Begging For A Tease

A couple nights ago, I was chatting with a guy. Of course, things turned sexual. He asked me to send him an email “begging for my cum.” He wanted to jerk off to me that night and read it just before he hit orgasm. I was feeling frisky, so I obliged. He soon had an email sitting in his inbox with the subject line that read, “do not open until you’re ready to cum.” With minor edits (to remove personal info), this is what he got:

i’ve been thinking about your big hard cock…. i guess you could say i’ve been craving it! but more than just your cock, right now i really want your cum!

can you cum for me, baby? mmmmm you’re so close now! i can feel it building inside you, ready to burst out!

but i can’t decide if i want you to cum all over my big soft tits, or if i want to swallow every last drop out of you. they both sound so fucking good!

i’m getting more and more desperate for you cum, and i know you are too…. so close to cumming for me. mmmmmfuck i need it! i can’t wait any more! i need to take your hard cock in my hand and jack you off while my other arm squeezes my tits together. i’m going to whisper how much i need your fucking cum in between kisses to the head of your cock. mmmm and don’t think my eyes will ever leave yours. you need to know that it’s your fucking cum that i want!

mmm your breath is getting pretty shallow. any moment now you’ll be spurting your hot cum all over me. mmmmm that’s how i want it. i want you to cum all over my big tits. i want you to coat them with spurt after spurt of your hot cum. don’t worry, i’ll clean up your cock with my lips and tongue once you’re done. mmmm but then…. one at a time, i’ll lift one of my big tits up to my mouth, and i’ll lick and suck off all the cum that i can, making sure that you’re watching every second of it. then i’ll do the other. any cum that i can’t reach with my tongue, i’ll rub it into my soft flesh. all the while i’ll be telling you how much i love the taste of your cum, how much i needed this, how horny it makes me to draw this out of you!

you like the sound of that, don’t you? mmmm i know you do! i think after watching that, you’ll probably be good to go again, and this time i’ll want you balls deep in my aching wet pussy.

oh! right on time baby, here you cum! let me have it all! mmmmm yessssss!! god i love your cum!

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