Worn Out

It’s Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque, and that means an active sky!

I’m continuing to clean out older q&a posts while waiting for more new questions. (Don’t be afraid to ask me whatever you want!) Anyway, PatrickOF wanted to know:

Have you ever worn out a guy during sex before?

It’s not uncommon for me to be wanting more sex after the guy has cum and he’s unable to continue for at least a bit. Some guys can go again right away. Some need a short break before they’re ready to go again. Sometimes I can shorten this break by whispering dirty thoughts in his ear, or talking about how much I love being fucked by him, or sucking his cock until he’s nice and hard again. But I don’t think that counts as wearing a guy out, even if I don’t arouse him back again. But there was this one time… Read more [+]

Sexy Accents

I’ve had a little bit of feedback about how to open these entries, but I’d like more! Sexy anecdote, pciture or video that I like, what? Let me know in the comments below! In the meantime, here’s an old question from an anonymous fan:

Can a guy turn you on by what he says? What I mean is, do accents turn you on?

When I read the first part of that question, “can a guy turn you on by what he says,” my immediate answer was: Of course! Words can be incredibly seductive!

With the clarification about accents, my immediate answer is: Of course! Again, words can be incredibly seductive, and the way they’re said can make a hell of a difference! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t find certain accents sexy. It’s amazing sometimes how different people will have very different ideas of what’s sexy. Sometimes the difference is pretty clearly along gender lines or other broad strokes. For example, I know a lot of guys who really like French accents, but not many girls.

Read more [+]

Gangbang And Rape Fantasies

We’ve got a three-part question today! Well, more three very different questions all asked at once. I’m going to start by asking all of you a question, and I hope I’ll get some feedback in the comments below. I want to put a little more of an introduction to these “Ask Kristen” articles before getting to the question, but I’m not sure what to put up here. An update on things in my life – and what in particular would you want? A quick sexually teasing paragraph? Song lyrics? Anyone have any other ideas? Or should I just jump to the issue at hand and answer the fucking question? Let me know what you think!

Anyway, today’s trifects of questions comes from Ivan:

HI Kristen, Wanted to ask you what is your username for Star Wars, Knights of the old republic? Also, i have always to ask you a few things: 1. What is your biggest gangbang fantasy? like how many guys do you think you can take? Is it ok if i request a story for this? 2. Do you ever fantasize about having forced sex by a guy or a few guys? hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

I did play a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic, mostly as a Chiss Imperial Agent named Celene. I haven’t played in a very long time, though. I might be willing to start up again, maybe with a new character, if I had some people to play with…. maybe some of you sexy followers of mine? Read more [+]

The Other Kind Of Length

Hello again! I hope you all are staying sexy and having fun! I’ve been getting more questions to answer here, which is nice. Keep them coming!

Today’s question comes from Dallas, who wants to know:

How long should a guy last in bed? On average how long is the best amount for you to have a really good time?

How long should he last? As long as he can. To give a more detailed answer, I’m afraid I’m going to be dispelling a few myths here, so watch out! Read more [+]