Teasing Nibbles

Kristen: hey you

Mitch: *smiles and leans back on the couch* Hey gorgeous

Mitch: *lets my eyes scan up and down your body, taking in the sights* You’re worth waiting for!

Mitch: *pats the spot next to me on the couch, grinning at you*

Kristen: *watches your eyes as they take me in, wearing a black miniskirt and red halter*

Kristen: *grins and slowly walks toward the couch*

Mitch: *admires you as you walk over*

Kristen: *walks right by you, watching your eyes follow me as i head for the wet bar* can i get you a drink?

Mitch: *stares at your ass before shaking my head slightly to refocus myself* Bailey’s Irish Cream on the rocks, please

Kristen: you got it, baby *prepares a drink for you and one for me, leaning over the bar to reach some of the bottles, causing my skirt to hike up a bit, showing off a hint of my ass cheeks and a red thong*

Mitch: *feels my jaw slightly slacken, unabashedly staring at you*

Kristen: *straightens and turns, a drink in each hand*

Mitch: *tries to recompose myself* What’re you drinking?

Kristen: 7 and 7 *walks over and hands you your drink*

Mitch: *sips my Bailey’s, watching you* Nice

Kristen: *raises my glass to my lips, eyes locked on yours as i sip*

Mitch: *locks my eyes on yours, taking another sip before putting my drink aside and gesturing for you to sit on my lap*

Kristen: *eyes never leaving yours as i rest one knee on the couch next to you, the other on your other side, straddling you*

Kristen: *taking another sip of my drink and setting it down next to yours*

Mitch: *looks up at you as you straddle me, grinning*

Kristen: *resting my hands on your chest, just under your shoulders* so… what’s on your mind, baby?

Mitch: *rests my right hand casually on your left hip*

Mitch: Well I’ve got the sexiest woman on the internet straddling me, so…

Kristen: *raises an eyebrow* so…?

Mitch: *leans up and kisses your neck, nipping lightly at it*

Kristen: *smiles as my fingers lightly undo one button of your shirt*

Mitch: *moves over and nips at the other side of your neck too, leaving small but matching red marks where my teeth sank in*

Kristen: *breathing deepens slightly as a very slight grunt escapes my lips*

Mitch: *grins, my breath warm on your neck as I move up to nip at your jawline, my right hand sliding down to grab your ass*

Kristen: *tilting my head back as your lips and teeth tease, undoing another button of your shirt*

Mitch: *moves over, nipping at the other side of your jaw, harder this time*

Kristen: *smiling, my nipples clearly hard beneath the fabric of my halter, quickly undoing another two buttons*

Mitch: *moves my other hand up, both grabbing your ass and holding you close to me as I lean up and press my lips hungrily to yours*

Kristen: *hands sliding inside your halfway undone shirt, pressed hard against your chest as my lips meet yours in a passionate kiss*

Mitch: *kisses you back deeply, my right hand coming up to get a firm grip on the back of your head as I kiss you deeper*

Kristen: *kiss becomes more passionate as we both give in to our lust, my tongue teasing the edge of your lips*

Mitch: *sucks your upper lip between mine as I kiss you more passionately, my teeth scraping it as I let it go, my left hand lightly smacking your ass as the right holds our heads together**

Kristen: *squeaking as your hand slaps my ass*

Mitch: *grins*

Kristen: mmm you know i like that, don’t you, baby?

Mitch: *grins* I know you do

Mitch: *slaps your ass a bit harder*

Kristen: *tossing my head back as my hips grind once over your lap*

Mitch: *uses my grip on the back of your head to make it easier for me to lean in and whisper in your ear* I know you like it rough. I know you want it rough.

Mitch: I also know you’ll love it more and want it more if I tease you first

Kristen: *bites my lower lip and purrs* someone’s been paying attention!

Mitch: *slides my right hand down and squeezes your ass before slapping it ever-so-lightly*

Kristen: *leans in and kisses you again, tongue pressing into your mouth as my hands finish unbuttoning your shirt and spread it wide*

Mitch: *kisses you back hungrily and pulls you close to me, cinching my right arm tight around your waist with my other hand grabbing your ass before standing up and carrying you over to the bed, tossing you down on it*

Kristen: *giggling as i fall on the bed, my skirt skewed to clearly show my panties…. running my hands up my thighs, over my belly and breasts before finally stretching them out over my head as i look up at you*

Mitch: *straddles you, my weight pinning your thighs down as I look down on you*

Mitch: Mmmm……. I want to tease you and take it slow, but… you’re so fucking hot

Kristen: *wide grin on my face as i squirm underneath you* so what’s it going to be, baby? tease me nice and slow? or just take me hard right fucking now?

