Superhero Sex

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Alright, on to the question. This one’s been sitting in my inbox for a while. I’ve put it off as long as I have because I know myself too well. Answering this question is going to take a lot of time, because I’m not going to be able to just throw out a flippant response and be done with it. This question requires some real effort to answer, and it will inevitably be a long-winded response. So here goes! Jake wants to know:

If you could have sex with any superhero (guy or girl) who would it be with and why? Feel free to include as many people as you would like!

As some of you know, I am a bit of a geek girl, and while I’m not really into comics, I do enjoy superhero movies (and even some of the TV shows). I also pick up a lot about the comics from friends and other sources. So I know a few things about superheroes. So I’m going to go through a number of them here, generally the more popular ones (or at least the ones being heavily featured in recent pop culture), and let you know what I think about me having sex with them. First the boys, then the girls…

  • Superman: We’ll start with the big daddy of superheroes. You might expect me to say that I’d love to be fucked by Superman. There is a lot that appeals. He’s certainly an attractive option! He’s kind of the ideal man, physically. And the thought of fucking in the sky, supported only by him, is a huge turn-on for me! Like fucking underwater, but better! But I’m going to surprise you by saying that I don’t think I’d let him fuck me. I’m a little worried about his strength. In the throes of passion, he might thrust too hard and cause serious damage! So, no, I wouldn’t fuck Superman. But I would gladly suck his cock and let him do just about anything else to me! And truth be told, he wouldn’t have to try very hard to convince me to let him fuck me… but my initial reaction is still no.
  • Batman: Dark and brooding, physically fit, mentally sharp…. Batman gets a “hell yeah” from me. There’s really nothing super about him, which makes it an easy choice here. He’s just a guy in prime physical condition. I’d just have to get him to stop brooding long enough to give in and have some fun!
  • Spiderman: Can’t think of anything particularly pro or con about Spiderman. Physically fit, which is pretty standard for superheroes. I suppose his webbing could be used for some interesting kink/bondage stuff. I’d fuck him, but he’s far from my first super choice.
  • Dr. Strange: I don’t know much about Dr. Strange. In fact, I’d say there are only two things I know about him. First, he’s magic. Magic could be a lot of fun, depending on the rules of how it works and what it can do. But that definitely intrigues me. Second, he’s going to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie. That puts him firmly on the “will fuck” list.
  • Green Lantern: Again, I don’t know a whole lot about him. But from what I understand, he can make pretty much anything out of that ring of his, and they’re just as solid as anything. So some fun could be had there! Maybe he could create dildos or butt-plugs to play with as he fucks me, or spank and finger me when i’m on my hands and knees in front of him, sucking his cock. My imagination might not be seeing the really special things he could do while fucking me, though, and I’m only seeing things that could be done with actual toys and such, without use of his powers. I’m open to suggestion if anyone has any ideas, but I’m not sure that he’d be anything too special for me.
  • Wolverine: I like an aggressive fuck, and Wolverine might just win over everyone in that department! I don’t see his powers really affecting much, though. Maybe his quick healing means that he’ll be ready to go again quickly after he cums. That would be a bonus in his favor! Maybe his enhanced sense of smell would help in the seduction game. If he could smell that I was getting turned on, well, that would get me going even more!
  • Thor: I like a big, strong, Norse man… god… whatever! Again, there’s nothing notable about his powers that can relate to sex, but who knows what a god can do in that department? Sign me up to find out!
  • Iron Man: Nothing special about Iron Man. Just a rich guy in an armored suit. But I’d fuck Robert Downey, Jr. anytime… and who knows what kinky sex toys a guy like Stark can dream up!
  • Cyclops: First, we’d have to take the stick out of his ass. Then he’d be fuckable. But I wouldn’t want his power going wild while we fuck, and that means he’s nothing more than an attractive guy. Except that he’d either have to keep his eyes closed or wear something to block his blasts, and that means I can’t see his eyes at all… and that’s not a good thing.
  • Robin: He’s really just Batman-lite. Which makes him nothing special. I imagine he’d be easier to bed than Batman, though, since he’s a little less broody.
  • Nightcrawler: Well, he’s blue. But I think I can get over that. His teleportation wouldn’t really come into play at all. His hands and feet are weird, and I don’t know whether that would be a benefit or a hindrance, but I’m curious to find out. He does have a tail, which could be a lot of fun. Would he enjoy me licking/sucking it? I’d have to find out. And him kissing me and fondling my tits with both hands and then goosing my ass with his tail would be fun and titillating. I can also see some fun to be had with the interesting positions we could try with him on the walls! That also means Spiderman just got bumped up a notch.
  • Iceman: I was about to write Iceman off, like many on this list, because of powers that don’t really work well in sexual encounters. But then I thought about times that I’ve been teased by an ice cube, and I had to rethink this. As long as he keeps his powers in check, just giving chills in just the right places, then he could really heat me up! So I’m game to give him a try.
  • Captain America: Once again, nothing but a regular guy, just with some physical enhancements. I bet his stamina’s quite something, though, and Chris Evans can take me whenever he wants! I’d just have to convince Cap that American morality can give way to American freedom to give in to wanton desires with consenting partner. And I’m definitely consenting!
  • Ant-Man: Not sure why I’d want a guy to get smaller, but he is Paul Rudd. Maybe I could carry him around in my pocket and I’ll take him out whenever I want for a quick fuck.
  • Flash: I often moan for the guy to go faster when he’s fucking me, especially when I’m close to orgasm. I don’t think the speeds the Flash can do would be desirable, though.
  • Hulk: Like Superman, I’m worried about his strength. Even moreso, actually, because the Hulk has less control over himself. I wonder if sucking his cock would calm him down enough to turn back into Mark Ruffalo…?
  • Colossus: Another big strong man to fuck. I like that, but I’m not sure about his steel body. Might feel more like being fucked by a dildo. Somehow impersonal. Which would be a shame.


  • Wonder Woman: Starting off the women here with one of the best! You can’t tell me that Wonder Woman’s not into bondage. Keep it from being too extreme, and I’ll happily play with DC’s queen!
  • Catwoman: Meow! Sleek, sexy, and feisty! Does she even have any kind of powers? It doesn’t matter. Her attitude is all it takes for me to want her. Not to mention all the “pussy” comments.
  • Storm: Nothing against Storm, but nothing really for her, either. She’s a strong and confident woman, which is good, but I can’t see her powers being of much use in bed.
  • Black Widow: Scarlett Johannson. What else do I need to say? Sleek and sexy like Catwoman, plus she’s a spy! And that’s just super sexy cool.
  • Jean Grey: First off, she’s a hot redhead. She’s also smart, which is a turn on. Throw in telekinetic powers and let the fun begin! She can pleasure me from across the room without anyone knowing what’s up (apart from me moaning and squirming). She can spank me, pull my hair, rub my clit, caress my tits…. all without actually touching me! Add in her fingers, tongue, lips, and the rest of her body to touch me, and the possibilities are endless! And don’t think that I wouldn’t reciprocate as best I could!

Maybe another time, I can evaluate some super villains!



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