A Proposition: The Third And Fourth (part 2)

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(Continuing right where we left off…)

I reached out and took Brian’s hard cock in my hand, pulling him to me. I kept hold of his cock as my lips left Phil’s and switched to Brian’s. I alternated sucking both their cocks, one hand on each to jerk them off while my mouth engulfed the other. Jason continued to fuck me from behind, getting a little rougher and faster. His hands gripped my thighs and pulled me back as he thrust into me. They way he was going, I knew he was going to cum soon unless he settled down.

“Hey man,” I heard Phil say as I switched again to sucking Brian. “You think I could get a turn?” He was talking to Jason.

“I’m almost done,” grunted Jason, who then gave my ass a hard smack. 

I pushed myself up on the arm of the chair, kissing Phil’s chest as I went. I kept beating Brian off, but my other hand was now holding me up. “Don’t worry, baby,” I told Phil. “You’ll get me soon enough.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine while his hands sought out my tits. He fondled and squeezed them, and I moaned.

My hand was furiously working Brian’s cock, and he was giving off low groans. He seemed very content to watch Phil and I make out for a bit, then turned his attention to my the flesh of my ass rippling as Jason pounded me. His focus shifted back and forth, his hard cock wrapped in my fingers.

Jason suddenly pulled his cock from my pussy and I felt his cum start to shoot over my ass as he grunted. I looked back over my shoulder at him, smiling. He was jerking himself off now, watching as his cum splattered over me and the robe I was still wearing. When he was done, he slumped into the nearby couch.

Phil quickly moved to replace him. He used my robe to wipe off most of Jason’s jizz before firmly gripping my hips and rubbing my ass cheeks. I turned my attention to Brian, taking his cock back into my mouth while I waited for Phil to press into me.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” I heard Phil say from behind me as his dick split my pussy lips. We both moaned as he pressed into me.

“Wait a second,” Brian suddenly said. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up. Phil held my hips, but couldn’t stop me being pulled a way from his cock.

“What the fuck?” Phil demanded, but Brian didn’t stop. He had pulled me to my feet and was leading me to the couch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jack begin to tense up, standing a little taller and taking a step forward.

Brian pulled me to the couch, but then seemed to notice for the first time that Jason was sitting there. He looked a little flustered as he quickly surveyed the room. “The floor, then,” he muttered. He then gently pushed me down onto the floor in front of the couch. I was starting to get what he was doing. Just mixing things up a bit. I lay down on the floor looking up at them. Brian standing over me, Jason still sitting on the couch, and Phil looking offended as he moved closer.

“It was my turn,” Phil said.

“Still is,” replied Brian.

Phil didn’t look convinced, but he settled onto his knees and scooted between my legs, which were open wide for him. I wriggled out of my robe as he positioned himself, then reached a hand out to caress his cheek. “That’s right, baby,” I soothed. “Now’s your chance to take me.” My eyes fluttered as he pushed into me. He slowly eased his cock all the way in, making me moan.

He leaned over me and kissed me as he began to fuck me. “Oh god, Kristen,” he breathed. “I never thought I’d actually–” I shut him up with a kiss.

I lost myself in that kiss for a moment, forgetting that anyone else was there. Then I heard Brian’s voice. “Can I get in there?” Phil and I both looked up at him.

“Yeah, sure,” Phil said. He got up on his knees, never letting his cock leave my pussy. He reached under me to grab my ass, and pulled me a little closer. I raised my legs over his shoulders. He kissed my calves and started fucking me again.

Meanwhile, Brian hovered over my face, and slowly lowered himself down. He pressed my big tits together as he squatted over me. He spit onto his cock as he pressed it between my tits. His ass hovered over my face, balls dangling as he began to fuck my tits.

My tongue snaked out and flicked Brian’s balls. He uttered some encouragement, squeezing my tits together, my hard nipples locked between his fingers. He shook my tits back and forth along the shaft of his cock. Phil kept fucking me through all this. His cock felt so good inside me, and I was enjoying everything Brian was doing as well.

