A Prized Massage

As many of you know, I recently threw another Bunnython to raise money for this site. As a way of saying thanks to those that contributed, I offered up myself. Well, as much as you can do online. Donors of a certain amount got some special one on one time with me in cyberspace. You can imagine what happened there!

This time around, I had a very special offer! Our own chatroom babe, LustyandBusty, offered herself up as well, so that my most generous donors would get time, not one on one, but with both me and her! Naturally, I was thrilled with this arrangement, since LustyandBusty is incredibly hot and she and I just don’t get to play as much as I’d like!

Don’t forget that I’m always accepting donations. I’m also always looking for ways to improve upon the methods you can donate. And any donation of $50 or more gets you a cyber session with yours truly! That used to be just a benefit during Bunnython, but I’ve decided to make it permanent, and just lower the dollar amount during designated Bunnython campaigns.

At any rate, here’s an example of what the two of us can get up to. Randy was the lucky guy, and he wanted a special massage. So this is what he got:

Randy: Shall we get this started then?

Kristen: what are your thoughts, randy?

Randy: We can do where I come in for a massage and I get my money’s worth

LustyandBusty: Oooh what do you think master Masseuse K?

Kristen: works for me… why don’t you get him started, lusty? something just popped up that requires my attention, but shouldn’t be more than a few minutes

Randy: Sounds good (:

LustyandBusty smiles, and glances at Randy, motioning towards the bed.

LustyandBusty: Why don’t you go ahead and put this towel on and let us relax you?

Randy: *Smiles* sure *removes all of my clothes and wraps the towel around my waist*

LustyandBusty: Lay down for a moment and I can oil you up

Randy: Sounds good *smiles and lays down on the bed*

LustyandBusty: *rubs her hands together and sprays some oil on them before pressing them into your back, massaging the muscles gently* so how was your week?

Randy: *Closes my eyes as you start to massage my back* Been busy busy with work this past week

Randy: Along with working out

LustyandBusty: *smirks slogjtly, feeling the hard muscle underneath taunt skin* I can tell

Randy: Mmmm yeah i totally need something like this

LustyandBusty: Hm… what else do you do to relieve stress?

Randy: Hmmm….besides working out and playing videogames? Probably sex

LustyandBusty: Oh? *perks up, running my hands lower* tell me about that!

Randy: *Feeling your hands running lower on my body* mmm it’s one of the most fun stress relievers i can think of, just hardcore pounding sex

LustyandBusty: *smiles and leans forwards, her lips just by your ear* nothing like getting piston fucked, yes?

Randy: Mmmm yes pounding pussy over and over

LustyandBusty: Feeling it grip and slide all over a cock.. *sighs inwardly*

Randy: Especially when both people cum at the same time

LustyandBusty: *moans softly and rubs your lower back more firmly* and over and over…

Randy: Mmmm yesss best feeling in the world *feeling myself getting hard as you massage my lower back sensually*

LustyandBusty: Hmmmm…. would you like me to do the front?

Randy: Would you like to roll over onto my back?

LustyandBusty: Please!

Randy: Alright then *rolls onto my back and looks at you, admiring your gorgeous body*

LustyandBusty: *smiles at you, and casually undoes a button on my shirt*

LustyandBusty: You know I’m usually a 2 woman team. My cohert will be by any minute, but she especially would love to do some work on you

Randy: I would love that

Randy: You have such an amazing body

LustyandBusty: *runs her hands over her breasts, dampening the fabric with the massage oil, making her shirt see theough* ohh yes, I work out too

Randy: I can tell

Randy: Is there any way we can make this massage a bit more interesting?

LustyandBusty: *undoes another three buttons on her shirt, exposing ample ripe tits, before leaning over your head and massaging your pecks, letting my large breasts press against your face slightly* mmmm seems you work out quite a bit!

Randy: Mmmm I do a lot *staring at your big juicy tits as you massage my hard chest*

Kristen: *walks into the room* thanks for filling in for – oh! *noticing the compromising situation* oh my!

Kristen: and what’s going on here?

LustyandBusty: *glances up at Kristen, eyes wide, her tits pressing into Randy lips* Oh! HEY! Welcome back… we just decided to get started early…?

