The Other Kind Of Length

Hello again! I hope you all are staying sexy and having fun! I’ve been getting more questions to answer here, which is nice. Keep them coming!

Today’s question comes from Dallas, who wants to know:

How long should a guy last in bed? On average how long is the best amount for you to have a really good time?

How long should he last? As long as he can. To give a more detailed answer, I’m afraid I’m going to be dispelling a few myths here, so watch out!

First off, we need to distinguish between actual sex or fucking (penetration) and a sexual encounter or session (penetration plus foreplay and whatever else). Let’s talk about penetration first.

Just like I don’t take a ruler and measure every cock presented to me, I don’t keep a stopwatch by my bed to time how long things last. I do have a clock, but it’s the last thing on my mind when I’m playing. Quality far outweighs duration in my mind, unless the duration is super short. So, doing a bit of research, I’ve found that the average length of time from penetration to climax is roughly 7 minutes. That’s it. Seven minutes. Makes you stop and think about all those porn videos you watch, doesn’t it? When I really think about it, though, it seems about right.

If you can go longer than that, then you’re doing fine. Shorter? You’re still probably fine. If you’re a minute man, then maybe you should look into what you can do to last a little longer. But don’t think that you’re failing if you can’t fuck me for a half hour straight without cumming.

As for an entire sexual encounter, well, I guess things become a little less defined. I think, for the sake of this discussion, we’ll say that this starts when things get physical and everyone’s pretty set on seeing things through to completion. Hardly a scientific measurement, but it’ll have to do.

Ask any teenager on the verge of losing their virginity, and they’ll confirm that kissing, groping, dry humping, and everything else can go on for quite a while. Once clothes start coming off, there are even more things to do. And let’s be serious here: even if your goal is to stick your cock into a pussy, the rest of this is also pretty fucking enjoyable, isn’t it?

How long should all this carressing, pinching, squeezing, rubbing, kissing, licking, and sucking go on? In my opinion, the only correct answer is: until one of you can’t take it anymore! Get me so worked up that I’m literally begging for your cock! Ideally, make me cum a couple times before your cock goes anywhere near my pussy. At least try to give me one orgasm first. But if you can’t, if you get to the point where you just have to fuck me, that can be okay, too. Sometimes there’s nothing more lust-inducing than being interrupted from a blowjob because he just has to fuck me before he cums!

This can last really any amount of time. You probably want this to be at least as long as the actual fucking, so probably 7-10 minutes. Again, this can go way up, as long as everyone’s enjoying it.

Spend some time really letting yourself feel and enjoy the kissing and making out stage. Slowly undress, one article of clothing at a time, and lavish the newly revealed bit of flesh with attention before moving on. Once naked, just feel the flesh of your body against hers. Let her give you a blowjob until you’re about to cum, then go down on her until she does. Lie back and relax as she explores your body, then thoroughly explore hers. What? Time? What’s that? Doesn’t matter if it’s been 5 minutes or 50. If your partner is the only thing in your universe, and you’re the only thing in theirs, then you’re doing it right.

Or, if you’re both into it, just push her panties aside and dive in for a quickie! If everyone involved is satisfied, then how long it took is irrelevant.

If you’re worrying about how long you’re going to last, you’re not going to enjoy the amount of time that you do, at least not to its fullest potential. And believe me, she can tell that she’s not your focus. And if you cum early, take a little break (but keep playing…. maybe even spend some time eating her out!) until you’re ready to go again, and… well, go again!

I’ve had quickies that have left me shaking and thinking about it for days that lasted only a couple of minutes. I’ve had marathon sessions that lasted an hour or more and left me exhausted. The amount of time that passed has never been worth much thought afterward. I just think about how much I enjoyed it!

Do you have any stories about quickies or marathons that were particularly memorable? Tell me about them in the comments below! I’d also love to hear other thoughts about this.


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