The Thrill Of The Tease

Many of you who know me a little know that I love to tease, and to be teased. There’s little else that excites me as much, or gets me really going. Desire builds the more you deny yourself.

You know that feeling that you had as a kid on Christmas morning, seeing all those presents under the tree?

Ever been really hungry, and unable to get something to eat for hours?

Really looking forward to that weekend so you can have a day to yourself, and that day just won’t come?

Give those a sexual charge, and you’ll get an idea where I’m coming from. Read more [+]

4 on 1

Haven’t posted any in a while (could say that about anything, really), but here’s another video sent to me, with this note attached:

Every time I see a gangbang video, I think of you. This one especially, with the big tits and the insatiable lust — she reminds me of you! I hope you enjoy this! And maybe while I think of you as the girl, you can think of me and my friends as the guys! I know that’s exactly whats on my mind!!

Intrigued yet? Watch the video below, and let me know what you think. Read more [+]

Bent Over Knee

Another anonymous question here. Can I just say first that I much prefer being able to put a name to these? The internet’s pretty anonymous anyway. You don’t need to keep your identity that much of a secret. I don’t even know if all these anonymous questions are the same person, or all different people, or mostly one person…. Give a name and stick with it. Doesn’t have to be your real name, just something I can identify. Anyway, here’s the question:

they say you’re never too old to be bent over someones knee, do you think that’s true?

Absolutely! There are many times that I need to be bent over and given a good spanking! Even a solid slap on my ass as I walk by really gets my attention. In fact, right now I’m thinking about how naughty I’ve been and how I need to be put in my place. Who’s going to do that for me? Read more [+]

Sensitive Areas

This one’s just about a year old! I really have been slacking! Gabe had an interesting question, and I hope he’s still around to read the answer:

Salutations from merry old England, dear Kristen We haven’t met in the chatroom yet, but I certainly hope that is corrected in the future, as the mere thought of you gets me really hard, and I’ve cum several times. Anyway, in regards to my question, I’m quite curious. When it comes to sex, where are your most sensitive areas, and how do you like them to be touched? And does this differ between online and offline? Thanks, and hope to see you soon…

Let me just start off by saying, I love a good English accent, Gabe! And I’m so happy you’ve gotten some enjoyment out of my chatroom, even though we still haven’t met (I don’t think).

As for your question, it’s not really simple to answer. My whole body loves to be touched, but I guess some give me more of a tingle than others. My neck, my lips, the sides of my waist, my wrists, the insides and back of my thighs, my breasts (especially the nipples), and of course my pussy (especially my clit) are all areas that feel really good when they’re stimulated. For the most part, gentle grazes with fingers or kisses and licks in these areas send tingles throughout my body. Once I’m good and turned on, you can get a little rougher, but the light touch is definitely the way to start.

Except for my ass, which I skipped above, because it reacts a little differently. Light touches there don’t do a whole lot, other than let me know what you want. But a good spank? Yes, please! Can I have another? Read more [+]

More Tit Fucking

I guess this really is an attractive topic. I got this question from an anonymous user on Tumblr (a couple of times – sorry it took me so long to respond!):

I just recently came across your blog and tumblr and love it! Your erotica is well written and a huge turn on. Glad to hear there are girls out there that enjoy tittyfucking. I never really got into it until dating a virgin a few years ago for almost 2 years and that was mostly what we did. Now its my favorite way to cum. Do you find it annoying when guys ask to do that with you? Im always hesitant to ask a “one night stand” Any favorite position, tips, or lube suggestions?

Thank you so much! I always love hearing reactions from my readers and followers! I do love titfucking, as I’ve talked about before. It’s nothing compared to a cock in my pussy, but I do find something incredibly erotic about the masculine (a hard dick) and feminine (a large pair of breasts) intermingling. Plus, a huge turn on for me is turning on my partner, and if he’s into titfucking, then I feed off his passion. Read more [+]