Randy: Mmmm *places my mouth on lusty big juicy tits my cock rock hard underneath the towel*

Kristen: well i never! *glares at lusty* haven’t i told you to always wait for me? *begins furiously unbuttoning her top, revealing more and more of her cleavage*

LustyandBusty: *Gasps in pleasure as Randys tongue and lips latch onto my overly sensitive nipples* ohh.. god.. mmm… I couldn’t resist…

Randy: Mmmmm is this part of the massage package?

Kristen: *walks along side the table, only the bottom two buttons of my top still fastened, a finger trailing down randy’s chest and belly, then along his hard cock under the towel* hmmm i suppose i understand

Kristen: *leaning down to whisper in randy’s ear* no, honey… this is an extra special treatment that we only offer to select clients…. and you qualify

LustyandBusty: *licking my lips, I reach underneath and rip the rest of my shirt off, my big bouncing tits spilling over my black lace bra* only as long as you keep working your mouth over my tits… mmmm

Randy: Mmmmm will do baby  *sucks on Lusty tits nice and hard, tongue swirling around her nipple as the two ladies start to work on me*

Kristen: *oils up my hands, then starts massaging randy’s thighs*

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm…. that feels so good. ..

Randy: *Hands squeezing Lusty’s tits, continuing to suck on them as Kristen’s hands massage my chiseld thighs*

LustyandBusty: Oh Kristen. .. you have to feel this… I swear he’s gonna make me cum just like this…

Kristen: *hands working their way up under the towel, still avoiding anything but legs*

Randy: *Squeezes Lusty’s tits harder massaging them firmly*

Randy: Fuck I love this massage package

Kristen: oh i will, i’m sure…. but i wouldn’t want to interrupt, especially if you think he’ll make you cum

Kristen: *one hand cupping and massaging his balls under the towel*

LustyandBusty: *hands working over Randys chest and abs, breasts being mauled and squeezed, getting so wet*

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm… wonder if his mouth is just as good elsewhere. …?

Kristen: i bet it is *unwrapping the towel, leaving him laying before us totally naked*

Randy: Mmmmfuckkk yeah *sucking her tits harder and harder, tongue flicking up and down on her hard nipple*

LustyandBusty: Oh fuuckk….

Kristen: *drizzling some warm oil onto the tip of his dick, holding it upright and just letting it drip down his shaft*

LustyandBusty: *pulls back, large tits popping away from your mouth, I step back, almost breathless* Mmmm that looks good enough to eat

Randy: Mmmm yeahhhh work your magic ladies

Kristen: i know, right? *wrapping my fingers around his cock, twisting as i pump up and down*

LustyandBusty: *walks over to Kristen, still half disrobed, and begins massaging his balls underneath*

Randy: Fuckkkk that feels so good

Kristen: *kisses lusty fully on the lips* i understand your eagerness with him *working his shaft faster*

LustyandBusty: *reaches her free arm underneath Kristen stroking, I gently grasp one of her large tits, pinching the nipple through the fabric*

LustyandBusty: I’m sure Randy would enjoy a shown with his massage… mmmm Kristen?

Kristen: what do you say, sir? *squeezes his cock* would you like a little show? *releases his cock and brings my oiled hand up to lusty’s big tit*

Randy: Mmmm i think i would

Kristen: *smirks* well ok then… *turns my attention to lusty, kissing her hard on the lips*

LustyandBusty: Mmmmmm…*pressing your lips apaet with my tongue, using a free hand to pull Kristens shirt completely off, I use my free hand to peel down the cup of her bra, letting a gorgeous tit bounce free before latching onto it with my lips*

Kristen: *running fingers through her hair as i moan softly*

Randy: Mmm damn *strokes my cock slowly watching you two start to go at it*

LustyandBusty: *circles it with my tongue, then sucks a large amount of big juicy tit between my lips, before letting it pop out of my mouth* Mmm you want a good taste? You gotta taste one of these, Randy *resumes my lips on Kristen tit, slurping and sucking, biting the nipple gently*

Kristen: *watching randy while i hold lusty to my breast* come on, sweetie… don’t be shy *cupping and lifting my free breast, offering it to randy*

LustyandBusty: Mmmm… suck her tit Randy, she LOVES the attention…

Randy: Mmmm alright then *goes over to Kristen and starts to suck on Kristen’s free tit*

Kristen: *head tossed back, eyes closed, moaning as i hold each of you to one of my breasts* unhhhhyessss

LustyandBusty: *licks, sucks, and strokes the free bouncy flesh around my.mouth* Mmmm must feel so good to get sucked by two completely different mouths….

