Girl Talk

Hello, all you sexy readers! I hope you’re all doing well! Hope you’re all getting laid!

Trying a different day to post these Q&A articles, just to see if there’s any difference in the response I get from all of you. You may see these popping up on different days over the next little while, with no real pattern. Just go with the flow and read them as you can. And, as always, please comment below if you have anything to say!

Got this question a while ago, anonymously. I kind of wonder whether this guy really does know Katie… anyway, here you go!

Your best girl friend introduces you to a guy she dated for two years while she was in college. You are immediately attracted to him.  How much do you ask her about his “abilities” in bed?

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Sexual Positions

Doggy? Cowgirl? Missionary? The Wheelbarrow? Whatever your preference, there is probably a position for it. And thanks to things like the Kama Sutra and other publications, we have a name for nearly all of them. Hell, there is even an iPhone app for sexual positions! Never does one have to worry about not being able to describe or explain some kinky way to give a girl pleasure in the bedroom.

Personally, I like to have a little fun with sex too. Doing it the same old way every time can get boring. So I have certainly explored multiple different ways to pleasure a lady, and different positions is certainly one way to spice things up. I am not the most acrobatic person in the world though, so I do have to draw the line at some point on some of these positions. And besides, if it gets too complicated, let’s be honest, it isn’t really fun anymore, and certainly can kill a lustful mood. You want to have something that feels good for both of you, keeps the passion going, and gets you all hot and sweaty, aching for more. Read more [+]

Dick Pics

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with things as much as I promised. I’ll get there eventually, I promise!

One quick note before we get started. It’s not uncommon for me to get responses to what I post here on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. Please, if you have something to say about these posts, even if it boils down to simply “I agree!” or “You got it all wrong,” post your comments here, on this site, in the comment thread for the post you’re talking about. Some of you say interesting things, and it would serve you and me better to have them here.

Alright, I’ve got an old question this week, but a brief chat I had this morning has inspired me to revisit it. Someone once asked me:

We all know guys love when a woman sends him pictures of her naughty bits. Do you like it when men send you pics of theirs?

My original response went something like this:

Women, as a general rule, aren’t as visually stimulated as men. I appreciate the offer, but it doesn’t do much for me most of the time. Sometimes it does, but I think that has more to do with my mood than the pic itself. Movies are a little more reliable, but that has more to do with the action of what’s going on, not just the image of a guy and his cock. The only times I’ll see a cock and get turned on, is when it’s right in front of me! That’s the only time I see a hard cock and really just want to do something with it!

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Geek to Chic

I look back at what I was like in high school and I could sum it all up in one word: awkward. For four years of my life, I was shy, uncoordinated, unkempt and just plain awkward. I had plenty of friends in high school but I never really pursued girls then. I mainly kept to myself. I wasn’t one of the jocks or the class clown or one of the smartest kids in school. I was just me. It’s not like I didn’t do any school activities or anything, I just kept to myself most of the time. It wasn’t really until my senior year that I decided to come out of my shell and be the person I should have been 3 years prior. I even went to my senior prom. I’m still friends with the girl I took, too. Fast forward to today. I’m still that awkward kid that I was in high school but I find that I’ve matured significantly and my circle of friends has increased exponentially. I think it’s something about I stay true to myself or some weird thing like that. The one constant from then versus now is my appearance. I’m a better dresser, I’ve put on more weight from then but I look exactly like I did in high school. The face has not changed. There is aging gracefully and then there is me, not aging at all. Sure, there are a few gray hairs now but I still get confused for someone that is in my 20s and I’m in my 30s now. Bottom line, I haven’t changed much since I was a teenager. There is one woman though that I reunited with from my high school days that did a complete 180 degree turn from what she was like in high school, in a very good way. Read more [+]