Frozen Stiff

I was seeing a guy who was a pizza delivery driver. And no, we didn’t meet when he delivered a pizza to my house and I paid him with sex or a blow job. On this particular night, he was closing, and so had to do all the end of night cleaning and prepping duties. Also on duty was the manager and a cook. He and I were going to go out as soon as he was done, and with the manager’s permission, I was allowed to wait in the small area where customers pay for and pick up their carryout.

I was bored waiting, so everytime this guy (I guess I should give his name, just to make the story more clear…. Scott) walked by, I’d tease him. It started subtle, with me licking my lips or blowing him kisses, but as the night went on, things went a little further. I’d grab one of my tits, or pinch a nipple, drop a hand between my legs, lift my shirt or pull it down to give a glimpse of cleavage or my bra, lean over and show him my ass, maybe with a spank for good measure. It was all just play, since I knew he couldn’t do anything about it. I was obviously getting to him, though. Every now and then he’d come out and give me a deep passionate kiss and tell me how he couldn’t wait. I’d put my hand on his hard cock and tell him to hurry up then.

The cook finished his stuff first and left. A little later, Scott came out for his next quickie make out session. As we kissed and he fondled my tits and I rubbed his cock, he whispered “God, if it wasn’t for my manager, I’d fuck you right here, right now!”

“You’ll just have to wait and take me in your car,” I responded.

Five minutes later he was back. This time, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back with him. “I can’t wait any longer,” he said.

“What about your boss?”

“He’s in the back, counting the money. As long as he doesn’t hear us, we’ll be fine.” That’s when he pulled open the heavy door to the freezer and pulled me in.

“Here?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Here,” he said as he pushed me up against a rack of boxes and kissed me fiercely. “No way he’ll hear us from in here.”

The boxes were cold on my back, but his warm body pressed against mine and he was like a man possessed. His hands couldn’t decide where to go, sliding from my neck to my ass to my tits to my thighs to my hair. Obviously, my teasing had really gotten to him. He lifted my shirt over my tits and started caressing them. It wasn’t long before he pulled the cups of my bra down so he could have better access. His fingers pressed against my nipples. I didn’t know if they were hard because of stimulation or cold. Probably both. I moaned softly and undid his pants. He let me reach in and grab his hard cock for a bit, then he lowered himself to suck on my nipples, and his dick slid out of reach.

He undid my jeans and pulled them down over my ass, taking my panties with them. He fingers played with my slit for a while, and when he was convinced I was wet enough, he spun me around. I leaned forward, bracing my arms against some boxes as he positioned himself behind me, hands on my hips. I felt his hardness pressing against my ass. I reached down and spread my lips for him as he guided his cock to my pussy. He slowly pressed in until he was as deep as he could go. Then he slowly pulled out, and pressed in a little faster. Then a little faster. And faster still. He slowly built his speed until he was slamming against my ass with enough force that I had to keep adjusting my hands against the cold boxes.

My jeans barely past my thighs kept my legs from spreading too much, which kept things extra tight. My tits were partially free, hanging between my lifted shirt and lowered bra cups. His hands gripped my hips tight, pulling me to him with each and every hard thrust. He was grunting and I was making quite a bit more noise than him. His fingers dug into my flesh and I knew he was about to cum. “Let me taste you,” I moaned.

He gave a few more good hard thrusts, then pulled out. I spun around and dropped to my knees, thankful he didn’t pull my jeans down enough for my bare knees to be on the cold floor. I instantly took him in my mouth, tasting his precum mixed with my own juices. My fingers teased his balls as I sucked his cock, and a moment later it started spasming and shot his cum into my mouth and throat.  I swallowed it all down and rose to my feet, my hand still on his cock.

“Better put this away and get back to work,” I said, giving him a tug. “Don’t want you to get fired or anything.”

He kissed me as he hiked up his pants. “Babe, this was worth getting fired for!” He watched intently as I pulled my thong and then my jeans back up, and fixed myself in my bra. He then rushed me back out front, where I took my seat and patiently waited for him, which only took another 10 mintues.

Apparently, we could’ve taken a little more time, because we then had to wait for the manager for another 10 minutes beyond that. We spent that time making out more, and by the time we were able to leave, he was quite eager to take me in his car as I had suggested earlier. We never did go out that night!

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