A Night At The Club

An older one, and not one of my best, but it’s been a while…

Friday night I decided to go dancing. I met several of my friends at a club and, after downing 3 or 4 shots, went prowling on the dancefloor. I was wearing red heels, a tight black miniskirt, and a sheer white baby tee. My midriff was exposed, and my skirt rode high on my thighs. Under my shirt I wore a red bra that does a nice job of pressing my breasts together and out for maximum cleavage.

We were just having fun drinking and dancing. And we were doing lots of both. Drinking always tends to get me horny, and dancing does the same. For me, dancing is very sensuous, your body just moving, feeling the music…. And especially in clubs like that, where there’s people all around you, and it’s hot and a little sweaty, and you can feel them close to you and sometimes touching you. And knowing that every guy there is looking to score, and that they’re checking you out…mmm I love it!

It was late in the night, and I was out on the floor yet again. Most of my friends had left already. This guy came up and starts dancing with me. He’s pretty cute. He had very short blonde hair, blue eyes, clean shaven. He’s wearing slacks and a blue silk shirt. And he’s got a pretty nice body under those clothes, too. Maybe he plays baseball or something. That kind of build, anyway.

When I don’t immediately turn away, he takes it as a good sign and moves closer.  I decided that he’s worth dancing with and moved right up to him. His hands rested on my hips as I swayed to the music. His eyes kept roaming up and down my body. I turned around and backed into him. His hands were still on my hips. I rubbed my ass against him with my hands over our heads. I rested my head on his shoulder then brought my hands down over my body, carressing myself. I looked back to face him and he leaned toward my ear. “My name’s Gary,” he yelled over the music.

“Kristen,” I replied.

“Can I buy you a drink, Kristen?” He smiled at me.

It was a cute smile, so I said, “You can buy me two!”

He took my hand and led me off the floor to the bar. For my two drinks, I got a shot of tequila (my usual when out dancing) and a 7&7. He ordered a Jack & Coke for himself. We drank and talked. The usual boring stuff like what we do for a living, etc. I was getting pretty bored when he suddenly said, “I’ve been watching you since I got here. I’ve watched all those guys dance with you and buy drinks, and I’ve watched you leave them wanting more.”

“You think you can do better?” I teased.

“I don’t know,” he said, “but I couldn’t leave without giving it a shot.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

He shrugged. “Because you’re the hottest girl in here tonight. The hottest I’ve seen here in a while.”

I finished my drink. “And what if I dismiss you like all the other guys tonight?” Honestly, I hadn’t really dismissed all the other guys that night. Some of them, yes…. Others left with my phone number or email.

“Then I’ll still have the memory of dancing with your body against mine to fuel my fantasies for the rest of my life. Not the ideal, but it’ll do.”

I laughed. “So what are you looking to get out of me tonight?”

“Whatever I can get,” he said, smirking.

I raised an eyebrow. He raised one in return. I laughed and took his hand, pulling him back to the dance floor.

We danced for a while, and things were getting dirtier. I was grinding my ass against him again, now making a point of rubbing it against his crotch. I could feel him getting hard. His hands were on my hips. Mine held his there for a while, then I slid his hands up my side a bit and up to my tits. I left them there as my arms went over my head. He squeezed them as I reached over behind me and held the back of his head, pulling him to my exposed neck. He kissed and sucked as his hands began to roam again.

He spun me around, grabbed me around my waist and pulled me against him, his leg pressing between mine. I let myself rub against his leg as his hand grabbed my ass, then slid down my leg. It slid to the inside of my leg and slid back up to the edge of my skirt. He stopped there, and gave me a look, as if asking for permission to continue. I kissed his lips full on, biting his lower lip. His hand moved up under the front of my skirt. His fingers slid along my panties, pressing them gently into my wetness. Then he slid a finger under them and along my pussy. I was already a little wet. He removed his hand and licked his finger clean. “Very nice,” he said. Then he leaned close and said, “Let me take you home.”

I shook my head. “No,” I said. “You can’t take me home.” My fingers glided along the bulge in his pants. “But you can just take me.”

“Where?” he asked, and I swear his voice trembled. I took his hand and led him outside. We quickly walked across the parking lot to my SUV. I opened the back and climbed in. He followed and closed the gate.  The back of my car is pretty roomy, so space was only slightly an issue. I was removing my top before the gate was closed and he turned and pounced me as soon as it latched. We were making out pretty hot and heavy for a bit, but we were both pretty eager. My bra was soon cast aside, leaving me totally topless. I undid his pants and pulled them down a bit, then forced his underwear down too. I got him on his back and I moved between his legs and swallowed his cock. It was about average size, maybe a little smaller. But the important thing is that it was hard as fucking steel!

While I went down on him, his hands roamed my body. He grabbed my skirt and hiked it up so that my thonged ass was showing. He rubbed me through my panties, but due to our positioning, he couldn’t do much more than that. So he focused on my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers and pulling on them.

Enough was enough, though, so I slid off my panties and moved up to lower myself onto his hard cock. We both moaned as he filled me. I began to ride him, bent over him so I wouldn’t hit my head on the roof. After a few minutes, he smacked my ass. My eyes opened in shock and before they closed again, I noticed a couple of guys leaning against the car next to us, watching with shit-eating grins on their faces. one made to quickly go when he noticed I was looking, but I just kept on riding Gary and looking at them, eyes glazed over, smiling around my moans. For a laugh, I ran a hand through my hair (to disguise what I was doing from Gary) and blew them a kiss. Then I leaned back down over Gary and screamed into his neck as I came.

“Ohhh fuck,” he was moaning. “I’m gonna cum!” So I lifted my pussy off of him and slid back down again. I sucked him off until he was spurting hot cum in my mouth and down my throat.

We rested a moment, then he pulled his pants up. He asked for my number, and I told him to just watch for me at the club. “If you’re lucky,” I told him as I put on my bra, “I’ll give it to you next time.”  I pulled my skirt back down, but didn’t bother with my panties. I opened the gate and hopped out, closing it after he followed. We kissed and said goodbye, and he walked off.


  • Did you ever meet up with this guy again? If you didn’t, do you you think it made this experience better (considering what a lackluster followup might have potentially done)?

    Like always, I enjoyed the stories and I look forward to hearing more of them

    • no, i never did meet up with him again. not sure if we were never there at the same time again, or if we just didn’t see each other among all the other people. wasn’t a frequent spot for me to visit, so i wouldn’t be surprised either way. as to your second point, this experience was this experience. if we’d have hooked up again, this experience would still be this experience, and the new one would be that one. i try not to let any one experience color another one. doesn’t always work, but that’s what i strive for.

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