Randy: *Sucking Kristen’s tit hard, tongue swirling up and down on her nipple, moaning as i suck harder*

Kristen: ohh it doessss…. we’ll do you later, if you waahhhnnt mmmm

LustyandBusty: Mmmm… *sucks* maybe *licks*

Randy: Continues to suck on Kristen’s big tit as my hand reaches down and starts to rub her pussy*

Kristen: ohhh this is wonderful

LustyandBusty: Mmmm *keeps Kristens breast in my mouth as I reach for Randy cock, stroking it softly* should I mention now that Kristen is insatiable?

Randy: *My oyher hand starts to reach down and rub Lusty’s pussy, as she strokes my cock slowly*

LustyandBusty: Always so fucking horny, always wanting to cummm…

Randy: Mmm no you didn’t

LustyandBusty: Ohhhh….fuck….

Kristen: me? *giggles then moans* what about you?

LustyandBusty: I keep up with you

LustyandBusty: *panting, arching her back and spreading her legs*

Randy: *Rubbing both ladies’ pussies nice and hard, feeling how wet they are*

Kristen: unhhhh

LustyandBusty: Unnnggghh….

Kristen: *my pussy dripping around your fingers*

LustyandBusty: *wraps an arm around Kristen waist to steady herself*

Randy: Mmmm yesss ladies *rubbing both of your pussies harder and harder, your moans getting louder*

LustyandBusty: Oohhhh

LustyandBusty: Mmmmmm…..yesss…..

Kristen: ohgod…. gonna cumm

LustyandBusty: Yesss….

Kristen: *holding both of you tighter to my big soft tits, smothering you* ohhh

Kristen: yesssssfuuuuck

LustyandBusty: *turns her face to Kristen, and kisses her hard, splitting her lips with her tongue while reaching up and grasping a big.juicy tit*

Kristen: here i cuuummmohhhOOOOHHHHHHH

LustyandBusty: Oh god oh GOD I’m cumminngg….!!!

Randy: Cum, cummm ladies *rubbing your pussies harder and faster as you cum at the same time*

LustyandBusty: *grinds her cunt on Randy hand as she cums, soaking it up with her juice*

Kristen: *kissing lusty hungrily as we both orgasm*

LustyandBusty: Mmmmmm…mmmmmm….mmmmmmmm….

Randy: Mmmmm fuck yeah ladies *my hands soaking wet in your juices*

Kristen: mmm i think it’s your turn, randy

LustyandBusty: *panting, I step back, letting your soaked hand slip from my pussy, soaked with my cunt juice* mmmm…. yesss…

Randy: Mmmm my hard cock is all yours ladies

Kristen: *grabs the oil again and begins pouring it all over my tits, making them all slick and shiny*

LustyandBusty: Mmm oh Kristen you always have the best ideas

LustyandBusty: *rubs the oil all over her body, concentrating on her bouncy tits*

Kristen: *watching randy the entire time that lusty and i oil up my body*

Randy: *Bites my lip as I watch you two pour oil all over your amazing bodies*

LustyandBusty: Mmmm… where would you like us first Randy?

Kristen: *splashing plenty on lusty as well*

LustyandBusty: *giggles and rubs the oil all over her body*

Kristen: *gently pushing randy back, urging him to lay on the table again*

LustyandBusty: Ooohhh yess

Randy: Mmmmm I want you two suck on my big juicy cock first

Randy: *lays down on the table*

LustyandBusty: Oh fuck yes

Kristen: *licks lips* just what i had in mind *pushing randy’s legs far apart, making room for both of us*

LustyandBusty: *presses her lips on the base if your cock, slicing her tongue all over and around it, sucking the rock hard thickness*

Randy: Mmmmph fuckk yesssss

Kristen: *sliding in beside lusty, our slick bodies sliding smoothly together, as i kiss just the tip of your cock before working my tongue all around the head*

Randy: Oh god yesss *staring at you two oil slick sex goddesses, worshipping my cock*

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm… *gently sucks one of your balls between my lips, then licking all around it towards the length of your cock*

