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Welcome back…. hmm. Not too sure what to call all you boys and girls who keep coming back and keep me cumming. Any ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Anway, today I’ve got a great question from Jake. This is what he wrote me:

Hey there Kristen, it’s pretty clear through your stories that you’ve had the pleasure of having a lot of different and wonderful sexual experiences. So my question is what’s next? Is there possibly anything you haven’t done that you’d like to do? How would you like to continue to grow sexually from this point on? Thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear your answer

That really is a fantastic question, Jake! I really have had a lot of wonderful sexual experiences, from my first timid explorations, to testing the waters of my budding bisexuality, then becomming more adventurous and trying things like anal sex and titfucking, and finally braving the waters of multiple partners, first in twos, then more and more until now I not only accept the term “slut” as accurate, I embrace it!

As for what’s next. Well, a common question I get from people just getting to know me is, “what’s your biggest sexual fantasy?” I always have to answer that really the only thing I haven’t done (that I think I might enjoy) comes down to individual people…. mostly celebrities. We’ve all got those celebs we’d love to fuck, don’t we? But beyond that, I’ve done (and in most cases, continue to do) everything that ever appealed to me.

So as far as growing…. I don’t know what growing there is to do. Some of you who have more contact with me have already heard me mention that I’ve been (mostly) exclusively seeing one particular guy for several months now. So that’s a new experience! He knows better than to try to tie me down, but I’ve oddly had little interest in others since I started seeing him. So maybe how I grow now is by focusing on one person, learning the ins and outs of him and us.

Despite the comments of a few people, I don’t think I’ve finally “found the One” or anything like that. Like every part of my life so far, I look forward to enjoying this as long as I can, as long as it interests me, as long as it satisfies me. Eventually, it will end and I’ll be on another adventure, and who knows what that will be? I’ll continue to take it as it comes, and enjoy every possible moment of my life, and not hold back. That’s what’s gotten me this far, and I love my life, so I’ll keep trusting that.

But don’t worry! I still have plenty of stories left to share! (And I’m hardly done having the experiences that spawn new stories!)

I’d love to hear from some of you, though. How do you want to grow sexually from here on out? What fantasies do you still harbor that you’d like to experience one day? Leave comments below!



  • Hey there, Kristen! Thanks so much for answering my question, this was really a fascinating answer, especially given your position.

    Personally, I’ve always thought that there are too many people in the world us to only be super compatible with one person (not just sexually but also emotionally and mentally). That being said, I’ve never been in a situation where I was seeing more than one person who I cared about who I was compatible with. So I guess I’m curious what it would be like to have multiple deep and fulfilling relationships at one time, just to see if that’s something I can actually handle or if I’m just better off focusing on one person at a time. This idea is a bit convoluted, but it’s been stewing in the back of my mind for a while.

    A more concrete sexual experience I’ve been curious about is being in an orgy setting. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of group of people just engaging with each other on a purely sexual level and the idea of going from person to person being on that same wavelength always held some appeal to me. That being said I’m not sure how I would handle it if it actually happened, but I wouldn’t mind finding out

    • i can’t speak to being really involved with more than one person…. most of my life i’ve avoided being deeply involved with even one person, and certainly never more than one. i do agree with you, though, in that i don’t believe in “the one.”

      i can speak about being in an orgy session, though. i wouldn’t recommend it for anyone, but for me, and for a lot of people, it’s really a thrill. to me, it feels like the more people you add to a sexual situation, the more everyone is focused on everyone else, and less on themselves. there are exceptions, of course… both ways (people focused on themselves in multiple partner situations, and people in a one on one setting that only care about the other person). but as a general rule, i find this to be the case. and when multiple people are all focused on each other and not on themselves…. the end result is exhilerating for everyone involved! i think you should give it a try if you can, jake!

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