Inspired by the new movie, I thought it was well past time that I posted this classic!

A couple years ago, my Halloween costume was Wonder Woman. That was the suggestion of my roomie, Katie, who went as Supergirl. My costume was made up of red boots (with heels, of course), a skimpy one-piece outfit, lasso, belt, and tiara. And that’s it. I couldn’t wear a bra with it, not that I’d really want to. The piece itself shows off my boobs well enough. I experimented with a couple of my thongs and even a g-string, but I decided that I might as well go without any panties at all. So really, what you see is all there is!

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Double Titfuck

Glad to see I still have readers after so long of an absence! Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back for more!

One of my recent posts, Threesome TittyFuck, inspired the following question from an anonymous reader:

In regards to your recent post about tittyfucking threesomes have you ever had done a double titfuck where the guys goes between you and another girls tits at the same time ?

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