Inspired by the new movie, I thought it was well past time that I posted this classic!

A couple years ago, my Halloween costume was Wonder Woman. That was the suggestion of my roomie, Katie, who went as Supergirl. My costume was made up of red boots (with heels, of course), a skimpy one-piece outfit, lasso, belt, and tiara. And that’s it. I couldn’t wear a bra with it, not that I’d really want to. The piece itself shows off my boobs well enough. I experimented with a couple of my thongs and even a g-string, but I decided that I might as well go without any panties at all. So really, what you see is all there is!

What I didn’t realize was that the party that Katie was taking me to was a themed costume party. It was superheroes only. Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Batgirl, they were all there, even several that I didn’t recognize. Katie was not the only Supergirl, and I was not the only Wonder Woman…. Though I was the bustiest wonder woman. There was even a girl dressed up as a superhot Robin, hanging on her Batman’s arm. I immediately had thoughts of fucking Batman and Robin, but I quickly learned that she was only into guys, and wasn’t about to let her guy fool around with anyone but her.

There was plenty of booze, dancing, drugs of all kinds, and rowdiness. I feel bad for the guy who showed up as a Jedi! If you didn’t fit the theme, you weren’t welcome. Mix all this stuff with guys in tights and scantily clad women, and you can imagine the sexual electricity in the air. I got high, I got drunk, I got horny. I got more high than drunk. Mostly I got horny. So after a bit of dirty dancing, sandwiched between Spiderman and Green Lantern, I pulled the Lantern with me into the bathroom. We closed the door, locked it,and I dropped to my knees. His cock lept out and I started pumping it. It was a little smaller than average, but still very nice. It ended up being a sub-par bj, but he got off, straightened himself up, and went back to the party.

I stayed in the bathroom, taking a bit more care fixing myself up and pissed that the green lantern was such a pansy as to leave me with nothing. I guess when he left, though, the guy waiting outside thought the bathroom was free and came in just as I was adjusting my tits in my outfit. This guy was a Superman who really filled out his costume! He looked at me with one hand inside my suit on my tit and said, “You need help with that?”

I chuckled and said, “No, I got it, thanks.”

He very firmly said, “No, I think you do need help.” I looked into his eyes through the mirror. I don’t think I really shuddered, but I felt it. There’s a look guys get when they know they’re about to get laid, and they know nothing is gonna change that. Give me that look, and you’re right – you’re about to get fucked!

“Maybe I do. Do you think you could help?” I asked as I spun around to face him.

He closed the door behind him and locked it. “I’m the only one who can,” he said.

He moved straight up to me, threw his arms around me to pull me flat against him, and started kissing me. I fully gave myself up to it, though the kisses were pretty sloppy. I half-wondered how drunk/wasted he was, but I decided I didn’t care. He was into this, and that really helps me get into it. Next thing I knew he was sliding my costume down over my tits. His fingers quickly found my nipples and rolled them around and pinched them until they were rock hard. And they weren’t the only hard thing around. I could feel his cock pressing hard against my belly.

His hands slipped under my arms and he lifted me up and sat me down on the counter. My legs spread and he moved in close again, his hardness now pressing against my pussy, separated only by the thin materials of our costumes. I grabbed his ass and pulled him harder against me, as he lowered his lips to my tits. I started moaning as he fondled and sucked my tits, my nails digging down his back, under his cape. “Ooohhhhhh fuuuuck,” I moaned. He answered by sliding down to his knees, and fingers gliding over my belly to my pussy, rubbing it slightly. It was pretty obvious that I was wet. Then he pulled the white on blue stars of my costume aside with one finger, revealing my pussy and went down on me. Despite his sloppy kisses, he was pretty good at eating me out. My moans got louder. I undid my belt and tossed it aside before letting my hand roam over my tits, my other hand on the counter behind me, supporting me.

I was on the verge of orgasm when he suddenly stood, roughly pulled me to my feet, letting my red and blue costume fall to the floor. He pulled me toward him, but moved at the last moment, and ended up pushing me against the wall. I braced myself with my hands as he moved behind me. I stuck my ass out for him and he smacked it hard. I cried out a bit, and he smacked it again. His hands wandered over my ass and between my legs, occasionally giving me a good spank or rubbing my dripping pussy and clit.

He grabbed my hips and spun me around again, so that my hands were on the counter again. My ass out and legs spread, I looked up into the mirror and saw that he was working on getting his cock out. Due to the angle, I couldn’t see it. I could see his head, shoulders and upper chest, then below that was my face and my hanging tits. He rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack, and I could tell that the head was pretty big. He positioned himself carefully and slowly pushed into my pussy. He slowly pumped a few times, and it felt like a good sized cock. Then he thrust hard and I learned that he hadn’t gone all the way in before! He had another two inches at least beyond what I thought was already a pretty good sized cock. One hand grabbed my hip and pulled me onto his cock as he thrust in and out, the other tugged on my hair. I loved it!

My eyes were closed and I was moaning and grunting as he fucked me. He tugged my hair and said, “Open your eyes! Watch me fuck you!” so I did. I watched in the mirror as he fucked me from behind. Watched his face and mine, watched my tits swaying, my nipples grazing the cool countertop. Watched as he’d raise a hand and bring it spanking down on my ass cheek, making a sharp smacking sound. Listened to the sounds of his grunting, my moans, my ass being spanked, his body slapping against mine, all echoing in the bathroom acoustics. I hit orgasm, and he just kept going, filling me over and over, all the way with his huge dick. Superman has a super fucking cock! One more slap on my ass, and he pulled my hair again, lightly. He pulled out quickly and shot his cum over my ass. He wiped a little of it up from the tip of his dick and held it to my lips. I licked it off as sensuously as I could, barely able to support myself.

He fixed himself back up in his costume and looked at me, now sitting on the toilet wearing nothing but boots and a tiara tangled in my hair. “Let me know if I can ever help you out again.”

I nodded, wide-eyed. “Of course,” I replied. Then Superman turned to the door and left. I ran to it and closed it behind him, not caring that there were at least two people outside who could see my naked body as I did so. They had to have heard us fucking anyway.

I stood there for a moment, almost naked, Superman’s cum drying on my ass cheeks and lower back. I never knew anything about the Superman who fucked me. At least I knew that Green Lantern’s real name was Jason. Then I washed up and put my costume back on. I noted that one of my ass cheeks had red hand marks on it which weren’t quite covered by my costume. I shrugged. I always thought wonder woman could use a good spanking. Why hide that she finally had one?

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