Kristen: *working my way slowly down your shaft, licking kissing and sucking all around it*

Randy: *Groans out loud in pleasure as my cock is being worked on by the two sexy ladies*

LustyandBusty: *slowly working my way up, sucking and licling your thick dick*

Randy: Fuckkk you two are so good

Kristen: *one hand on randy’s thigh, the other on the small of lusty’s back* mmmmm you’ve got a great cock, baby

Kristen: *working lower, closer to lusty’s lips*

Randy: Mmmm thank you baby ohh fuck that feels so good

LustyandBusty: Mmmm so thick and hard… *sucks upwards, meeting Kristens mouth around the girth of your cock*

Kristen: *giggling as lusty and i press our lips together with your hard cock between*

Randy: ohhhhh shitttt that feels so fuckingg goood

Kristen: *sliding my hand back over lusty’s firm ass, rubbing a finger along her slit from behind*

LustyandBusty: *simultaneously sucks Randys cock while kissing Kristen with his hard cock between us, spreading my legs wider*

Kristen: *looking up at randy as i lick back up the length of his cock and seal my lips around the head*

Kristen: *pressing a finger into lusty’s wet pussy as i suck on randy’s cock*

LustyandBusty: *eyes widen, then roll back in my head, adjusting my hips to give Kristen deeper access as.my tongue strokes Randy cock*

Randy: Unhhhhh yesssss ladies keep sucking that big juicy dick of mine

LustyandBusty: Mmmm you dirty girl!

Kristen: *stops sucking his cock briefly to give lusty a kiss on the cheek before sucking one of his balls into my mouth*

LustyandBusty: *Standing up, detaching my mouth from his cock, I lean back and swirl my hips on Kristens fingers as they finger fuck my cunt* Mmm randy she needs to get fucked.

Randy: Mmmmm lets go to the bed then

Kristen: i do? i think you do

LustyandBusty: Mmm I think we both do!

Kristen: you might be right

Randy: Mmmm I’ll fuck both of you nice and hard

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm kristen, why don’t you jump on first? I’ve been dying to get thay mouth on my pussy

Kristen: don’t have to tell me twice

Kristen: *climbing on the table, legs straddling randy* just lie back, honey *holding your cock up toward my cunt*

Randy: *Lies back and relaxes watching you straddling my hard cock*

LustyandBusty: *reaches over and gently strokes her clit, holding Randy big thick cock towards her hole*

Kristen: mmmm

Kristen: *rubbing the tip back and forth along my slit, teasing both of us*

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm she’s such a hot little tease isn’t she? *climbs over Randy head, lowering her pussy right over Randys lips*

Kristen: *moaning deep and low as i let you slip inside, slowly taking you into my cunt*

Randy: Mmmmm fuck yeah she is

Randy: Unhhh yessss that feels so good

Kristen: *biting my lower lip as i sink lower until i’m sitting on you and your big hard cock is deep inside my aching pussy*

Kristen: ohhhh you feel so fucking good inside me

Randy: Ohhh fuck that pussy feels so fucking good!

LustyandBusty: *gently helps easing Randy cock inside her cunt, stroking her clit along the way* God what dirty sluts we are… mmmmmm… *eases my pussy on to your lips*

Randy: Mmmm *starts to lick Lusty’s dripping wet pussy tasting her juices as i eat her out while Kristen rides my big hard cock*

Kristen: mmm yes we are! *leaning forward, taking lusty’s juicy tits in my hands and kissing them, as i start to ride randy’s cock slowly*

LustyandBusty: Ohhh fuck yesss… *grinds her cunt as she leans forwards to Kristen, offerin her big juicy tits*

Kristen: *moving faster on randy’s wonderful cock, sucking hard on one of lusty’s nipples while cupping her other breast in my hand*

Randy: *Hands on Lusty’s ass, eating her out, tongue swirling on her soaking cunt* mmmmphhhhhhhhh

LustyandBusty: Oh fuck yesss… *reach down and flicks Kristens clit, stroking her in tune to her hard fucking*

Kristen: mmmmm

LustyandBusty: Mmm I’m sure he wants to feel that juicy pussy cumm….

Kristen: oohhh lusty…. you’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up

Randy: Mmmmm keep riding me Kristen! You taste so fucking good lusty!!

