A Proposition: The Fifth And Sixth (part 3)

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“Looks like I got here just in time,” Adam said.

“What do you mean?” I asked between grunts of pleasure as I rode Ray’s long and hard cock. I heard and felt Ray mumble something, but it was muffled by my tits.

Adam walked around the couch, grabbing a bottle of lube off a side table. (Jack and I had left several such thing scattered around the suite.) “I mean,” he began as he squirted a bit of lube into his hand and began spreading it over his cock, “that you are in just the right position.” He came up behind me and trailed a hand down my back, giving me goosebumps. “And with only one other guy fucking you right now….” Drops of cold lube fell on my lower back and my ass, and he began rubbing it into my flesh. Some dripped down to my pussy and Ray’s cock and balls. He gave a little startled yelp and jerked, filling my pussy as he lifted me up briefly.

“Oh, wow!” I don’t know if it was Phil or Brian who said that, but I could feel Adam’s cock sliding along my slick ass. I slowed my riding rhythm almost to a stop and looked over my shoulder at Adam. His face was very focused as he pushed the head of his cock against my asshole.

I moaned as my body gave in and this second cock entered me. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Adam said in a low voice. I started to reply, but Ray’s lips suddenly sealed around my left nipple, joined soon by his teeth. It was a gentle nibble, but mixed with the feeling of the two cocks inside me, it made all my words turn to a wordless moan which was cut off abruptly when Adam’s hand slapped my ass.

Slowly the two of them began to fuck me. They were both wonderful lovers, big and hard and attentive. They seemed to work together, working out a rhythm for them to fuck me in sync, instead of fighting with each other. Ray continued to play with my tits, fondling, caressing, squeezing, licking and sucking them as he fucked my pussy. Adam worked my ass, giving it the occasional spank. Ray was groaning in pleasure, as I’m sure I was, but Adam was intensely quiet. His hand gathered my hair at the base of my head and he yanked back firmly, but not too hard. “Yeah, you like that, Kristen? You like that, slut?”

I moaned a long “yesssss!” as he pushed deeper. I opened my eyes, which I hadn’t even realized I’d closed, and saw a hard dick right in front of me. I looked up and saw Phil standing there behind the couch. I didn’t need an invitation. I grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth. Brian was at his side almost immediately. I guess watching me get double penetrated was enough to get them hard again. Each of my hands held a dick, and my mouth switched off between them.

I could feel the sweat on my body as these four guys worked me. And then I was cumming, and cumming hard. Adam spanked me again, just before he pulled out. “Anyone else want this sweet ass?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Brian pulled his cock from my lips and quickly scurried around behind me. Adam sat down next to me and Ray and guided my free hand to his still-hard cock. My mouth focused on Phil, and a moment later, Brian’s cock pushed into my ass.

Ray suddenly gripped my waist hard and leaned his head back. He was about to cum. Brian didn’t notice; he was pretty focused on my ass. With little warning, and with me sandwiched between the two of them, there was nothing I could do as Ray shot his load into my pussy. It felt so good! His cock pulsing and surging deep inside me as Brain’s dick worked my ass.

As he came, I heard Ray moaning about being sorry. I quickly cut him off with a hard kiss to his lips. I kissed him all through his orgasm, then whispered in his ear that it was alright and that I really enjoyed it.

Suddenly, my ass was empty again. I looked back to see Brian grimacing as he came, jerking himself off as he unloaded over my ass cheeks.

I rolled off of Ray and ended up sitting on Adam’s lap. We shifted so his cock was pointing straight out under me. I looked up at Phil, who was still standing over me. “Water,” I gasped. He nodded and took off for the fridge. There was a pause here as well all caught our breath. Phil brought me a bottle of water, and I drank deep. It was nice and cool and refreshing. A little ran down my chin.

Phil took the bottle from me and held it to his pelvis, like a second cock. “Wanna suck it?” he laughed. I giggled and tried to grab it with my mouth, but he kept jerking it out of the way. He took a step back, and I followed, sliding off Adam onto my knees. Suddenly, Brian was next to him with his own water bottle dick. Ray and Adam followed suit, and I found myself on my knees surrounded by these four guys who were giving me a water bottle bukkake as I tried to drink water from each one of them. The cool water splashed all over me, and I’m sure very quickly I looked as if I’d just stepped out of the shower. It was fun, though, and everyone was laughing. It was also very refreshing as the water rinsed some of the sweat and cum from my body.

One by one, the empty bottles were cast aside, but the game continued. Only now, I was moving from guy to guy, sucking him off for a bit before moving onto the next one. It was during this time that my final boy, Steve, joined the party. He quickly found his place in the circle around me, and I gave him and his cock some extra attention whenever it was his turn, just to welcome him. “Let’s get this girl to bed,” someone said. I think it was Ray.

Hands took hold of my arms and pulled me to my feet. It was Ray and Phil, pulling me up. Adam and Steve took hold of my ankles, and as I realized what was about to happen, I hooked my arms around Ray and Phil’s neck, and as my legs were lifted, pulled the two of them close in to my breasts. I looked down as the four of them held me up. I noticed a wicked smile on Adam’s face as he held up my leg just before he moved in. He advanced on me, sliding his way up between my legs until both of them were draped over his shoulders. With his hands firmly on my ass, holding me steady while Ray and Phil braced my upper body, Adam began to eat my pussy.

The boys chuckled as I squirmed. I felt Steve and Brian’s hands on my legs, caressing them. Adam was sucking my clit while squeezing my ass cheeks. Ray and Phil held me up around their shoulders. Ray started kissing my tit, and Phil soon joined in on the other side. The odd playfulness of the water bottles and group blowjob were gone, and I was suddenly in heaven! Being held aloft and caressed and sucked and licked by all these guys was a totally unique experience for me, and I was loving every second of it! At times, I’m sure it was a struggle for them to keep me up, simply because I was squirming and writhing so much, but the boys did a good job of it. They even switched off, taking turns at each position. I think I came two more times during this. It might have been only once. I was well beyond keeping track at this point.

I heard the boys talking while they held me up. I was a little too far gone to pay much attention, since they were all lavishing my body with pleasure, and I was moaning pretty loudly by this point, but I did catch little snippets of what they were saying. “… want to fuck… take her… love those tits… on the bed… her on top… that tight ass… your dick…” I may not have been firm on the details, but I could tell that they were discussing how they were going to fuck me. Once they had it all figured out, we started moving. They were carrying me toward the bed.

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