A Proposition: The First And Second (part 1)

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When the last of them arrived, I hugged him close, like I did with all the others, and took my seat at the head of the table again. Seven pairs of eyes were glued to me in my jeans and tight gray sweater. Seven guys sat at the table with me, and I’d only met one of them before today. I was nervous, but excited. The guys were nervous, too. They all knew they’d be meeting me today, but they didn’t know anyone else would be there. The restaurant was doing a good amount of lunchtime business,  but not overly crowded. Not much chance of our conversation being overheard unless someone was deliberately eavesdropping. I took a sip from my drink and began.

“Well, boys,” I said, “I’m sorry that I’ve been so silent about everything up until now, but I wanted to get you all here before explaining anything, so I only have to do it once. I’ll cut right to the chase. I know that you all want to fuck me. I’ve already explained to you online that the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim, since I’ve got plenty of guys that I already know who’d fuck me whenever I want. But… I’ve decided to give each of you a chance, but with a catch. You get me today, and today only… and you’re all invited.” I paused to let this sink in. They all looked at each other, unsure of how to process the situation.

Finally, one of them spoke. “You want all of us?”


“At the same time.”

A deep breath. “Yes.”

I’d been gangbanged once before, many years ago, at a New Year’s party. I’d tried to arrange it again the next year, and the year after that, but it turned into more of a full-blown orgy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those experiences, too, but what I was looking for was to be the only girl involved. What can I say? I love being the center of attention. Even in that wonderful New Year’s experience, in a dark room where I couldn’t see much of anything, I know there were at least two other girls involved, though one of them only barely so.

A while ago, someone asked me why I hadn’t made it happen again, since I so obviously wanted it. I didn’t have an answer, really. Chatting with this guy further, it was suggested that I bring it up with guys that I know only from online, who normally wouldn’t get the chance to fuck me, and let them know that they do it together or they don’t do it at all. I’ve found many guys are so jittery when it comes to having sex with another guy participating (or even just in the same room). I don’t mean to sound conceited, but there’s no shortage of guys who want to fuck me, and if their only chance is with other guys, maybe they’d be more willing to put aside whatever discomfort they may have of being naked/having sex with other guys around. My online friend made sense, and my birthday was coming up, so I arranged for six of my local online admirers  and my friend, Jack, to meet and see if I could get the best birthday present of my life.

The guys were looking at each other, sizing each other up. Some were avoiding eye contact with the other guys at all costs. I was already starting to lose them. “You’ve all expressed how much you want me,” I said. I looked at them each in turn as I spoke, locking eyes for an instant before moving on. “How incredibly hot I am.” On to the next guy. “How much you love my body.” Next. “My tight ass.” Skipping past Jack and heading down the other side of the table.”My big natural tits.” Next. “How much you want to suck them.” The last one. “My dripping pussy.” I had them on the hook again.

“This is your only chance to have me. I understand some of you may be uncomfortable with the thought of sharing a girl. Don’t decide just yet. I’m going to leave you for now. Order lunch. Enjoy it. Talk things over. Get to know each other. When you’re done eating, Jack will tell you which hotel I’m waiting at. If you need a ride, he’ll take you. When you all get to the lobby, Jack will call me, and I’ll let him know how we’re going to proceed.”

I finished my drink and stood up. “Oh, and so you know, Jack won’t be participating. He’s only here to get all of you where you need to be, and then he’s just going to watch.” That wasn’t all Jack was for, honestly. He’s someone I trust who’s also pretty big and imposing. I know he enjoyed the idea of watching, but that was really just a perk. His job was to make sure that these other boys I didn’t know acted appropriately. “I hope to see each and every one of you there. And I guarantee that each of you that shows up will experience something unforgettable.” Before I left, I couldn’t help but add, “Mmm, I’m getting wet just thinking about it!”

I smoked a joint while driving to the hotel. Pot usually has the dual effect of both calming my nerves and making me horny, and both were welcome. When I got to the hotel, I went straight to the suite that Jack and I had checked into the day before. We’d made some preparations, as well as breaking in the bed and the shower! The main room was large, with a small table and chairs in one corner, as well as a sofa and a few comfy chairs arranged in front of the TV. There was a small kitchenette attached, which we had stocked with a healthy variety of booze and a few snacks. The bedroom was plain, but featured a large, soft bed. The bathroom was also comfortably sized.

I took a quick shower. Afterwards, I wrapped myself in a robe and poured myself a stiff drink. I sat in one of the comfy chairs and thought about the guys I’d left in the restaurant. They were all from New Mexico, not more than a few hours away from Albuquerque. I didn’t want someone to travel far for me. If someone wasn’t keen on the idea of sharing me, I didn’t want him resentful of having traveled across the country for nothing.

One by one, I thought about what I knew of them. Adam was short, with a shaved head. He oozed confidence, though. I was excited to find out what he’d be like. Brian was a little portly, but not too bad. He had blonde hair and a full beard. He was good at making me laugh online, but I wasn’t sure how he’d measure up in this situation. Jason had very fair hair, almost white. He was tall, and a little awkward. I didn’t know him well. He’d been a long time follower, but never really interacted much. Phil was also tall, with short brown hair and glasses. He seemed the most energetic of the bunch. Ray had longer brown hair and a goatee. He looked very serious, but I knew that he liked to play. I could see it in his blue eyes. Steve was the best looking of the bunch. He was a little shorter than Ray and Phil, and had short black hair. He was physically fit, though, and cute.

