A Proposition: Finishing Me Off (part 4)

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As the boys carried my body to the bed, I felt like I was floating on air. Hands, lips and tongues groped and caressed me as we moved. When they laid me down, I was surprised that I wasn’t laying direcly on the mattress. Someone was underneath me, with his hands on my hips, helping to gently bring me down on top of him. I could feel his hard cock pressed between his body and mine, slipping into the crack of my ass.

Once I was pretty settled, hands lifted up my pelvis, and whoever was under me pointed his cock skyward. We both moaned as I was eased down again, his lubed cock pressing into my ass. Instinctively, my hips started moving. I was half-grinding, half-riding him slowly when I felt another pair of hands on my thighs slow me to a stop. I looked down and saw Phil between my legs as he slid his cock back and forth along my slit, teasing me. I noticed Brian and Ray on either side of me, their hard members within easy reach of my mouth. Adam straddled my chest, pushing my big tits together around his cock as Ray dribbled some lube over us. My lips sealed around a cock as Phil pushed his inside me. That meant that it was Steve underneath me, fucking my ass.

I wanted to alternate evenly between sucking Ray and Brian’s cock as everyone else took their pleasure elsewhere on my body. I was riding wave after wave of pleasure, though, high on the bliss of the multiple orgasms I’d already had, and the surge of pleasure that was coarsing through me in the present, and that made it difficult for me to focus at all. Definitely not my best blow jobs, and probably not even shared between them. 

This is where things definitely get a little fuzzy for me. Another orgasm wracked my body, and as I came, the boys just kept fucking me. Fucking my mouth, fucking my tits, fucking my ass, fucking my pussy. What I can tell you is that at some point, Phil pulled out of my pussy and began shooting his load over my belly. I heard one of the guys say something that wasn’t the usual dirty talk to me or sigh of enjoyment. I didn’t catch exactly what it was, but the guys did. It was obviously some kind of signal, because they all started moving.

I was rolled over off of Steve and found myself straddling Adam’s small but sturdy frame. A moment later and he was inside me. A hard spank on my ass cheek made me look back and see Brian laying claim to my ass. Ray remained at the head of the bed, offering his cock to my mouth. Once I was airtight again, Steve guided one of my hands to his still hard cock.

Time has lost all meaning by this point. I’ve totally lost track of how many orgasms I’ve had, partly because simple addition is beyond me, and partly because I can’t tell where one orgasm ends and the next begins. I do know that Brian furiously fucks my ass until he starts cumming, shooting one or two spurts of his jizz into my ass before pulling out and unloading the rest over my cheeks.

I begin to realize that they’re finishing up, using our time on the bed as some big finale as they all cum, one by one, spending their last bursts of energy.

Once Brian has moved aside, Adam rolls me over onto my back without leaving my pussy. He drills me hard and fast, then pulls and and climbs up over me, sitting on my chest. He pulls my head up to suck his cock, fucking my face. The void in my pussy is filled by Steve, but my focus is still on Adam as he explodes in my mouth. As he cums, he forces his cock into my throat, and I feel him pulsing. He pulls back and a mix of cum and spit dribbles on my chin and neck.As Adam climbs off of me, he leans down and kisses me hard on the lips.

Steve’s still fucking me, getting more and more intense, and I know it won’t be long. I lose myself in my rolling orgasms, but get yanked back to reality by a cold feeling on my chest. My eyes focus on Ray, who I’d forgotten about, pouring lube onto my tits. It’s cold, but he quickly starts warming it up and rubbing it into my flesh. I try to tell them both that I want them to cum, that I need their cum, but I’m sure all that comes out is a moan or a whimper.

Ray’s spending a lot of time lavishing attention on my tits, but his cock, while rock hard, is unattended. His hands and lips and tongue are all over my breasts, though. I know my body is squirming and writhing, and I also know that I have no control over it at all. I can feel Steve sliding quickly in and out of me, and I’m vaguely aware of his intensity rising. He grunts that he’s going cum, and a moment later, he does. He pulls out as he orgasms, and jet after jet of jizz shoots over me.

