To Whom It May Concern

Every now and then, I need to get serious here. This is one of those times. The other day, someone left me some feedback on this site that really made me stop and think. The writer remained anonymous, for reasons that seem clear once you read it, and probably never expected a response, but I thought this was something important. I really hope whoever wrote it finds and reads this response.

Unfortunately, the guy I was really into (my somewhat boyfriend) had cybersex with you and I saw the conversation. I hope that you don’t receive too many of these comments because in reality this isn’t your fault. It was his. I actually don’t know why I’m writing to you, I guess to acknowledge that you won. You are exactly what he’s always wanted and I’m not. I just hope you remember to stay beautiful and don’t ever let a man define who you are as a person and not as the sexy cyber girl. Sincerely, The Unwanted

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A Prized Massage

As many of you know, I recently threw another Bunnython to raise money for this site. As a way of saying thanks to those that contributed, I offered up myself. Well, as much as you can do online. Donors of a certain amount got some special one on one time with me in cyberspace. You can imagine what happened there!

This time around, I had a very special offer! Our own chatroom babe, LustyandBusty, offered herself up as well, so that my most generous donors would get time, not one on one, but with both me and her! Naturally, I was thrilled with this arrangement, since LustyandBusty is incredibly hot and she and I just don’t get to play as much as I’d like!

Don’t forget that I’m always accepting donations. I’m also always looking for ways to improve upon the methods you can donate. And any donation of $50 or more gets you a cyber session with yours truly! That used to be just a benefit during Bunnython, but I’ve decided to make it permanent, and just lower the dollar amount during designated Bunnython campaigns.

At any rate, here’s an example of what the two of us can get up to. Randy was the lucky guy, and he wanted a special massage. So this is what he got: Read more [+]