Kristen: *giggles* he’s certainly going to unhhhh

LustyandBusty: Mmmm I’d love to watch you fucking cum and grip that big, hard fuck tool while you juice it up…

LustyandBusty: *keeps stroking your clit, riding Randy face*

Kristen: *riding faster, my tits bouncing and jiggling as my pussy swallows your cock*

LustyandBusty: Oh godddd… fuck yessss.. *getting so fucking turned on with a tongue in my cunt and watching Kristen ride*

Randy: *Squeezes Lusty’s nice firm round ass, continuing to eat her wet pussy, feeling Kristen riding me over and over*

LustyandBusty: Ohhh FUCK yesss….

Kristen: *releasing lusty’s tits and leaning back, moaning loudly as i grind myself on randy’s crotch*

LustyandBusty: *moaning in pleasure my hand never leaves your clit, stroking and pinching it lightly feeling your juice all over my hand while you ride thay cock so fucking hard*

Randy: *Eating lusty out harder, sticking my thumb into Lusty’s asshole*

Kristen: *back arching, jiggling tits thrust out, as i bounce on randy’s hard cock, lusty’s fingers driving me wild*

Kristen: ohohohhhhohhhohhhyesssfuckahhhhhh

Kristen: shhhhhiiiit *thighs clenching randy’s body, my whole body shuddering as i cum* ah

Kristen: ah

Kristen: ah

LustyandBusty: *arches my back, feeling you all over, I ride your,face harder, screaming in pleasure, fingering Kristen faster *

Kristen: ahhhhhhhhhhh

Kristen: fuck

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm squeeze thay cock honey

Kristen: oohhhh fuck

LustyandBusty: You look so fucking hot getting fucked like that!

Kristen: *my pussy squeezing your cock throughout my orgasm*

Randy: *Licks Lusty’s pussy over and over again, pressing my thumb into Lusty’s ass deeper*

Kristen: ohhhh you have to try this!

LustyandBusty: *arches her back and screams in pleasure, grinding her hips over and over on your tongue* oh GOD… fuckkk…

LustyandBusty: Mmmm wanna switch??

Randy: Mmmmmm fuckkk yessss

Kristen: yes please…. i need to see if his tongue is as good as you think

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm yesss…

LustyandBusty: *pulls away from Randys tongue and lips, inching towards his still thick and still hard cock*

Randy: Mmmmm fuckkkk Lusty, ride that cock nice and hard

Kristen: *making way for lusty*

LustyandBusty: Mmmm like this? *climbs on top of Randys hips, and slowly lowers her soaked cunt over his slick cock* oh fuck… mmmm… *inchs it in, carefully, feeling it spread apart her pussy walls while my greedy cunt pulls for more*

Randy: OHHHH YESSSssssss *Feeling my cock spread Lusty’s tight wet cunt as she lowers herself on it*

Kristen: just like that *kissing lusty* what do you think?

LustyandBusty: Oh god yessss… *carefully turns around with your cock still inside me, my ass jutting put towards you as I grip your thighs* oh it feels SO big and hard

LustyandBusty: Nnnnggghhg…..!

Kristen: doesn’t it?

Kristen: *positioning myself over his head, rubbing my pussy with my hand, coating it with my juices*

Randy: mmmm fuck this feels so fucking gooooooood

LustyandBusty: God it feels so good and harddd… * begins to slowly bounce on his cock, feeling it slip in and out, in and out of her aching pussy*

Kristen: *thighs holding randy’s head in place as i lower my pussy to his lips*

Randy: Mmmm *snakes my tongue towards Kristen’s cunt, starting to lick it tasting her and my juices*

Kristen: mmmm that’s it, baby

Randy: *Sliding my tongue her pussy slowly before starting to lick her fast and hard*

Randy: Mmmmmphhhhhh so good baby

LustyandBusty: * rides without abandon, screaming in pleasure each time your cock impales me, big tits,and ass bouncing *

Kristen: unhhh yeahhh

Kristen: ohhh i get it now, lusty

Randy: *Hands gripping Kristen’s ass, eating her out, devouring her pussy as I feel Lusty riding the shit out of my cock*

Kristen: *leaning forward and giving lusty’s ass a hard smack* how’s that cock, sweetie?