Mitch: *shudders slightly before composing myself* Naughty little girl, trying to tempt me

Mitch: *pulls your top off firmly but not roughly, wondering if I’ll see a bra under it*

Kristen: *giggles* what? me? *trying to look innocent as i play with your belt buckle, grunting as you pull away my top, revealing my large bare breasts left shaking with the movement*

Mitch: *leans down and plants a series of alternating soft kisses and light bites across your jawline, down your neck, and then to your tits, kissing and nipping all over without even brushing against your nipples*

Kristen: *breathing heavily and moaning softly on ocassion, breasts heaving, hands gripping the sheets to either side*

Mitch: *grins and starts biting harder, but still never touching your nipples*

Kristen: *wincing from the pain but never asking you to stop, continuing to squirm under you*

Mitch: *grins and finally nips ever-so-lightly at your nipples*

Kristen: *gasps*

Kristen: *hands find their way to your thighs*

Mitch: *moves up and kisses you deeply*

Kristen: *gripping the waist of your pants tightly as i kiss you wetly*

Mitch: *slides my hands down as I kiss you, reaching your miniskirt and thong and pushing them down*

Kristen: *nibbling your lip, helping you push off the rest of my clothes*

Mitch: *kisses and bites my way down your body, focusing some attention on your tits before kissing further down and swirling my tongue around your clit*

Kristen: *moaning as my legs spread for you*

Mitch: *licks and sucks on your clit as I slide two fingers into your tight, wet cunt*

Kristen: unhhhh *your fingers slide easly into my dripping pussy, my fingers running through your hair*

Mitch: *finger-fucks you as my lips and tongue tease and worship your clit*

Kristen: ohh yesss baby

Kristen: *eyes closed, head laid back, fully open for you*

Mitch: *looks up* Tell me when you’re close. *keeps licking your clit*

Kristen: mmmmm not yet …. unhhhhh but sooooon

Mitch: *slides a third finger into your cunt, sucking and licking on your clit*

Kristen: oohhhhhh

Kristen: *hips grinding against your hand and face, one hand sliding up my body to squeeze one of my tits*

Mitch: *angles my fingers to rub your g-spot as I keep worshipping your clit**

Kristen: fuck baby…. ohhhh getting closssse

Kristen: been looking forward to this alllll fucking day

Mitch: *grins and stops, quickly stripping out of my clothes and rubbing the head of my hard cock against your clit*

Mitch: Me toooo

Kristen: *biting my lip as i look down past my heaving tits at your cock rubbing along my pussy, hips grinding uncontrollably with it*

Mitch: *grins* Do you want my cock?

Mitch: *keeps teasing your clit with it*

Kristen: ohhh you know i fucking want it

Kristen: *reaching out for it*

Mitch: *grins and knocks your hand away* Ask nicely

Kristen: please, mitch…. please fuck me with your big hard cock….. i need to feel it deep inside me

Mitch: *grins and slides just the head in before sliding it back out*

Kristen: unhhhh…. no deeper

Kristen: i want it allll

Mitch: *slides a bit more in, then back out*

Kristen: *gasping sharply* fuuuuck such a fucking tease

Mitch: *does it again*

Kristen: *squeaking softly* oh god

Kristen: do it again

Mitch: *slides just the head in and back out*

Kristen: *gripping the sheets tightly, back beginning to arch*

Kristen: again

Mitch: *grins and slams my cock into you balls-deep and starts fucking you hard and deep and fast*

Kristen: *head thrown back, moaning loudly, tits thrust upward, crying out, as i cummmm*

Mitch: *fucks you roughly, almost animalistically as I lean down and sink my teeth into your big gorgeous tits*

Kristen: *whole body shuddering as my climax is drawn out, moans and grunts and squeaks *

Mitch: *uses one hand to rub your clit as I fuck you wildly, the other playing with the tit I’m not biting*

Kristen: oh god oh god oh god fuuuuuuuuck

Mitch: *switches which tit I’m biting and rubs your clit harder, my cock slamming in and out of you*

Kristen: you’r not… fuck….. letting me stoooop

Mitch: *grins and keeps it up* I’m getting close

Mitch: *fucks you harder and rougher, my fingers going wild on your clit*

Kristen: *half heartedly pushing you away*

Mitch: *slams into you and cums hard, filling you up*

Mitch: *pulls out and lies next to you, breathing deep*

Kristen: oohhhhh wow

Mitch: *runs a hand through your hair as I catch my breath* Okay over there? *grins*

Kristen: i’ll let you know in a few minutes

Mitch: *chuckles and keeps catching my breath, my hand resting on your stomach*

Kristen: *breathing hard, sweat cooling my body*

Mitch: *smiles, still breathing hard*

Kristen: that was… intense

Mitch: It was

Mitch: *kisses your cheek*

Kristen: *big smiles*

Mitch: *kisses you quickly on the lips*

Kristen: *kisses you back softly*

Mitch: *kisses you deeper* Mmmmm, that was fun

Kristen: it certainly was!

Kristen: thank you, baby

Mitch: No, thank you, m’dear

Mitch: *kisses you again, my hand coming up to cup your right tit*

Kristen: *hand meeting yours on my breast, holding it there*

Mitch: That was great

Kristen: it was

Mitch: Have a good night, babe

Kristen: you too, honey *kisses you warmly*

Mitch: *kisses you back*


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