My Feminist Idol

It’s been a while, but I’m back! As some of you may know, my computer crashed a little bit ago, and that’s left me with limited online capabilities.Yes, I have a phone, and that’s generally what I tweet through and post to Tumblr, but for everything else, I prefer a more complete and dedicated machine.

Anyway, that’s all taken care of now. So as I work to recover and transfer my files (and finish writing the Proposition series), I thought I’d take a moment to bring you something new, and maybe somewhat unexpected here.

I am a feminist. That probably makes some of you nod your head and think, “Obviously. Why even bring it up?” Others might think more along the lines of, “Who’s she kidding? This slut is the exact opposite of a feminist!”

Those of the first thought may be interested in the rest of this little article, but you already get it. You can skip the rest if you want. For everyone else, though, maybe I should explain. Read more [+]