They seemed to be taking forever! I knew it couldn’t have been too long, but I was anxious to get started. It wasn’t too long before I found myself reaching between my legs. It was about then that my phone rang. I answered, relieved to find that it was Jack, who was down in the lobby with the six boys. I’d expected at least one to back out, but they were all down there. “Alright,” I breathed. “Just like we talked about. Bring the first one up.” This was the plan: Jack would take the six of them into the bar and start a tab, billed to the room. He’d then take one guy up to the room. He’d stay in the room and act as a kind of bouncer, making sure I was well taken care of. Ten minutes later, Jack would go down and bring a second guy up. After another ten minutes, he’d get the third. And so on, until they all joined in. I left it up to Jack to figure out which order they’d get the invitation up. I found out later that he’d dealt out some cards at the restaurant. High card got to come up first, low card had to wait.

I turned the chair I was sitting in to face the door. I smiled when I heard the card key slide into the lock. The door opened and Jack walked in, holding the door for Phil, who had a big grin on his face. I smiled back as Jack gave him the rundown. He pointed out the drinks and snacks, then held out a box and told him to strip. Phil gave him a nervous look. “I don’t think you’ll be needing clothes,” I said, and Jack pointed out that the box was to keep all his stuff together and that everyone would have their own box so no belongings would get mixed up. Phil seemed to snap out of a daze, nodded, and began removing his clothes. He hesitated one last time before dropping his underwear, again looking at Jack, who was doing his best to remain impassive. Finally, he dropped his undies into the box and stood before me, naked.

My eyes moved down his body to his dick, which was soft. He immediately apologized. “I’m sorry. I’ve just never done something like this,” he said as he glanced at Jack, “with a guy watching.”

I waved him over. “Don’t you worry about him,” I said. “Come over here, and I’ll make you forget all about him.”

Phil did as I asked, and approached me as I sat in the chair. I smiled up at him as my hands reached out and took his hips. “Now let’s see what we’ve got here,” I said, shifting my attention from his face to his cock. It was already starting to harden a little. I took it in my hand, jerked it a couple of times, then lifted it to my lips. I softly kissed the head and it almost leaped out of my hand. I giggled, and gripped the hardening shaft tighter. “That’s it, sweetie.” I kissed it again and looked up at him. “Just relax, and let me take care of you.”

“Okay,” he breathed. I turned my attention back to his cock, which I had absently been pumping. It took a little while, but with a bit of hand work and a bit of tongue work, he was rock hard. I was fingering myself as I blew him, trying to stay focused on him while knowing that this was just the beginning. I was vaguely aware of the door opening as Jack left. It must’ve been ten minutes already. Suddenly, he gripped my shoulders and tried to pull back.

I stopped and looked up at him. “What’s wrong, honey?”

“I don’t want to cum yet,” he said.

I smiled at him. “That’s up to you, hon, but we’re going to be here a while. If you want to cum, go ahead. That’s hardly the end of things.” And I went right back to sucking on his cock. He fought it, but a moment later he was cumming in my mouth. I swallowed it all like a good girl, still pumping his cock, milking his cum into my mouth.

“Oh my God,” he groaned. “You’re really good at that.”

I smirked up at him. “Did you really doubt that?” Phil shook his head. “Good,” I said. “Now it’s time to return the favor.” I raised one of my legs over the arm of the chair, causing my robe to fall open a little. I scooted my ass to the edge of the chair.

He stared down at my partially revealed body. “With pleasure,” he said, and dropped to his knees. His hands spread my robe further, fully exposing my breasts and clearing it away from my thighs. His hands slid down over my tits, but he seemed to take my request very literally and quickly focused his attention between my legs. He nudged my legs further apart as he ran his fingers up and down my slit. I’m not sure if he was trying to work me up or work himself up. Phil slid one finger inside me, and a moment later, he added a second. He finger fucked me for a bit, then leaned in and ran his tongue up my slit, pushing it into my folds. I could tell this wasn’t virgin territory for him.

As he began to eat me in earnest, the door opened and Jack led Jason into the room. Phil and I both turned our attention to him. I quickly urged Phil to return to his task, which he eagerly did, while I watched Jason get the same rundown from Jack. Jason didn’t pay much attention to him, though. His eyes never really strayed from Phil and I. There wasn’t the same hesitation when Jack told him to strip, and when he exposed his cock, it was already pretty hard. He watched us for a moment, hand gripping his cock, then looked at Jack as if for permission. “Dive on in, man,” Jack said, chuckling.

Jason quickly came over to the chair where Phil was on his knees, eating me out. Jason got on his knees and leaned over, nuzzling his face to my tits. He kissed and licked and sucked them, then stood and presented his cock half an inch from my face. I shifted slightly and took him into my mouth, sucking him as Phil ate me. Jason wasn’t content to just let me suck him. He held my head still and fucked my mouth, forcing his hard cock into my throat. I eagerly deep throated him as I moaned from the pleasure Phil was giving me.

I soon found myself with my first orgasm of the day, writhing under Phil’s masterful tongue. Before I could come down, Jason took my shoulders and lifted me, then spun me around to face away from him. I was on my knees on the chair, sideways, with my hands on one of the arms. Jason grabbed my hips and pulled me back until I felt his cock poking my ass and thighs. He took hold of it and guided it into my pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned. When I opened them, Phil was standing in front of me. He was fully hard again.

“See?” I said between thrusts from Jason, taking Phil’s dick in my hand. “I knew you’d be up for more!”

As I started his second blowjob, I heard a low voice come from the door. “Wow,” was all it said. I looked over to see Brian undressing, tossing his clothes into the box provided. His eyes were glued to us, and even Jack seemed to have troubles looking away. With a big smile plastered on his face, Brian came over to the chair.

(to be continued… obviously)



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