LustyandBusty: *leans forward and growls in ecstasy* so fucking good baby…oh fuck it’s soooo good…

Kristen: *hips grinding, covering randy’s face in my wetness*

Randy: *Tongue dancing inside of Kristen wet cunt, tasting her wet juices over and over*

LustyandBusty: Ohhhh fuccckk… *keeps ridong, her pussy making wet slaps against his cock*

Kristen: *cupping my own tits, pinching my hard nipples as i ride his face*

LustyandBusty: I’m so fucking close… fuckkkkk

Randy: *eating Kristen’s pussy without abandon, moaning out loud as I pleasure her cunt while Lusty rides and rides*

Kristen: unhhhhgod yessss

LustyandBusty: Oh goddd.. fucking pound my pussy… fuck me so hard I’m screaming…

Randy: *Thrusting my hips up, fucking Lusty’s cunt deeper and deeper*

LustyandBusty: Fuck fuck FUCK… oh god…I’m gonna cum… I’m cumminggg…!

Kristen: *reaching out to greedily grab lusty’s giant globes*

Kristen: yes baby yes! *watching lusty cum*

Randy: *Slides two fingers inside of Kristen finger fucking her while eating her out*

Kristen: ohhhh

Kristen: *squeezing your fingers with my cunt*

LustyandBusty: *arch her back and fucks wildly, her pussy gripping randys cock over and over as.in juice and cum.all over, languishing in.Kristen hands on her tits and the hard. Thick fuck tool ramming into her cunt*

Randy: *Finger fucking Kristen deeper and harder feeling lusty riding my cock like no tomorrow*

Kristen: ohyesfuck

LustyandBusty: Unnnnggh fuuccckk…. *rides off her orgasm, slowing down on Randy big thick dick, slowly rockin as her body calms.down from her hard orgasm*

Kristen: gonna cum again soon

Randy: Mmmm cum Kristen, cum again baby

LustyandBusty: *gasping and panting, reaching over and matches her lips around one big juicy tit and furiously sucks the nipple*

Kristen: ohhhhhhhFUUUUUUUCK

Randy: *Pumping my fingers faster and faster inside of her wet cunt, feeling her cunt tighten up*

Kristen: *silent for a moment as orgasm hits, then letting out a long loud moan of intense pleasure*

LustyandBusty: *grabs Kristens other breath and squeezes it, fingerings her nipple while i suck hard on her other one*

Randy: *Continues to finger fuck and eating her out as she cums*

Kristen: yesyeyseysyesyeysyesyes

LustyandBusty: Mmmmm you’re so fuckING hot when you cummm

Randy: Mmmmm im gonna cum soon!

LustyandBusty: *climbs off of randy cock * mmmm where do you wanna cum baby?

Randy: All over your face and tits

LustyandBusty: Mmmm Yesss cum here Kristen let’s get a shower

Randy: *Gets off the table standing up as you two are on your knees looking up at my cock*

Kristen: *pressing in close to lusty, eyes glued to randy’s cock*

Randy: *Strokiing my cock hard, feeling about to cum, looking down at you both*

Kristen: that’s it baby…. cum for us

LustyandBusty: *locks her lips and opens her mouth, reaching up to lick the head of your cock* Mmmmm give us your cummm

Randy: fuckkkk I’m cumming! *Starts to shoot my load onto you both*

LustyandBusty: Mmm mmm…. yess baby…. cum all over uss…

Randy: *Stroking my cock as I continue to shoot out load after load, drenching you both in my cum*

Kristen: mmmmm

Randy: Unhhhhhh *stroking still as i continue to cum*

Kristen: *tongue out to catch any cum that i can, letting the rest fall over me and lusty*

Randy: *Shoots out one long massive load onto you both*

LustyandBusty: Unnggghh…. fuck so goood…

Kristen: *licking my lips*

Randy: *Finishing cumming, panting as I look down at you both*

Kristen: *scooping up some of your cum off of lusty’s breast and bringing it to my lips*

Kristen: ooohhhh that was fucking amazing

LustyandBusty: Mmmm you greedy slut, *giggle*

LustyandBusty: Fuck yes

Kristen: *giggles, then licks some off of her tit*

Randy: Mmmmm it was

LustyandBusty: Mmmm worth being the Bunnython winner?

Randy: Helll fucking yes


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