Fucking Intense

I’ve had a lot of cybersex. I mean, a lot! The terms “cyberslut” and “cyberwhore” definitely apply to me. Most of you know this already. I bring it up because I want to make sure that you all understand just what I mean when I tell you that what follows is one of the absolutely most intense and thoroughly enjoyable cybersex sessions I’ve ever had! I hope that when you read this, you get even a fraction of the kind of arousal and satisfaction that I had in the moment. Enjoy!

Mischiefm8ker: Hey baby! How are you?

Kristen: oh hey!

Mischiefm8ker: How have you been beautiful?

Kristen: wonderful, honey…. how’s you?

Mischiefm8ker: doing alright. Just been super busy lately. And missing you!

Kristen: awww i miss you too

Mischiefm8ker: Thanks baby.

Mischiefm8ker: So what you up to today, sexy? Read more [+]

A Proposition: The Third And Fourth (part 2)

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(Continuing right where we left off…)

I reached out and took Brian’s hard cock in my hand, pulling him to me. I kept hold of his cock as my lips left Phil’s and switched to Brian’s. I alternated sucking both their cocks, one hand on each to jerk them off while my mouth engulfed the other. Jason continued to fuck me from behind, getting a little rougher and faster. His hands gripped my thighs and pulled me back as he thrust into me. They way he was going, I knew he was going to cum soon unless he settled down.

“Hey man,” I heard Phil say as I switched again to sucking Brian. “You think I could get a turn?” He was talking to Jason.

“I’m almost done,” grunted Jason, who then gave my ass a hard smack.  Read more [+]