Worn Out

It’s Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque, and that means an active sky!

I’m continuing to clean out older q&a posts while waiting for more new questions. (Don’t be afraid to ask me whatever you want!) Anyway, PatrickOF wanted to know:

Have you ever worn out a guy during sex before?

It’s not uncommon for me to be wanting more sex after the guy has cum and he’s unable to continue for at least a bit. Some guys can go again right away. Some need a short break before they’re ready to go again. Sometimes I can shorten this break by whispering dirty thoughts in his ear, or talking about how much I love being fucked by him, or sucking his cock until he’s nice and hard again. But I don’t think that counts as wearing a guy out, even if I don’t arouse him back again. But there was this one time…

This was a guy that I’d fucked several times. A few times, when still wanting more, I’d managed to arouse him to give me some more. This particular night, he’d fucked me doggie style until he came over my ass. We relaxed for a bit, laying down on the bed as my fingers gently caressed his cock and his played with my tits. As soon as I felt him start to harden up again, I started working faster and harder, until he was rock hard again and I climbed on top of him and lowered my pussy over his cock and began to ride.

As is fairly normal, or at least it seems this way to me, when fucking a guy who’s already had one orgasm, the second one takes longer to come. After riding him for a while, he rolled me over and began pounding me fast and furious. I had my second orgasm shortly after this (my first was during our first round). He kept going and going, and I thought I was going to cum again when he suddenly pulled out and moved up to shoot his cum over my tits.

He collapsed next to me, pretty well spent. Unfortunately, I was very close to orgasm but didn’t get it before he was done. I could have finished myself off, but I wanted him to do it. It’s so much better to cum because of someone else, isn’t it? I told him I was very close and wanted him to make me cum. The sweetheart offered to finger me or eat me out to make me cum, but I was pretty adamant. I wanted cock. I wanted his cock. And I wanted it inside me!

I straddled him again and began to tell him just how good he felt and how much I wanted him inside me again and all the things I wanted him to do to me, all while alternating caressing his body and mine, rubbing his cum into the soft flesh of my tits. I’d lean down and kiss his neck and lips, and whisper that he wasn’t done until he fucked me good and proper one last time. I knew from previous experience that he loved this kind of thing. I was about to give up when I felt him twitch under me. I grinned and wiggled and whispered, “What was that? Is he going to wake up to make me cum? I think so!  He just needs a little encouragment.” I felt another twitch and knew that I was right, so I slid down his body, my tits trailing along him, until I was in position to kiss his cock. It twitched again and didn’t seem quite so soft. My lips and fingers began to work their magic. It took some time, but eventually I was able to slide back up and kiss his lips and sigh as I lowered myself on his hard cock again before whispering “thank you” into his ear. I don’t know why I was so determined to get him hard again, but I was so pleased with myself that I did it.

I rode him for a while before we again rolled and he fucked me under him. I had my orgasm, and another before he rolled just me over and slammed his cock into me from behind. We fucked and fucked and I came at least one more time before he started to slow down. I rode him again, I sucked him again, I slid him between my tits, I pulled him on top of me again. Eventually he told me that it was no use. He just wasn’t going to be able to cum again. It was fine. I was fully satisfied, both because I had a few more orgasms, and because I had gotten him hard again when we both thought it wasn’t going to happen. It was a little disappointing, though, having to stop with him still hard.

He fell asleep pretty quick, as you can probably imagine. His cock was still in my hand when I finally slept.


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