Funny Sex

Another old question from way back when… Hope you all get a kick out of this! Expect an announcement later this evening as well….

But on to the question!

What’s your funniest moment during sex?

Hard to say…. Despite how into it I get, I try not to take anything too seriously. Sex is supposed to be fun, after all. What comes to mind first is the time I was being fucked missionary, and the guy…. fuck it. My original answer, while amusing, was a pretty straightforward, no thrills telling of the situation. This is Bunnython 2016, though, and you all deserve something a little more. So I’m going to spice it up a little bit. Same story, but this will be a more… entertaining read. Imagine this, if you will:

Jack was always one of my favorite fucks. He’s big and strong, and he knows how to take control in just the right ways. He’s always been able to turn me on to the point where I’d do whatever he wants, and then he’s not afraid to use me in all the right ways. Sex with him is always fun, exciting, and exhausting.

On the night in question, we were in a hotel room in Santa Fe. Drinks had been consumed, clothes had been cast aside, and we were already both covered in sweat. He’d cum once earlier, and he’d brought me to orgasm a few times already. He’d just finished licking me to another as he crawled up the bed over me and pushed his cock into my pussy again. My legs wrapped around his waist as he slowly began to fuck me. His lips latched onto my neck, making me squirm. My arms held him tightly against me, gripping his back. The sound of our sweaty bodies slapping against each other could barely be heard over my moans and his grunts of pleasure.

His arm worked its way under me, around my waist. A moment later and we were both rolling as he moved onto his back, and pulled me with him. As we rolled, my legs lost their tight grip around him. We came to a sort of rest at the edge of the bed, with one of my legs hanging over the side, foot resting on the floor. I put my hands on his chest and pushed myself up, knowing how much he enjoyed watching my big tits bounce when I ride.

That’s when I realized that he’d miscalculated our roll over. My foot was off the bed and on the floor, but I hadn’t realized that a pretty good portion of his body was hanging over the edge. It might have been my hands pushing on his chest as I rose, or it might have been inevitable, but he began to slide off the bed. Jack panicked, his hands trying to grasp at anything, but he couldn’t stop it. He fell out of me and onto the floor with a loud thud. With one foot on the floor, and the other knee resting firmly on the bed, I would’ve been fine, but as he fell, he took my leg out from under me, and I fell on top of him.

Again, our sweaty bodies smacked against one another, but in a far less enjoyable way. There was a moment of silence as we lay on the floor, our bodies a tangled mess. Then we started laughing. I’m not sure who started first, but we both laughed and laughed.

Eventually, we settled, and he tried to get back to business, but every time he started kissing me, I started laughing all over again. I couldn’t help it, and I felt bad, but every attempt he made was met with giggles. He finally couldn’t take it anymore, and he picked me up and tossed me back onto the bed. This only made me laugh harder of course. Next thing I knew, though, his head was back between my legs, licking away. I still giggled and tried to push him away, but he was persistent. Soon my giggles gave way to moans, and I was near another orgasm before he spun me over and pulled my hips up against him so he could fuck me from behind.

There was no further laughing. Well, not until after he came all over my ass and we calmed down a bit.


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