my hand job as he focused on my tits.

He slid up a bit, and pressed my tits together again. This time, he was in charge, and he started fucking my tits, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. My tongue snaked out to lick the head whenever I could. He continued to squeeze and caress my tits, all the time holding them close enough for his dick to have to press through them. I reached up and pinched his nipples. He gasped. I was moaning my encouragement. He let my tits go for a moment and grabbed my hands, putting them on my tits. I squeezed them together, squeezing my nipples between fingers. He left one hand with mine, pressing and squeezing my flesh. With the other, he reached back behind him and found my wet pussy. It was a bit awkward, but he was succeeding at rubbing my clit as he titfucked me. My moans got louder, his grunts got more urgent.

His hand suddenly left my pussy. He grabbed both my tits with his hands and thrust roughly between my tits, and before I knew it, his cum was squirting onto my neck and shoulders. When he was done, he kissed me again passionately, and rolled off. I started rubbing his cum into my body, mixing it with the oil. He watched intently. My hands on my body and his eyes on me made me realize how close I was to orgasm, so I decided to finish myself off.

I began rubbing my clit while continuing to stimulate my nipples. Chad was stroking his cock as he watched me. My eyes closed as I bit my lip, my orgasm rising and starting to tingle within me. I felt him shift on the bed next to me, and suddenly he had two fingers sliding into my cunt. He finger fucked me while I kept working my clit. I cried out as I came, and a moment later, relaxed. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them clean.

“Holy fuck, you are a sex goddess!” I laughed and kissed him hard. Realizing the mess we’d made, we took another quick shower (unfortunately it seemed he really was spent now) and got dressed. As he drove me home, I asked him what he was going to tell his friends about me, especially Dave (who he was worried would ask me out first.) He chuckled and said, “Depends how jealous I want to make them. I could tell them that you’re a sex goddess who loves to fuck… or maybe I’ll tell them you’re a prude.”


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