I think Jack left around this time. I also was vaguely aware of Jason getting up off the couch, but my view was fairly obscured at this point, and I was enjoying myself to much to really worry about anything or anyone that wasn’t in direct physical contact with me.

“Think we can switch?” I think it was Phil who asked.

“Sure,” was the eager reply.

I watched as the two boys stood and circled me, their hungry eyes taking in my body. Phil straddled my body, facing the opposite way that Brian did. His cock rested on my chest between my big tits. My breasts filled his hands as he rubbed them in circles and toyed with my nipples. “Those magnificent tits,” he murmured to himself as much as anyone.

I felt Brian settling in behind him, but I gasped when he suddenly thrust his dick into my pussy. I didn’t think he was quite settled yet, and he didn’t hold back. Phil smiled as he squished his cock between my tits. The precum leaking from his cock kept him moving smoothly back and forth.

I’m not sure when, exactly, but sometime when I was on the floor, I came again. I can’t be sure if it was Brian or Phil fucking me when it happened, or which was wrapped between my breasts, but it was sometime in here when I had my second orgasm of the day.

When Phil came again, there wasn’t as much as I had swallowed earlier, but I loved it spilling out of my cleavage.

He kissed me as he climbed off of me, and when he pulled away, I was almost startled by a new face looking down at us from behind the couch. I’m not sure how long Ray was there, but he was obviously enjoying the show. “Don’t mind me,” he said. “Carry on, by all means.” Brian did just that, continuing to fuck me. I could see Ray’s cock over the back of the couch. It was nice and hard, and he was stroking it.

I’d been trying not to compare cocks during this whole time, figuring in a group like this, I just wanted to focus on all the different sensations and not play favorites. I couldn’t help it, though. Ray’s was noticeably larger than the others’, though not by a lot. Probably around eight inches, maybe a little less. I still don’t know what it was, but something just made me crave that cock. Probably, it had something to do with being super turned on by three guys already and I just wanted more.

At any rate, I moaned something about giving him a “welcoming blowjob” and I crawled up onto the couch and quickly enveloped his dick between my lips. “Oh, wow,” he groaned as I began to suck. His hands held my hair tightly. I assume he was trying to get a good view.

“You don’t get away that easily,” Brian uttered behind me. His hands grabbed my hips.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, honey,” I cooed over my shoulder. A moment later and he was back inside me, pumping away, while I feasted on Ray’s hard cock.

When I heard Brian groan that he was about to cum, I pushed back on him harder and faster until he pulled out and shot over my ass. I moaned and rolled my hips as he did.

I heard Brian settle on one of the chairs. “Is this as great as you thought it’d be?” he asked.

Phil responded. “You bet your ass, it is!” I’m pretty sure they high-fived behind me.

I felt Ray gently place his hands on my cheeks and nudge me up off his cock. “Looks like you’ve got a few men down,” he said. I looked around the room. Sure enough, Phil and Brian were in the two comfy chairs. Their cocks were spent, despite them jerking off as they watched. I didn’t see any sign of Jason. “I guess that means I’ve got you all to myself.”

I turned back to Ray. “I guess it does,” I said, smiling, and leaned up to kiss his lips.

“Just give me a minute,” stammered Phil, “or two.”

“Better hurry up, then,” I told Ray. “If you want me to yourself, that is.”

He considered this for a second, then hopped over the back of the couch and sat next to me. He took my hips in his hand and tugged me over. I straddled him and held his long cock up before easing myself down on him. I took his head in both my hands and pulled him to my breast, smothering him in my cleavage. His hands grabbed my tits as I began to ride him, and he squeezed them together around his face. I could feel him licking and sucking and kissing all over. His cock felt so good inside me, and I was keeping to a steady but intense pace, bouncing up and down on him.

With Ray’s face buried in my flesh, I looked over him as Adam, freshly led in by Jack, stripped down. His eyes took in the whole situation as he confidently approached. “Well,” he said. “Looks like I got here just in time.”

(the story continues here!)

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