Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little more outspoken on my Twitter page. Well, outspoken as far as retweeting some points made by others that I happen to agree with. Since this is something that is against the norm that I’ve established so far, I wanted to take a moment to address it here.

Overall, what I want to put out there into the world is a feeling of love for everyone. This is why I’ve avoided spouting any politics or anything really divisive. I’ve also largely avoided these things when they’re placed in front of me. I’ve always wanted this to be a place where none of that matters, where worldly concerns can be largely forgotten and we can focus on human connection and sexy fun. Read more [+]

Ready To Pop

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me! Positive and negative in a mix so wacky that looking back I don’t know whether to call it good or bad! But things are settling now, and it’s time to get back to what I do, which is entertain all you horny boys and girls And I’m happy to do it!

This time, I’ve got a question from Jake. This one really slowed me down. I had to stop and think about it quite a bit. I’m not convinced I’ve got the right answer, either. I have a feeling that something like a week from now, I’ll be eating lunch or taking a shower, and another answer will pop in my head that surpasses this one. And then I’ll be torn about whether to update this or not.

Anyway, the question at hand is:

What’s the most turned on you’ve been by someone (in real life) without them actually physically touching you? Was it a look they gave or something he/she said? What did you do about it afterwards?

It’s hard to think back and pick the horniest I’ve ever been. Harder still when I need to discard any instances that involved physical contact. Unless you’re new to this site, you know that I love teasing and I love being teased, so it’s no surprise that what I eventually came up with involves plenty of teasing. Mix that in with actually being unable to act on my growing desire, and it’s pretty plain that I was ready pop by the end of the evening. But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

I’d been chatting online. Not just chatting. I’d been flirting. Seriously flirting. Things were getting pretty steamy, but I kept from actually delving into some hot cybersex because I knew that I didn’t have time to play. Plans had been made. It was a friend’s birthday, and there was to be fun times with a group of friends. I didn’t hold back on the flirting, though. I enjoy it too much! If I didn’t have anywhere to be, I would’ve been virtually blowing this guy twenty minutes ago and then begging him to fuck me! I might have even given in if the doorbell rang any later than it did. I quickly signed off, readjusted myself (my hands had been wandering), and answered the door. Read more [+]