New Year’s With a Bang

I’m not too big on celebrating New Year’s Day. I understand that it’s supposed to mean a new start and accomplishing new goals and yadda yadda yadda. The reason I see most people celebrate is partying, drinking champagne and kissing someone when the clock hits midnight. Most of the time, I’d stay home and watch Times Square on TV but it wasn’t until I got a girlfriend that I actually wanted to celebrate New Year’s. The time we dated, I took her out to comedy clubs and dance clubs and we drank and drank. When the clock struck midnight, well, you know. One New Year’s, we stayed home. There’s nothing like having sex while fireworks go off in the background. Kind of cinematic, don’t you think? Anyway, I recently broke up with my girlfriend around that time of year and I was planning on taking her to a party my friends Davy and Tamy were having at their place. I thought about skipping it because I wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate after the break up but I made a promise and I was going to uphold my promise. After the night I had, I’m glad we did end the relationship because she probably would have killed me. Read more [+]

Twerk Dat Ass

To say that I love a good set of butt cheeks is a gross understatement in my book. I wouldn’t say that it’s a complete ass fetish but I love a good booty. I mean, I did come up with a term for a nice ass: Black Man Approved (That is a story in itself, which will be a future post later). It’s just something so beautiful. Gorgeous eyes, beautiful smile and a great ass, it makes me melt every time. Whether it is in a pair of jeans, a skirt, shorts or lingerie, I fucking love a nice, plump booty. What a woman could do with her butt is a sheer work of art. The way she can move her hips……yes, yes, yes!!!! I sometimes go to clubs just to sit back and watch women dance. It’s like we are primal beasts, the club is our habitat and the dances they do is their mating ritual. If you can guess, I’m a fan of twerking. It seems archaic and benign but I just love watching women shaking their asses. Just think, if her ass moves like that on the dance floor, does it move like that in the bedroom? It makes for a hell of a ride, pun intended. Now picture this, you’re in a room full of voluptuous women, the only guy in the room I might add. All of these women, you’re extremely attracted to and have secretly fantasized about. You’ve been drinking, all of us have, and you’re in there witnessing a twerking lesson and an impromptu twerking contest? Aw YEAH!!! Read more [+]

Frozen Stiff

I was seeing a guy who was a pizza delivery driver. And no, we didn’t meet when he delivered a pizza to my house and I paid him with sex or a blow job. On this particular night, he was closing, and so had to do all the end of night cleaning and prepping duties. Also on duty was the manager and a cook. He and I were going to go out as soon as he was done, and with the manager’s permission, I was allowed to wait in the small area where customers pay for and pick up their carryout.

I was bored waiting, so everytime this guy (I guess I should give his name, just to make the story more clear…. Scott) walked by, I’d tease him. It started subtle, with me licking my lips or blowing him kisses, but as the night went on, things went a little further. I’d grab one of my tits, or pinch a nipple, drop a hand between my legs, lift my shirt or pull it down to give a glimpse of cleavage or my bra, lean over and show him my ass, maybe with a spank for good measure. It was all just play, since I knew he couldn’t do anything about it. I was obviously getting to him, though. Every now and then he’d come out and give me a deep passionate kiss and tell me how he couldn’t wait. I’d put my hand on his hard cock and tell him to hurry up then. Read more [+]

Waking Up

Been a good week for everyone? Hope so! I know I’ve had a good one!

Here’s a question that someone asked anonymously, but it made me laugh:

Did you wake up in your own bed this morning?

I’m writing this a couple days before it posts, so I don’t yet know if this will literally be true as of Wednesday, but….

No, I didn’t. I spent the night last night with a guy who’s been fucking me regularly. He took me out for dinner and drinking, and we ended up at his place making out like teenagers until he fucked me on his couch. When we were done, we made our way to his bed for a more comfortable sleep. And that’s where I woke up this morning, with his hand kneading my breast and his hard cock poking my ass.

And yes, we fucked again.



Leave it to the group of people I interact with the most to come up with such a word. What does it exactly mean? Well, if you can’t guess, it combines the words sex and exile. So it’s kind of a no brainer on exactly what the word entails. It does have a nice ring to it if you think about it. But the origin of the word isn’t important; the story behind the word itself and how I used it for the first time is the juicy part! Read more [+]