As Steve runs out of his reserve, Ray finally climbs over me, pushing my tits together around his long cock as it rests on my chest. He begins to fuck them slowly. I realize that part of the reason he’s moving slow is that he’s really close to cumming, and he wants to draw this out and enjoy it. Despite that, it doesn’t take long for him to orgasm and cum over my tits and neck. He continues his slow movements, though, sliding between my tits as his cock pulses and spurts his cum onto my body.

I lay there on the bed for a moment, naked and covered with cum. I raised my head and looked around. Five naked guys rested around the room. A couple on the bed with me, some on various chairs and other furniture. All of them looked well-spent and quite happy. Leaning in the doorframe was Jack. He had watched over everything to make sure I was safe, and now he stood there, naked, eyes on me, stroking his hard cock. My whole body was still tingling.

Jack sat down on the bed next to me. He helped prop me up and offered me a cold bottle of water, which I graciously accepted. As I drank, I noticed one of the guys slip out of the room and return with an armful of bottles, which he passed out to the others. When I felt like I could speak, at least a little, I said, “Holy fuck, that was incredible!” The boys vocalized their agreement as I continued. “I think we’re done for today. I don’t think I could handle any more. You’ve all been so good to me! Thank you so much!”

“Your things are all by the door,” Jack told them, making it clear that it was time for them to go.

“Come say bye to me before you go, though,” I asked.

Brian was the first to come over. He sweetly kissed me on my cheek and said, “Thanks for everything. I’ll never forget it.” I hope that’s true. I haven’t seen him since, but we do have some online interaction still. He’s not the type I usually go for, but he’s really sweet, and was a good team player.

Steve was next, and a little bolder. He kissed me on the lips as he said his goodbyes. I’ve only seen him once since that day. We hooked up for a threesome with Ray, who either happened to be friends with Steve already, or they became friends after this. I’m not sure.

Phil playfully knocked my chin before kissing me goodbye. “Keep it up, beautiful,” he said. That’s the last I’ve seen or heard of him, which is a shame. He seemed like a lot of fun, and I’d totally hang out with him.

“Sure you don’t want me to stick around and fuck you some more? I bet you could get me ready to go again in no time,” said Adam as he approached me. I really loved his confidence from the get-go. He kissed me longer than anyone else so far, even slipped his tongue into my mouth. I, of course, returned every bit of passion in that kiss.

“Another time, maybe,” I told him. As it turned out, it’s been several other times.

Ray was the last one to say goodbye, giving me a soft but sensual kiss and cupping my breast. “Happy birthday,” he whispered in my ear. I’ve also seen Ray several other times. Once with Steve, as I mentioned, but many times on his own as well.

Jason was already gone. Jack later confirmed that Jason left before all the others were even up in the room with me. Looking back, I realize that he came in, had his way with me without really sharing with anyone or caring about them at all, and that he must have left shortly after he came. He fucked me, then left. I haven’t responded to him since.

Jack held me close as the others left the room and gathered their belongings. We could hear them chattering, but I didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying. I suddenly became very aware of the stickiness of drying cum and sweat all over my body. “I think I need a shower,” I said.

“I think you’re right,” Jack responded. He stood and helped me to my feet. “That was amazing, by the way. I’ve never been so turned on by you.

I smiled and looked at his cock. “So I see.” I took a shaky step or two. “I think I may need your help to get there.”

“Not a problem.” He put his arm around my waist and led me toward the bathroom.

As we walked, I playfully batted at his cock. “What are we going to do about this?”

“Nothing,” he said. “At least not until you’re up for it.” He eased me down onto the toilet, then turned to start up the shower. Once he had the water going, he turned back to me. I was smirking at him. “What?” he asked.

I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his cock.

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